Roje Hunter, #002-PHH(First RP character)
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Author:  Shiruzato [ Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Roje Hunter, #002-PHH(First RP character)

Sorry, Kiki. I'm going to have to borrow your template for this one; it's a really good template.

Full name: Roje Hunter
Age: 14?
Gender: Male
Social Class: Not registered as citizen by Kaaji government
Occupation: Public enemy and Kaaji's most Wanted man alive
Race: Human/god

Physical Appearence: Roje takes the appearance of an average teenage boy with an average build and a height of five feet, ten inches. Being more of an escaped human lab rat then an actual member of society, underneath his clothes is a black wetsuit that doesn't cover the hands, feet or head and has an "02" decalled on the right breast. This wetsuit acts more like a tatoo then a wetsuit, and can't be removed.

Because he is always on the run and doesn't ever have time to change (that and the fact that he just doesn't care anyway), he can always be seen wearing a pure white T-shirt with a red K on the right breast that layers over his wetsuit (making it look more like a T-shirt layered over a sleeved shirt then a single shirt), as well as a dark grey pair of jeans that are loose at the shins and have a single zipper over the left knee.

His hair is by far his most defining feature, being a very pale teal colour and spiking up into unnaturally wild bangs, but is normally dyed brown to hide his identity, and at least one of his hands is almost always in its respective pocket.

Origin: Roje is the result of thousands of research on genetics and ancient religion. When Damian Rengai, the good president of Kaaji (a country that's basically a cross between Japan and America), sought to increase his army's power so that he may protect his citizens during an up-and-coming battle with the world's most powerful military, he had to go back to his father's research that he shrugged off and labeled superstition that covered the ancient technology in the Gangaiyani ruins and the rituals represented by the hieroglyphs in the ruin's temples. The research stated that the ancient race could summon their gods to aid in their wars, and each tribe had their own respective god to claim as their leaders. Being his country's last hope, he had no choice but to use the ritual instructions listed in his father's notes.

However, he was unfaithful and had his doubts, allowing the Gangaiyani god that he summoned (Reisho, god of greed) to possess him instead of aid him, essentially giving Reisho a way to go between the Mortal and Immortal realms.

Previously, the balance between gods and mortals was perfect; gods cannot kill gods, and mortals are not powerful enough to kill gods. That way, not god would die and no man could stand against them. But now that Reisho had possessed Rengai and became Reinshai, Reisho could kill the other gods because he was a mortal with godly power. Still, Rengei's wishes, memories and dreams still clung on to Reinshai's new mortalconscience, and with the knowledge that dead gods are reborn as mortals with white hair that has a bright, coloured tint, Reinshai set out to search for these new "demigods" and mold them into great warriors for military purposes.

Roje was one of those children. Previously known as Zeishei, god of energy, he was the second demigod to be taken in and genetically altered. While most demigods retain the memories of their life as gods, Roje can't remember any of it because his memory had been altered during the brainwashing process that he inturrupted by regaining consciousness and escaping the laboratory he was being altered in. He can't remember anything from his mortal life, either, to the point of where he has to be reminded what parents are by his close friend, Muchi.

Two years after he escaped, he had been watching an underground fighting tournament one night wearing a hoody over his head to cover his identity when one of Kaaji's demigod hunter droids codenamed "Ragdoll" had broken through the roof and was unleashing havoc on the crowd while searching for Roje. Not one to sit idly by and watch as innocents are slaughtered, Roje attacked the Ragdoll head on and a heated battle took place, turning the arena in rubble long after everyone was evacuated.

Shortly after, Roje had met up with two people from the tournament who had been saved by Roje, King and Muchi Tempo. King was a kickboxer who had fought until he had almost died during the fight against the champion, who was fighting dirty before Ragdoll attacked the crowd, and Muchi, King's little brother, was King's manager and mascot. King wanted to learn how to fight from Roje, and Roje thought that it was the least he could do for destroying his best chance at fame and a life outside of the slums.

Eventually, Muchi became Roje's biggest fan and King became his best friend. He now travels with them around the world from tournament to tournament, all the while gathering clues to his origins (which he honestly doesn't care about) and meeting up with the other demigods, brainwashed or normal.

Personality: Roje is a strange case. Effectively being born inside of an underground government laboratory, he was never really raised to trust others, and he approaches strangers with a hostile attitude. His face is always down in a scowl, and his eyes look up at others with mean thoughts and hatred. To see him smile is like seeing pigs fly, but there are ways to get on his good side. Those who find those elusive and difficult ways also find a strong and trustworthy friend who can keep a promise and will shamelessly stand up for his friends no matter what the cost, and he deeply cares about those who are close to him.

Being untrusting to those who aren't his allies, he can mostly be found in the city ruins, the outskirts or in the meadows whenever he just wants peace and quiet with his friends. The ruins are also his training grounds, since they're pretty much the only place where he can train without killing anything.

Whenever someone is getting on his nerves, is picking on him or his friends or is acting like a douche in general, Roje never stands up and confronts them face-to-face. He doesn't give them a lecture or tries to reason with them either. No, his way is much more effective; speed blitz them with a single lightning-fast punch to the face and send them spiralling through walls when they least expect it. Normally, no one would even think of doing such a thing, but Roje really doesn't have anything to lose, being the country's most wanted man and being too strong and stubborn to be apprehended.

Roje is very rebellious, and whenever he is confronted with a problem, he either ignores it completely or walks right through it unfazed. For example, he didn't study for a math exam, so he doesn't do it. He gets detention in the office for rebellion, but he should be training King at the time he's in detention. What does he do? Easy, he makes a hole in the wall and walks back home. Really, he doesn't really give a damn about anything, and he has the power to do whatever he wants, making him the ultimate rebel. However, he doesn't do evil for the sake of it, and will only hurt others if he thinks they deserve it.

Although it seems like Roje is strong enough to get anything he wants, he's not selfish or greedy, and money means nothing to him anyway. All he really wants is for everyone to shut up and leave him alone, and hates the K.E.S.O.S (Kaaji Elite Submission and Opression Squad) units because they constantly "invade his space". His dream is to just live in a world with no one but him and his friends, a world for just them alone, where no one is chasing him and gunfire is replaced by chirping birds. He knows that it's stupid and unfortunately cliche, and it only really comes back as an occassional second thought and doesn't let it rule his life. Really, to travel the world with King and Muchi is close enough for him.

In the same way, he doesn't really care about the past that he doesn't know about and doesn't search and mourn over it like most amnesiac protagonists, and to be honest just wants to lead a normal life. However, Reinshai always tries to feed him false or altered information about his past because he thinks that he is searching for answers, but Roje always ignores it just to be reminded by his friends who actually take it to heart. Really, Reinshai isn't really his nemesis because of how cruel or iron-fisted he is, it's more because he keeps getting in the way of his daily life and King's fighting carreer. To get a better handle on things, he's basically as terrifyingly powerful, sadistic and downright evil as Frieza, but to Roje he's just another Team Rocket.

Talents: Extremely fast (5x Hypersonic to give you an idea), motivationally stubborn, sturdy and strong.

Energy Control Techniques -- Roje, being the reincarnation of the Gangaiyani god of energy Zeishei, can control various forms of energy and force (though unfortunately not to the extent of his god incarnation). The dominate forms of energy are Kinetic energy, electricity, Spiritual energy, and a small bit of friction. Using Kinetic energy and Friction, Roje can reduce his friction while forcing himself forward to move at speeds five times as fast as hypersonic speed. However, he can also majorly reduce his Kinetic energy and majorly increase his friction before you can blink to make him stop on a dime, and in the same way he can launch his fists faster then sound and light combined. He can also stop all kinetic force and solidify spiritual force to make him walk and stand on literally nothing, and he can use Kinetic energy to manipulate objects around him, including people, and can effectively rapidly punch enemies without even touching them, shut doors with no visible imput, and destroy unstable walls with so much as a stare. He can also use spiritual energy to launch explosive aura spheres similar to ki-blasts only with lower range, and can channel his massive spiritual energy (he used to be a god, remember) into his fist to unleash a punch that can effectively destroy several solar systems at full power if not contained (he usually only channels his energy so that it can destroy a public park considering how stressing the attack is on the soul and body). Although he seems overpowered, his enemies are equally as strong if not more so (he's just one of many demigods, and Reinshai took on numerous gods more powerful then Roje), so his abilities are never wasted on smallfry and most battles take place outside of orbit when the going gets tough.

Gangaiyani Form -- Although you will never know, Roje is constantly under stress, as are all demigods like him. The god side of demigods constantly clashes with the mortal side each and every time he uses a special technique, but it can mostly be suppressed by the demigod like a storm against a dam; difficult, but safe. However, the god side may win every now and then and posses the mortal shell, unleashing the demigod's full potential but making them lose will over their own bodies (kind of like Naruto's fox form early on). This mainly happens whenever the demigod is stressed out, physically weak or extremely emotional. Roje used to have this problem, but after numerous confrontations with his god side (the last of which ultimately ended in a physical duel in Roje's psyche), Roje eventually gains complete control over this half and can transform at will at the cost of continuous bodily harm.

Constructive Criticism guys, and congrats if you read the whole thing.
Here's your reward:

Author:  Kiki [ Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roje Hunter, #002-PHH(First RP character)

*blinks* lol well this character seems fairly interesting. I felt like I was watching some sort of anime while reading all that. Overall, he's a godmod, yes, though technically since a chunk of the people he fights are also godmods it evens the playing field....kind of like Dragon Ball Z. Goku is a godmod, but because pretty much all the villains and various other characters in the world are as well, there's a balance.

And no worries about borrowing aspects from my template~

Author:  Shiruzato [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roje Hunter, #002-PHH(First RP character)

Thanks, kiki! I actually haven't even listed half of the entire 5-season series I've been creating and revising in my head since the seventh grade, but I don't think any of that is neccessary right now and can be saved for a different time at a different place. But honestly, hearing even the smallest compliment from a RP pro such as yourself certainly makes me feel better about myself today. :D
So, could I use this character in the other RP sections as well (such as the academy, or the RPG) or would there be problems?

Author:  Kiki [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roje Hunter, #002-PHH(First RP character)

Right now, the only place I could see this profile being let in is in the Academy Sandbox, which is kind of dead right now, but anyone can jump in and RP with themselves or the other people who may pop in whenever they like.

The regular RPs typically have a required profile to fill out, so the character would have to fit in the confines of the world of the RP.

Author:  Shiruzato [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roje Hunter, #002-PHH(First RP character)

Makes sense, I guess I could use a few of my others ideas floating in my mind.

EDIT: Actually, for a good portion of his life (from 15-16) he had attended a highschool and managed to fit in as long as his hair was combed and dyed and he had friends to remind him to stay undercover. Maybe I could put him in an RP involving a school (a normal school, one filled with heroes, a training academy, or anything along those lines could work, really). Remember, in the back of his head he does wish to seek a normal life.

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