Going under with Pit.
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Author:  PELIGAMER [ Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Going under with Pit.

Now i desied what can Pit go under. If it's impossible to go under then i will put this :pit: Thing. I think i put this too to wrong forum.
Battlefield: Yes
FInal Destination: Yes
Waiting Room: Yes
Mushroom Kingdom: :pit:
Bowser castle: :pit:
Galaxy Tours: (I tried the Ice and Toy Place) Yes
Yoshi's Island: No
Emerald Cave: WarioWare, Inc: :pit:
Jungle Hijinx: :pit:
Gangplank Galleon: :pit:
Hylian Skies: (Both sides) No
Clock Town: I think it's possible, but it's super hard.
Pokemon Colosseum: :pit:
Lake Of Rage: :pit:
Rainbow Route: Yes
Meteo Campaings: Yes
Crateria: :pit:
Phase 8: :pit:
Palutena's Shrine: Yes
Sand Ocean: Yes (I can't do it without touching the floor)
Saturn Valley: :pit:
Desk: :pit:
Flat Zone+: :pit:
Nintendo 3DS: Yes
Casino Night Zone: No
Sky Scatuary Zone: No
Skull Fortress: :pit:
Central Highway: :pit:
Bomb Factory: :pit:
Dracula's Castle: :pit:
Pac-Maze: Yes
Tower Of Solvation: :pit:
Chaos Shrine: :pit:
Lunar Core: :pit:
Twilight Zone: :pit:
Planet Namek: :pit:
World Tourtament: :pit:
Hidden Leaf Village: :pit:
Final Valley: :pit:
Huoce Mundo: :pit:
Mushroom Kingdom: :pit:
Mushroom Kingdom II: :pit:
Princess Peach's Castle: :pit:
Yoshi's Island (64): Yes
Yoshi's Story: :pit:
Temple: (I think is possible too, but it's super hard)
Dream Land: No
Sector Z: No
Fourside: :pit:
Castle Siege: :pit:
Smashville: Yes
Green Hill Zone: :pit:
I'm inspirated by: Vanilla Nishiki (again)
Link to Hes/his channel --> ... fnIBnPYT8Q
So yea.

Author:  Creep [ Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Going under with Pit.

Shouldn't this be posted on the SSF2 forum?

Author:  PELIGAMER [ Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Going under with Pit.

:sandbag: I don't even know, why i do this. I just want to make these at forums. I can't make videos on YouTube, because 1. In Finland Youtube is 16K and 2. I have no idea can i make videos on my poopy computer. So yea.

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