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Richard Nuller 
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I know everybody here is dying for another bio to post on, and I need a mage-type character for some future conflict, so there!

Name: Richard Nuller (REDUNDANCY! YAY!)
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: A life of studying in the arts of magic has led Richard to lay cooped up in his hut, away from the sun, which explains the reason behind his extremely pale skin. Bald, due to a bad magical experiment before. Richard has light gray eyes, that appear to glow in the dark. His typical attire usually consists of a pitch black cloak, with the sleeves frayed. He has a tendency to wield double staffs, and has been told by many that those staffs would impede his movement speed and would be hard to carry around. However, he refuses, for both staffs that he has have taken him roughly five years each to obtain, requiring him to run around the continent, bribing scribes and scholars, attempting to find a rumor of the staffs location. The staffs he uses, although not necessarily popular, bolster his connection to both darkness magic and holy magic. By just having these objects in his possession, he has opened up links to connections to tribes that specialize in those types of magic. When seen, he usually has a bright or dark aura, covering his whole body. This is because, over the years, he has developed a protection, powered by his staffs, that heals him and, should he be stuck with a magical attack, absorb it, and restore his magical strength.
Richard never knew anything about his previous life. And he didn't want to. He feared, every day, that someone from a previous land would take him from the paradise that he had called home, the continent of Leha. However, he would not need to fear about that again. For people did come for him.
He had suffered from amnesia, and found himself waking up in a forest, 14 years old. In the nearby town on Herie, he found the town healer, a man by the name of Nroc. Richard begged Nroc to teach him in the arts of magic. Nroc then told him that he only specialized in healing, and knew few other spells, especially spells on harm. He instructed Richard until he was 21. Then, he sent him off to search for the two staffs he now owns. After a period of ten years, Richard returned to Herie only to find that the town had been destroyed by a nearby kingdom, the inhabitants slain. He went to the location of his master's house to find it intact, but his masters remains on a nearby table. Beneath him was a trapdoor, which for some reason, the raiding soldiers has overlooked. It was in there that Richard found a incantation, one to cause death to one mortal, no matter what protection. The spell has a 2 minute long casting period though, useless in a fast-paced conflict. It was then that a remnant of the raiding party found Richard, and threw him in a cell, discarding his "wooden sticks" and pack into a crate nearby. In jail, he knew he had to use the death incantation, but seeing how it was a two minute spell, he had to wait for the right moment. His moment came approximately one year later, when he was guarded by only one guard. he started muttering the ancient words, and the guard, with confusion, opened the door, believing that his prisoner was losing his mind. It was then that the guard died. He then proceeded to retrieve his staffs, for the guards considered it firewood for a cold day, and had left it in the crate nearby. Escaping from the jail cell, he was almost out of the jail compound when he overheard several officials talking about him, and a secret he carried in his head. Confused, he fled the compound, and preformed a teleport spell once he was far enough. His next destination is uncertain.




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