Hope, book reading mage.
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Author:  Ralts [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Hope, book reading mage.

This is my first time making a character like this so I would really appreciate feedback!

Using magic requires arm strength too! A Grimoire is a heavy thing to lift!
NAME: Hope.

PERSONALITY: A kind-hearted, optimistic spell caster. Easily scared when he is nervous.
PRIMARY MOTIVATOR: friendship, as long as he has a friend to lean on or talk to, he feels great.
OUTLOOK: optimistic.
BIRTHPLACE: The small town of “Clairence”.
SIZE: 170 cm high and about 58 kg.
PLACE HE IS NOW IN: the Clairence library.
AGE: 17

APPEARANCE: he has short black hair that curls slightly at the back of his head; usually a small cowlick is seen on the upper left side of his head. He is not very tan but is not considered sickly. More tall than he is plump. He stands up straight with his feet together and will have his shoulders back to keep his good posture.

: A light green top, the sleeves end just before his elbow. It has two small stars he badly stitched on the area that cover the top of his shoulders. He wears dark blue shorts tightened by a belt that most people never see because his shirt is never tucked in and in the right pocket of his shorts the outline of an iPod and phone can faintly be seen. On his feet are two black runners.

HISTORY: Raised by a normal mother and an ordinary father he has lived in Clairence all his life. all throughout his life he has suffered for spontaneous migraines and for a reason unknown to himself and others, when he was angry or mad, fragile objects ,such as glass, seemed to randomly shatter. he spends most of his time going down to the library to read a good fantasy novel. He is also currently employed part time at the this library. Even though his job is boring he enjoys it, the library is a quiet place where he doesn't get as many headaches. However one day while searching for a new book he came across a very peculiar book, it was titled “Basic magic for users of magic, the Grimoire guide.” Initially looking at the book as a mere joke to himself he found that the book contained many magic techniques of how to control magic. He studied as much as it was possible for him, but something dawned on him, “I can use magic, which is great and all, but I will probably never get to actually use it for a greater good or while adventuring or something cool like that.” Thus hope waited his days out in the library hoping that someone would make his dream a reality.

: reading a good book and practicing his magic powers.
PART TIME JOB: He is employed part time at the local library to organize the books.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I really hope you liked it. please notify me of any mistakes I made as I am quite good at making them (them being the mistakes). please don't be too harsh this was my first time making a character.
And Clairence is a made up town, actually its the name of a friend , Claire, and "nce" added to make it sound more "townish"

Author:  Ralts [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hope, book reading mage.

OH DEAR LORD. I SPELT HEAVY WRONG, SORRY SORRY SORRY. That first line was meant to be.
"“Using magic requires arm strength too! A Grimoire is a heavy thing to lift!”

Author:  Cactus [ Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hope, book reading mage.

Well, for starters, there is an edit button for your Heavy Typo.
Other than that, I have absolutely no clue if it is acceptable by actual RP standards, but maybe expand upon his history, it's pretty small.

Author:  Ralts [ Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hope, book reading mage.

I actually had no idea that button existed, I feel stupid now, thanks for the notification. Thank you very much for the feedback, I shall get to work on expanding his history as soon as I can.

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