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Author:  Jin [ Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:52 pm ]
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The sun was shining. It was a warm day in Calliata, the birds chirping, the wind giving off a nice breeze, and the large oak trees provided cooling shade. Ready with a small messenger bag filled with his limited supplies, Koi was heading towards the the usual spot where pilots usually land to get some passengers for money and to take a break, right next to the mountains, in hope of finding an airship to take him past the mountains, or even better, directly to the Delta. There were many thoughts going through Koi's head. He needed to know a way to get on an airship without being caught. It will be even better if they just let him on.

It was a good time for this. There were many airships flying above him. He could also hear the echo of some cannons being fired from the other side of the mountains. It sounded like there was a battle going on.

"Oh man, another battle is going on. Let's hope the pilot is willing to bring me all the way to the Delta. I don't want to get involved in that." Koi said too himself.

Looking around, there weren't many people trying to get an airship. This was good because it would be easier to compromise with the pilot to let one person in instead of 3. The battle seemed to get louder and louder. It sounded more intense than the usual battle that happens. It almost sounded like people were retreating into the mountains.

Author:  Nini [ Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:20 am ]
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The powerful stench of gunpowder filled her nostrils, a scent alluring like that of the rarest of roses. The sounds of death cries, roaring flames and blasting cannons, a tranquil symphony to her ears; with joyous glee, Athanta whisked her blade time and time again through the torso's of enemy after enemy as their ranks threw themselves upon her and her brigade.

"Stonewall their charge!", Athanta shouted, almost drowned out in the thunderous crackles of rifle fire. The engine pack upon her back billowed up steam fervently, the varies gears and pumps loudly clanking just as she'd swipe her mace across the head of yet another Delta footman, meeting with his poorly armored skull with an audible crack..

The veil in front of her face flapped loosely in the whiplash of her movements. Only the grimace of her serene, thin lips seemed visible. The legions of the enemy seemed to be thinning, whether or not this was a ploy ran through her mind relentlessly. Mayhap they had been lured into a trap for otherwise the defense for this region seemed particularly weak, even for the substandard military she considered Delta to have. Standing up tall in her suit, she now watched as the battle unfolded before her.

This had been the start of their full-scale invasion of the Alpha. The first fill push for The Heart, as planned by her and her top most advisers for weeks in advance. For long, she had impatiently waited for this moment, where now she found herself underwhelmed.

Subconsciously, almost hoped they had been lured into just such a hypothetical circumstance- For she dreamed of cracking her Morningstar over Eton's pompous head. Then again, his top men would suffice as well.

Author:  Kiki [ Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:59 am ]
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Eri squinted, as the wind rushed across the deck of the large airship quickly drying her eyes and whipping her blonde hair about her wildly. She stood still and emotionless, watching the great mass of chaos and bloodshed below, such violence was saddening but necessary in order to temporarily vanquish the scum that was Omega. Her father had forbidden her to leave the relative safety of the airship, despite it being deathly high above the ground below, where she longed to battle alongside her people and her father.

The fleet shrouded in clouds, formed by her and others with the talent she had, discreetly floated toward the battle field. The screams of adrenaline, horror, pain, and victory was surprisingly capable of echoing up to where they hid. It meant that they were nearing their destination, and soon the time would come for attack. "That" she concluded "Was when she would abandon ship and join her countrymen below." That is, if she managed to escape from the ever present guards who watched her every move. Quite aware of their princess' battle spirit, having dealt and paid for it before.

"Your majesty, if you may" said the ship's captain, drawing her out of the daze she had slipped into. She nodded understandingly, and drew her rapier raising it to the sky. "Fire!" she yelled. The first cannon fired, rattling the deck as it did, and flew down from the heavens toward the enemy lines. Having heard the signal, the rest of the airships started their assault upon the enemy, cannon after cannon fired and were reloaded by the sailors as quickly as they could.

Author:  Glitch [ Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:15 pm ]
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Ryuuzaki heard the sound of swords meeting swords and axe meeting lance.
"looks like there is another battle starting again. I guess i got away from joining the army just in time."
Ryuuzaki started quietly following some delta troops, on his way to the battle grounds.
The troops hardly noticed him, as he bounced around from tree to tree until he got into a semi large clearing. This troop was stopping to rest. Ryuuzaki had to find his way to the battle grounds on his own this time.

Author:  {420}sMoKeWeEd{420} [ Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:22 pm ]
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OoC: Assuming there's hiding spots, since, you know, it's behind the mountains.

 Else's several sources informed her of the battle. She longed to go and kill Athanta with her own hands, it was the perfect time where
she would be most vulnerable; the disruptive battlefield would easily serve to direct attention away from her.
When Athanta was in Omega, she was very likely surrounded by vigils and kept safe by patrols.

 She quickly flipped through her recent memories of getting here in the first place, through a very narrow gap amidst the mountain range.
Settling and opening her coffin on the ground, she took out the strange instrument covered in wires, connecting to the murderer inside.
The lid of the coffin was leaning on the side of the opening, it slid down and made an unusually quiet thud, Else winced, but it was safe-
though even the loudest blow between the lid and the hard ground wouldn't have caught the attention of the soldiers among the
smoke and piercing noises of the firing cannons.

 The tainted air still managed to reach her place, which reddened her unprepared eyes. She recovered after a couple of coughs and blinks,
and immediately went to peer for Athanta, but the field was covered in flames and ashes. Regardless, she continued squinting in search of her.

Author:  Jin [ Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:31 pm ]
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OOC: @Sayo, you guys are in front of the mountains, but close enough to hide in them.
On another note when I post in all italics, that means I'm talking as a DM making the world go round

Author:  Kevin [ Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:02 pm ]
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Kevin cursed, looking around. He'd found himself in one of the last places he wanted to be, actually on the battlefield. Preferring attack from long distances due to his bow, he avoided contact with everyone, wandering around for Athanta. This proved to be an extremely difficult task, with all the confusion going on. Finally spotting her, he quickly ran to stand next to her and coughed, to make her aware of his presence. "A bow won't do," he finally spoke up. He sounded frustrated, angry. "Any suggestions?," he asked, looking around once more.

/I suck at starting. ;_;
My posts will probably get longer later on. \

Author:  Hakker [ Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:22 am ]
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Eton was, unlike his nemesis on the battlefield, settled back comfortably in a plain chair, surveying the battlefield before him from a safe location, well out of range of any bullet, arrow or cannonball, according to one of his ballistic experts. This battle had been the first real encounter between the two countries in quite some time, but still, he found little had changed in the manner of combat. Their despicable opponents were overpowering them with brute force, especially that leader, Athanta.

Giving commands from the first fight, she would surely not last long. He glanced upwards, to the pack of clouds that had progressed to the battlefields, and a smirk played upon his lips. His daughter was a bit of a flight risk, he knew, but she was a good heir, and served him well. But he wouldn't put her on the battlefield, not until she had a next of kin, or he met his untimely demise. That was how his father had ruled, and that would be how his daughter would rule.

His eyes floated across the battlefield as the bombardment from the airships began. His eyes ran over the battlefield, watching with almost emotionless eyes as both his enemies and allies were smashed or blown to bits by the incoming projectiles. Then his eyes glanced towards the most obvious of his enemies, the technologically advanced Athanta, who was living up to the standard of brute force used by Omega.

While Eton wore most of his armor even while sitting, he had cast aside his helmet to his squire so he could view better, at the same time planting his sword into the rocky ground besides him, the red gem set into it's hilt shining softly. He would see battle this day, and with luck, he would strike down that woman, guaranteeing his victory.

Of course, it would be even luckier if the bombardments had done the job for him.

Author:  {420}sMoKeWeEd{420} [ Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:08 pm ]
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Author:  Jin [ Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:04 am ]
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OOC: Alright I'll see what I can do

The smell of blood in the air was strong. I continuous battle raged on with no hope in sight. Many people were getting killed by the second. It was a horrible battle, much worse than the average battle that occurs. Both leaders were out, indicating that something important is nearby. What it is shall remain a mystery to all but the two figures.

As it raged on, the blazing sound of the cannons were very loud. One cannon was fired by the cold rocks of the mountains. The sound boomed all the way to the top of the mountain, causing a rock slide to occur. The hard rocks tumbled down towards the battlefield at a high speed.

Author:  Hakker [ Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:11 pm ]
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Eton rose to his feet. Sometimes, an opportunity presented itself to him on a silver platter. "Pull our men back. Have our ranged fighters fire at the enemy army if they try to advance, and have the armada bombard the line behind them. We'll minimize our losses and trap them at the same time." He commanded swiftly, stretching slowly as he watched the messages get sent across the battlefield through verbal commands, flag messages, and horn blowing. "Have the men regroup in front of our camp and ranged fighters, we mustn't let any opponents slip past us."

Author:  Nini [ Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:24 pm ]
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Amongst the fury of battle, Athanta stood. So it was a trap afterall.. She sneered to herself, the dust billowing up from the battlefield a sort of fog of war at this point. Chaos and disorder was beginning to take hold, the cannons blaring across the landscape, sending soldiers from either side flying in dislocated pieces in raspy death cries. The rockslide now tumbled its way towards them, merging in with the deafening sounds of cannon fire.

Athanta was just about to prepare her next order when Kevin ran up towards her. This ironic woman, of hot fury but a cold heart, had a soft spot for her most loyal assistant into battle. It was a rare day indeed when she allowed someone of such poor lineage to become so prominent. She threw her gaze at him, then what she could make of the surrounding area, it seemed a hasty retreat was in order, lest they be trampled by boulders. "It matters not, we'll be crushed by nature if we don't pull back, stay by me and keep yourself armed, we've a few tricks up our sleeves yet" She stated to him with a smile, before turning her head to call out. "Send the word, pull back to basecamp, move in the Vanguard fleet!"

The vanguard fleet, the most powerful of her airbourne brigades were the only ones headed by the most expensive craft in all of Omega, the "Zeus Spear". These heavy units have pointed lances attached to their actual, reinforced front hulls. The spear-tipped iron-girders are held tight in place by a set of three thick chains. The three of them are latched securely to the base of the lance-tip and stretch down to either side, and under the hull in the front, keeping it sturdy and aimed. The weapon itself was designed for two reasons, the first being that it was possible to tear through light-medium armored ships with mighty strength; the second is as a conducting rod and ejection point for the weapon for which the ship hails its name. For beneath the front of the hull, of which the weapon is attached, is a heavy generator. These generators, running off of charge garnered from a series of cranks that workers tirelessly were forced to churn, enabled the weapon to emit a some-what uncontrollable bolt of electricity. The girder will be full of scattering sparks and jolts coiling around its length, before coming together at the tip and firing a spastic charge.

The carapace of the ship was held together by thick plates with visible large bolts shoved along their lining. Plated flaps extend out from the front inward towards the middle of the full girth of the ship, where domed windows provided visibility of the outside of the ship to the crew within. Towards the upper front of the ship, two more, smaller dome-windows sat at either side. These however were the c*** of the secondary weaponry of the Zeus-spear, the dual long cannons that protruded forward from the front. These provided covering fire for the main weapon as well as a decent weapon for battle. Past the windows at the middle of the ship, the reinforced flaps continued towards the 'dorsal fin' which featured an enormous steam turbine crafted into it. Other stream turbines sat installed within the undercroft and flaps of the Zeus-Spear.

The top of the ship was the only portion in which crew could come out in the open whilst the monstrosity flew. A deck lied here, with hatches leading down into the main hull. Upon this deck, Artillery cannons littered along the sides, providing air-to-ground support attack.

The weak-point of these powerhouses of brutality is their vulnerability to smaller, swifter craft, and their poor maneuverability. Which is why every Zeus-Spear is accompanied by a half-dozen Zeus-Angels. Crafts made completely for the protection of the Zeus-Spear. These smaller craft, utilizing broad wings with large propellers, carried tri-cannons as their only weapon. Mounted just under the tip, these cannons fire smaller-ammunition but at a more rapid pace. The canon turns with a loud clank, before shooting another shot. These shoot up to 3 rounds before being reloaded by a second occupant in the lower-compartment of the plane.

In the full fleet, only three of these gargantuan ships were present. They cost a fortune to produce and only a limited number of spare ships lie at the bays of Omega's primary shipyard. Other than the Zeus Spears and their assists, your everyday medium-sized zeppelins make up the vanguard. Their balloons brandishing the emblem of the black sun, these ships carry only average cannons.

The Vanguard fleet set out to provide cover for the retreating forces, with only enough fuel and manpower to provide a short battle with the ships in the back of Delta's side of the battlefield (should they make it there before the battle ends), where Eton's daughter resided.

As far as the field of battle was concerned, only infantry had accompanied her. Her steam knight units lie ready in wait, at base camp.

"Come" Athanta spoke to Kevin, gesturing his way before making off towards the base camp with her fellow warriors. They could not stay, lest they withstand fire.

Author:  Jin [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:04 am ]
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OOC: Glitch, I'll let it pass this time, but if you want to something like that again, let the GMs control the NPCs

Scratch that, everyone ignore that post by glitch. And glitch, just start from you entering the middle of the battle or something.

Nini's Note: Clean up time! im deleting most of the OOC and glitch's controversial post so he can have another chance.

Author:  The Cool [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:36 pm ]
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OOC: So, I'll start now, k?

Kale was extremely bored. He hadn't taken apart, figured out, or defeated anything all day. Mostly, he was just sitting around in an airship, waiting until the pilot picked someone up so they could hurry up and get going to Delta. Looking out of his window, he saw a figure with a dark grey jacket standing around. From the person's posture, Kale could see that s/he was trying to figure something out... but he paid them no mind besides that. Noticing a battle spring to life, he said to himself, "Ah, crap. A battle... Come ON! Hurry UP! GAH! Stupid pilot..."

Author:  Glitch [ Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:53 pm ]
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Ryuuzaki finally seemed to make his way to the battle feild.
There were so many warriors he couldnt tell who was on what side.
He got out his staff, ready for battle, waiting for an enemy to attack.

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