New Rule: Spam Topics Gone
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Author:  Blue [ Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:46 pm ]
Post subject:  New Rule: Spam Topics Gone

This includes topics that are basically post-whoring grounds.

Games made from here on out must follow a strict guideline. No one is to make a game that is basically just "I have a cookie. Take it from me."

    There will be no "-Blank- the User Above You" topics, no "Say a word and put in my pants after it." topics, no "Let's pretend we're in an anime." topics (that's what RPing is for), etc.

    Things like Guess the User and riddles and such are all permitted because they require actual thinking and intelligence. Word Association will be kept as long as people do not stray from the topic. If I do see this happening, I will lock it.

When creating a game, if you are unsure if it is allowed, send me a PM with the idea and I'll let you know.

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