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Jacob Larit 
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Well, it took a week to get my rp registration in, and now i got to see if its worth it.
Here We go for my first character...

Name: Jacob Larit

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 21

Jacob Larit. A young man with hair that looks pitch black, but has a slight bit of brown when in the sunlight. He has deep black eyes with a small glint in them. The face looks a bit thin, except for the cheeks, which have some firmness in it. Usually wears a leather jacket, with a white undershirt. He also wears a black pair of pants with four pockets, holding a variety of items. His shoes are boots, made of leather and give off a small brown glow from the sunlight. Strapped around the waist is a blue belt, with a money bag and a sword hanging from it. The sword, forged by himself, took about 4 years. There is a bronze handle, with engravings and a sapphire jewel he placed in by himself. The sword’s blade itself is made of titanium, and can be interchangeable with other blades to fit the purpose of the situation. Slung along his back is a sleek wooden bow, with small niches imbedded in the wood and a bowstring that splits in the middle and closes back up near the bottom, to shoot arrows on both sides of the bow. There also is a quiver full of iron tipped arrows, a coil of rope around his shoulder, and a pack on his back, carrying a wooden box filled with titanium blades ranging in size and shape, a small bottle with a dark purple liquid that acts as a devastating poison, sacks of herbs, and a bronze case containing a common wood arrow tipped with a silver arrowhead, that had once saved his life from a demon encounter.

Jacob is a sharp thinker. Very timid, he keeps to himself, and usually never talks unless prompted. To a complete stranger, he is a completely a mystery. To get to know him better allows you to see his morals, his past, and his thoughts.

Jacob never saw what would change his life forever until it came. On his 20th birthday, a vertex opened up right in front of his home. Out from the vertex appeared a huge demon. Jacob was just looking outside when the demon smashed through the front door. Scrambling to his table, he rose with an iron knife, but Jacob knew it would have no effect.
“Har Har Har! You believe you can best me with that toy?” said the demon.
The demon reached down and grabbed Jacob’s mother and father, one in each arm. The demon was easily 7 feet tall, and his horns made huge gashed on the roof of the house.
“Jacob… go… go now!” cried out his father.
Jacob immediately bolted… to the cabinet. Grabbing his bow, he quickly ripped off the arrowhead of one of his arrows. Turning back to the demon, he immediately smelled the stench of death. Blinking the tears from his eyes as the demon ran towards him, Jacob ran for his father’s room. Digging through the shelves, he looked for the bottle of poison that his dad used against the mice in the garden. Finally, Jacob found it, just has he felt himself being lifted.
“No time for playing boy…” The demon growled. “I believed that I had said your weapons are useless against me. Even if you had poison, I can still warp out.”
Jacob immediately thought back to the fighting lessons that he had with his dad, and immediately prayed that the demons anatomy was similar to the human body. Then, before he blacked out, he kicked the demon in the fork between the legs.
“AHHROO!” moaned the demon. Jacob scooted away with the poison bottle.
I can’t defeat him… he’s too strong, and If I still had someway to poison him, he’d still get away to heal. I need some silver to pierce him down, something like a arrow-My dad’s silver arrow!
Swiftly, Jacob smashed his hand into his dad’s ornamental weapon’s case, and pulled out a silver arrow. Ripping the arrowhead from the arrow, he searched the damaged house for his bow and a wooden arrow. Jacob knew that the silver arrow couldn’t fly far enough to pierce the demon, and that Jacob couldn’t get close enough to stab the demon with something sliver. Suddenly, just as he found an arrow, the demon rose.
“You…you may have gotten me…boy… but, you can’t… can’t beat… ME!” groaned the demon.
Jacob wasted no time fitting the arrowhead onto the bow. As the demon thrashed, Jacob looked around for a bow. Finally, he sees the slingshot he got for his 6th birthday. running, he tripped over the bottle of poison. having it spill all over the floor. Hastily, Jacob smothered the arrow in the poison, and grabbed the slingshot. Suddenly, the demon tripped, crashing into the rubble that he created. Moaning, the demon slowly moved up, when he saw Jacob directly in front of him, armed with the slingshot. For Jacob, this shot was going to be tricky, firing an arrow from a slingshot. Although he would regret it, Jacob couldn’t finish the fight with a parting statement:
“This is for my family, killing you, the idiot.”
The demon rose up, angry, and if the demon hadn’t done that, Jacob probably would have missed his shot, but the arrow still flew, and impaled the demon’s chest. Moaning, the demon staggered, as the poison took his life away. Stumbling. the demon fell, obscuring what was left of Jacob’s vision, and slamming him into the ground.
Waking up, Jacob felt a pain in his chest, and looked around. by the way the house looked, he would have to leave, and forge his own path. Gathering his things, clearing some rubble, and burying the bodies of his parents and burning the body of the demon, he decided that it was the best time to leave.

Yeaah...Sry if my bio's a bit wordy, but yeah, thats it.

:O_o: I see how it is. People don't like posting on my bio eh? lol


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Here's my approval.
The bio's nice and all, and you give good and precise description. We can see you put some effort in it. And plus, it's original, sooo...
I guess it's great.
I would love to RP with him sometime.
(PS: can you post one of your RP examples, just for the win?)

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Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:55 am
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