RPG section changes.
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Author:  Nini [ Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  RPG section changes.

The RPG section no longer requires approval for registration. That is, so long as you know how to sign up to a group, you're automatically accepted into the RPG section.

With this change, I'd like to see more people experimenting with RP. Don't feel the need to do more than you're willing to, just enjoy yourself.

Whether you're posting 1 sentence or 3 paragraphs feel free to RP here to your hearts content, so long as the RP creator has accepted you into their RP.

A few rules and regulation..
    Spam/Funny RP's are allowed within reason. Being a Funny/spam rp is no excuse for being incoherent. Keep it stable and you are allowed to make humor rp's. Realize if its too nonsensical or just plain broken, it will be locked to the discretion of mods.

    If you're making an RP, put atleast a little bit of thought into its creation. We do not expect you to be the next Tolkien, however have atleast a little bit of solid structure to the setting or plot of your RP. For the sake of getting users to join, its advised to do so.

    Flaming other users for their quality of RP will not be tolerated. Constructive criticism is just fine, not flaming.

    If you feel a user is weighing down your rp with God-modding, or breaking the rp mood with too much OOC, feel free to PM me or Bluemage. If warranted we'll delete their posts, or 'clean' them up to help them flow with the RP. If a user is 'kicked out' of your RP, we will enforce it. Again, we do not expect excellence, only that users make atleast somewhat of an effort to seriously rp with others.

    Respect others right to enjoy themselves in the RP section. Not only with regards to flaming, but try to maintain behavior in your character that won't obstruct others. i.e do not force actions on other characters.

It should be noted, RPB access is still restricted. The process for entry is now faster however. If you've shown to be an experienced RPer, you'll be accepted without problem. We would like RPG to be where most any RP is just fine, where casual and newer RPers are welcome and able to enjoy themselves. While we would like RPB to be for paragraph RPers who show they are skilled in their writing. We will transfer rps from RPG to RPB if the creator asks so. Please PM myself or Bluemage if you would like access to RPB.

Above all, have fun ^_^

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