Closer to the Heavens
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Author:  Whimzer [ Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:07 am ]
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Karakurt twisted his view to the girl before him. she had introduced herself as the recipient of the gift. "Ah yes," he began in a calm manner. He stumbled around his belonging for a moment, but finally caught his bearings as he reached for the sword.
"For the sister, a sword." He knelt down on his right knee and provided for her the sword mentioned. Along with this he extended a letter to her, the message meant for the brother. While he was dead, this had become his only recourse.
Standing up, he turned to the captain and saluted.
"I doubt I will be riding with you longer. My horse is torn is shreds and my backside is in pain from crushing a Yure," he stated "Perhaps I will stay in this temple further. I know little about the Shokun and their way of life. It could be beneficial for me if I stay and learn from the elders, that is if they forgive me for my wretched outbursts."

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Author:  Jin [ Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:19 pm ]
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Zanji listened attentively to the conversation, learning more about the Yağlı güreş's beliefs a views. The man named Karakurt gave the initial impression that he was a high tempered man, but changed Zanji's view on him when Mitsuki easily calmed him down. Zanji didn't have too much to say, as he wasn't a person to take religion and beliefs very seriously, but enjoyed listening about other places.

There was another thing on his mind during the entire conversation, hit stab wound from the opposing Yure. He took off hid chest plate and looked at where the stab was through his collar. It was a fairly deep stab, but nothing to major. Zanji ripped off a piece of cloth from another part of him kimono and wrapped it around the wound as an improvised bandage. It would hold up for now, but medical attention would prove much greater in the long run.

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