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Mark Ralibt 
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Mark Ralibt, "Self-proclaimed Master Thief"

Race: Human

Age: 29

Appearance: He often is seen wearing a dark blue shirt, covering most of his body, with white lining in the middle, and every few inches, spreading out to the sides, something like a human skeleton, though it's not very thick. He dons a pair of black pants, with rather comfortable-looking leather shoes. He also wears black gloves, used both for thieving and for outing wear. Donning his gloved fingers are several exquisite rings, no doubt stolen. Each one shines with a certain gleam. All but one are encrusted with a small emerald, the other a medium-sized ruby. He is generally very skinny, though not very muscular. Attached to his right leg via unknown means is a dagger scabbard, within, obviously, a dagger with a 1.5 foot blade. The hilt is encrusted with a amethyst. His face is rather normal for a human of his age, not exactly aged but not as good-looking as he was several years ago. His eyes are a light green, matching near perfectly with his almost-pale complexion. When thieving, he wears a very lightweight but powerful suit of armor, crafted from Ebony, a very expensive ore that has an unusually high acceptance to enchantments. This ore is green, and is normally used to reinforce steel, giving a detailed but decent look.

Background: Once a normal boy, aged 11 in a very quiet town dubbed "Balrurl", He lived a hard but rewarding life as a Blacksmither's apprentice, taking this up at the age of eight. his father was a scout for what passed for the law in his damned world, and, not being the best fighter, killed by a group of Nix-Dragons, very dangerous beasts. His mother made a living by selling alchemy ingredients, potions, and food, though life was difficult, the town being so small. The town was actually more of a rest-stop between two major cities. As such, many expensive goods were transported from one city to the next, and often the carriers would stop for several days at Balrurl. Soon enough, a very organized raid on the town took place, stealing riches beyond their wildest dreams. The thieves proceeded to pillage the town, and turn the place into a wasteland. Mark was not there at the time, playing with his Argonian friend Aran in a cave they frequented as a meeting spot of sorts. His master, as well as his mother, were not lucky enough to escape the massacre. When the two arrived back at the village, they found it in shambles. They managed to live on the scraps left in Mark's mother's shop. Seeing it as no use to anyone, Mark took a dagger his Master had finished. A strange person in a black robe strode into the village, there with intent. Finding potential in the young ones, she took the two in, taking them far off to Pelagaid. He trained the Argonian in battle, and magick, while teaching Mark the ways of thievery to survive. He, to this day, continues to live on thievery.

I'll probably improve.. I'm not done just yet.

Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:13 pm
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I like it =P good form and origin. I hope to rp with this character sometime~

Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:25 pm

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Niniva wrote:
I like it =P good form and origin. I hope to rp with this character sometime~

Eh, he's mostly for my original story, Tribunal Assault (In the Stories section), but I may throw him into a few RPs he'll suit into.

Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:30 pm
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