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Songs of Alvaris 
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Impatient as always, Mitra was, alas it was still probably better in this case. Men like these rarely stood down, as evidenced by him loosing an arrow even after being stricken, out numbered, and out matched. Poor wretch, blinded by darkness, his death would be swift, though Jax could not promise it would be painless.

"Wrong choice," the knight informed the archer, as the sudden twist of his axe hand would alert his partner he was ready to strike. With a heavy step to the right, the axe lunged at the man from the side. In this way Jax had offered the left lane of attack to the reaver so that she'd have a clear path to the enemy.

When my eyes be rollin'
The haters get goin'
The seeds I'm sowin'
With a smile I'm flowin'
And if I be trollin'
Ya never be knowin'
'Cause when the haters get goin'
My eyes just start a-rollin'

Sun May 14, 2017 4:34 pm
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Jahan sat still in the tree, still in unimaginable amounts of pain and losing more and more blood by the second, no matter his best efforts in holding a decent-sized bandange over it. Jahan felt himself getting weaker, probably from the loss of blood, or from a loss of adrenaline from when he shot the first arrow. That felt like a billio- no, a septillion years ago at this point. He watched the girl from earlier and his "savior" do battle with that annoying archer from before. Turns out Herlewin was an archer, too, and apparently, Jahan could learn a thing or two from him, as he saw the arrow pierce right into that annoying archer girl's shoulder. Right after falling on his face, too. Impressive, though, he did get hit immediately after. Jahan almost yelled out in celebration, if it wasn't for the fact that he was kind of supposed to be hiding. And he felt kind of sick. Didn't account for that other pesky archer, wherever THEY were, but can't have EVERYTHING you want, especially when sitting in a tree slowly bleeding out.

Jahan attentively watched the battle from the tree, completely immersed in the action, scared and excited at the same time, when suddenly the yell of a young woman shocked him out of focus.

"Toby? Toby!"

Jahan nearly had a heart attack as he heard the call. Wh-what does she means by T-Toby?! He thought, so scared that he stuttered in his thoughts. W-wait, Toby... these horrible people are after Torbicans... T-o-r-b-i... Remove the R... Replace the I with a Y... HOLY CHEESE CURDS, IT'S A BANDIT SPY LOOKING FOR HIDING TORBICANS TO KILL AND THEY THINK I'M ONE OF THEM, I'M DOOMED! Jahan could tell that the sound was nearby, so he could grab his bow and arrow and just shoot the spy and maybe nobody would notice. But Jahan's mind was too clouded with fear to move, so he just chose to just take what was coming to him. Oh, I should've never been involved with this, master would that this is foolish, I'm sorry master, I'm couldn't get your healing, please forgive me, I'm so sor- Jahan ran through all of the things he wanted to think last before hearing "Don't worry, boy, we will save your village," from the same voice, this time right below the tree. "...Phew" was all Jahan could muster saying in relief. She's going to help me, thank goodness, finally something will go my way as long as I just sit here and wait... Hmm, that's a nice change of pace...

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Shunk, shunk. Herlewin hadn’t seen his arrows hit their mark, but he knew the sound of a wooden missile piercing flesh anywhere. Or… at least, he thought he did? He was pretty sure he had heard it a couple times since this nightmare of a morning began, but it was hard to think straight with all the pain-fueled adrenaline running around his system. Anyways, the impor-


Oh, there it was again. It sounded a lot closer this time, too. It certainly felt closer. Glancing down, the acrobat saw that his leg wound had been joined presently by an unfashionable piercing in his side. Jolly. Honestly, if that girl wasn’t busy being entirely unphased by his dramatic speeches, she was actively booing his performance by throwing pointy little sticks. Still, she wasn’t the toughest audience member Herlewin had ever met, and he was sure he’d win her over eventually. Or maybe she’d die first. It was hard to tell, and there wasn’t a lot of time to consider the ramifications of either outcome.

Herlewin contented himself with a quick glance behind his shoulder to confirm his enemy’s position before setting an arr- oh. He didn’t have any arrows with him, did he? There was the one stuck in his side, but the acrobat wasn’t going through the pain of plucking it out of himself again: As much as he hated admitting it, he’d probably faint if he tried. It appeared that, once again, the young showman would have to improvise.

Making a dive for the nearby fallen tree branch, Herlewin extracted the grappling hook from the wood as his momentum somersaulted his body along the ground. At the end of his roll, the acrobat set the hook itself to his bowstring and let it loose on a trajectory towards his heckler’s face.


Wed May 17, 2017 4:17 pm

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Mitra's brow furrowed as her axe grazed the enemy, leaving a wound much less grievous than she would have liked. She then proceeded to plant her hand over her face as the archer took a shot, missing by an almost unreasonable margin. Jax took the opportunity to spring into action. The reaver barely held back a grin as the knight charged, noticing the subtle avenue he had left for her. On his cue, Mitra dashed past both Jax and the archer, swiftly flanking the enemy. She was quite fond of this maneuver, and was absolutely tickled to have the opportunity to use it twice in one day. As she slipped past the archer, Mitra twisted around, lashing out at his left oblique as she returned to her stance.

Sat May 20, 2017 8:16 pm
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Alborz had finished the reaver. He allowed him self a brief moment of as he spoke to himself.
"Why must they fight back? You could've lived." With a sigh Alborz heard a cry of pain. He pulled on Ignavus's reigns and took off towards the sound. He flew overhead taking a quick look before flying back and landing near Herlewin.
I must help this poor archer Alborz thought as he spared a glance to Herlewin.
"Ignavus give us some cover." Ingavus took in a deep breath before exhaling a thick smog around the two. Alborz knew it was simply to buy time but this archer needed some kind of cover or he'd get himself killed.


Mon May 22, 2017 12:40 pm
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