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Rachet August 
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Name: Rachet August.

Race: Craw (a sort of being very similar to humans, except for slightly sharper ends to the fingers, cat-like eyes and increased height; they are capable of moving from shadow to shadow, but are weakened in daylight).

Age: 23. A young broodling for the Craw, but still looks like a human adult.

Alignment: Chaotic.

Weapons: Rachet uses his 'shadow powers' in most battles, but takes out Goîtsnik if the fighting gets hard.

Goîtsnik: Goîtsnik is a curved blade forged in the blood of the Underworld demons, and is extremely resistant to any weapon attack. Furthermore, it can deflect bullets if spinned at high velocity.

Rachet has a thin, wiry body. He always has a dark grey hat with a crimson, upside-down 'R' on the front. His eyes are an odd hue - a dark shade of auburn, flecked with a color like rust - but, hidden by the rim of his hat, are nearly never revealed. Rachet also has a very long, spiked black mustache.
Rachet wears baggy red pants, and a loose, deep grey T-shirt. He also wears tight white gloves, like those one uses in a surgical operation, though they are made in leather. He always has light brown shoes that squeak on some kinds of floor.

Personality: Rachet is a morbid person, very interested by the question of death. He is highly sarcastic and loathes everybody who is qualified 'nice', but he is sometimes found in a 'neutral' or 'good' group of people for personnal matters. He underestimates people a lot, but he's also overconfident. When he thinks he's going to win a fight, he will fight... to the death.

Dark gift: Every Craw gets a dark gift, which is a more or less useful but unique power. Rachet gained another one when he was thrown into the Blood of Gods, which bestows a gift to who drinks it.

Disable light: This is his normal Craw power. Once he uses it, it may change the color of something to black, or even turn the lights out.

Power of Gods: When Rachet was thrown into the Blood of Gods, he swallowed some of the terrible liquid. He gained another power accorded by the God of Death, Sar. He uses Sar's power to "shred the opponents that dare stand in his path". The incantation for this spell is pretty long, making him vulnerable while chanting it.
"In my right hand lies death himself... Do as I say, and shred with your claws of oblivion all enemies that stand in my path!"

Bio & Story:
As the rumour says, Rachet was brought to the world by a demon. He was dunked into the blood of the Gods, a neverending pit, and abandoned there. After some time that lasted like a neverending moment, Rachet had grown. A whole lot. He appeared on a copper platform which was surrounded by statues. The statues were some sort of... abomination thing.
"Heh. Now that's weird. I first remember I'm some kind of midgit falling in an endless pit..." Rachet stands up and pats himself to shake off the dirt and dust. "And the next thing I see is that I'm almost fully grown and I'm laying on some sort of metal platform." He pauses a little, looking on his body.
"And I have clothes."
Rachet looked around, even if there wasn't much to see. A dark, damp, hellish place is where he was. The statues were like if they were moving.

No, wait.

The statues WERE moving!
"Damn!" Rachet called, going into a defense position.
The statues surrounded him like a person trapped in a box that was getting filled with water.
The statues took him by the arms and legs, and stretched him out on the cold floor.
A dark figure appeared in the shadows.
"So... Another being I can feed on?" said the figure.
Rachet wasn't scared. He was... terrified. Was that thing going to devour him?
The figure stepped out of the shadows. What shocked Rachet the most is that... the person was a shadow. The person sat next to Rachet, stretching out his hand for his neck. Before the shadow could touch it, Rachet cried out:
"Hey! If you even TOUCH me, I'll rip you apart! Even if your a goddamn SHADOW!"
The shadow didn't look shocked as Rachet was supposed to, but it stayed like before, like if he was waiting for that comment. The figure looked at the boy in the face. Two red, flaring eyes appeared on it's head.
"The other mortals weren't as hardy as this one. Unleash him." said the figure.
At those words, the statues released grip on Rachet, and they came back to their original place. Once the statues let him go, Rachet leaped up and flung his fists around himself. The figure was quite amused, as he blocked one of the boy's fist and started squeezing it in his hand.
"Hey! Let go, damn it!" exclaimed Rachet.
The figure squeezed the fist so hard that it broke. C-c-craack...
"Agh!" yelled Rachet, kneeling on the ground and holding his broken hand.
The Shadow bent and picked Rachet's head, carrying the body with it, but with so much ease that it seemed that the body weighed nothing. A broken grin appeared on the shadow.
"Very interesting..." said the shadow, approaching Rachet's head to his. "Do you want to live, boy?" asked the figure.
Rachet felt like he was already dead. He couldn't move. All his energy was taken from him when the figure cracked Rachet's hand.
"I don't want to die..." said Rachet, but so feebly that the sound died halfway up his throat.
"Speak up, fool!" said the Shadow, tightening Rachet's head.
Rachet screamed of pain. A small trickle of blood dripped from the back of Rachet's ear.
"I don't want to die!" yelled Rachet.
The shadow cackled.
"Heh. Your lust of life is very... inspiring. How 'bout we make a deal, eh?" said the figure, letting Rachet slump on the ground.
Rachet didn't know what to say. But he would do anything... to live.
"The deal's that you become my disciple." explained the Shadow. "And that YOU live."
Rachet's head was pissing blood from where the shadow squeezed him. His mind was racing furiously.
"You will have the lust of blood and kill! Revenge!" The shadow yelled.
Rachet thought of him getting thrown into the pit.
"You will have Power!"
Rachet lifted his head. He was grinning, and the hatred and rage of his mind were spewing out of him. Rachet started saying words. Without his consciousness.
"To be more precise, you will be IMMORTAL!"
Rachet stood up, and the statues crumpled. Rachet was pouring out an immense aura of anger and fury.
"You ARE quite predictable..." said the shadow, standing there.
Rachet's fist started glowing with a red halo, which got bigger and more intense each second.
"So... do you accept my offer?" said the shadow.
Rachet took his blazing fist and launched it through the Shadow's body. The shadow released a long wail, and like a liquid, was sucked into Rachet's right hand. The platform crumpled, leaving only Rachet entoured by his aura.
Darkness enveloped him.

Sorry if it's not that good a story. I'm only an apprentice at Rping, and I tried as best as I could.
C+C please!

Uhhh.... People haven't posted lately. I hope no news is good news :hmph: ...

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for some incredibly odd reason i didn't even realize this profile was here until i signed on from school and looked around >.>;;; i like when people put an actual effort into rp and their profiles and for a place like MCG, well.. thats points with me. You cant get better without effort after all.

I think its decent. I can't say what the other critics of MG might think though >.>

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Thank you, Nini!

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