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Electro, my first character 
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Name: (Jake)Electro
Other: White/male
Race: human

Age: 24

Alignment: neutral

Weapons: Has no weapons but can make weapons out of electricity.

Powers: Is able to control electricity and Black Thunder
Weaknesses: long range battles, has little stamina so he gets tired very easily.

Appearance-Clothing: Wears a black shirt, a black trench coat, blue jeans, and black steeltoe boots.
Appearance-facial: Has short brown hair and blue eyes. He has a small goatee, and he usually looks mad most of the time.

Personality: Electro is lazy and is angry most of the time.

Bio & Story: (I understand if you think this story is crappy, corny, long, has bad spelling or whatever but this is my first so... yeah.)

One day Jake was walking to his dorm room from his last class in colledge, (he's 18 at the time) thinking i'm finally outa that classroom! He opened the door to his dormroom smiling, It was a small room, to the left and right side there was a bed and at the opposite side of the door there was a window. As he closes the door he notices that it's really quiet. His roommate Josh was not there, and he usually had the radio on every time jake would come in the room. At first jake thought that was awesome and took a small nap on his bed. He had a really wierd dream where he found his parents and some older girl bieng cut into pieces by a shadow or a black figure of some sort. Then jake woke up sweating and sitting up on his bed screaming, "NO!" What was that? It was so realistic. "Hello Jake" someone says. Jake looks to the direction of the voice. It was dark and jake wasnt really focusing at the time. The person was at the window. "Oh, hi josh where were you?" Jake walks to the light switch by the door and flips it up. Jake turns around and see's an old man. Jake had thought him to be 60 somethin years old. "Hey, why are you in here? Did Josh let you in? Sorry old timer bu-" The old man had suddenly appeared in front of jake stabbing him in the chest with some kind of blade. Then when jake looked down he saw that it was the old guys arm! It turned into a black blade somehow. "What....the...f#$%" Jake fainted.

Jake woke up suddenley full of energy. He was on the ground so he stood up. "Ok, now that was wierd." He was in a big room. It looked to him like a karate training room. "Jake." Jake looked to the voice and saw the old man. "You! What do you want? Why were you in my dorm! How'd you do that thing you did!" "Jacob, Calm down it's ok. I never hurt you." he said. "But you stabbed me!" jake said. "I wouldnt call that stabbing really. I'd call it injecting." "What do you mean by that?" "I injected you with a special ability that only very special people get to have." This guy seems freaking crazy. I have to choose my words carefuly. "Are you calling me handicapped or mentally retarded or somethin?" "No. Just let me get to the point here." He said in a serius tone of voice, it almost seemed like he was younger than he looked. "I want to train you to fight and use your abilities." he said. "Well, First of all, why? Second, your crazy. And 3rd, how, even if I did agree, I still have college!" "Well..." The old man started "I'll give you 24 hours to think about it." Jake was then teleported back to his dorm room. Jake looked at his alarm clock. Aw crap I missed my first class! His day went by pretty quickly. He was late to his second class, then he was sent to the office for graffiti, which he did not do, he was late to his next class and on the way there he got jumped by some random guys and then he was sent to the office again. "Jake, i'm sorry to say that your going to be suspended." The principle said. "You can stay here for one more night but thats all. Now go to your room and pack up." What just happend? Suspended! I might actually take up that old mans offer but I need to ask him some questions first. Jake opened the door to his room and sat on his bed. As jake looked at the time on the alarm clock he saw that there was still a few hours left. Then suddenly the old man appeared in front of him. From a closer view he was actually kinda tall. He wore a black robe and he had long black hair. "You are really early." "So. Are you going to train with me at my dojo? You can walk there from your house." he said. "Well, first I have to tell my parents that i've been suspended" "No,no,no....Tell them that youve been transfered to a different college." "But, that sounds retarded, they will want to go to the college and ask the teachers stuff." Jake replied. "It will work...... trust me."

Because the story is already too long im just gonna do the rest in a quick summary. Jake had been training with Wish (The old mans name) for 4 years. Jake Learned how to use 2 abilities, to be able to control electricity and his own version called black thunder. He had a girlfriend named jessica and he had been going out with her, wish had been getting mad with jake missing training. Jake then figured out that Wish was just making Jake powerful enough to where wish could take over jakes body and use it to take over earth, and that what happened at the college was just an illusion. Jake decided he should get to the dojo early and when wish got there jake would kill him. But once jake got to the dojo he found Wish slicing up his parents and girlfriend. When wish saw him he dissapeared and Jake has been searching for him ever since then for 2 years. He is known as electro now.

That is my first character. I think its an ok character.

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Final Fantasy 7
Kittenpuncher wrote:
Sorry, my ninja powers aren't for rent.

electro wrote:
WHAT? Why not?
Kittenpuncher wrote:
You'd get killed with them anyway.
electro wrote:
You're probably right. But I don't care! Im going to get those ninja powers somehow!
Neo_Fire_Sonic wrote:
You can share my fire powers (if you want) so you can become THE FLAMIN NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
electro wrote:
Well, prefferably id get electrical powers but......

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Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:46 pm
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Hmmmm not too shabby for your first bio, but then again I suck at bios. Don't worry if a bio is too long, as long as your not spending 3 paragraphs to get one point across it's okay. It is filled with grammatical errors here and there, but nothing too bad. I got a bit confused at the end of the second paragraph about what was happening.

Overall decent, I say a bit below average, but then again I'm also kinda new to RPing and I suck at bios, so lets just wait till the more experienced people read it

Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:55 pm
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