Kirby And Zero: Neo Arcadian Adventure
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Author:  Broly [ Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Kirby And Zero: Neo Arcadian Adventure

Kirby And Zero: Neo Arcadian Adventure

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(This takes place after the events of World Of Light and during the events of the first Mega Man Zero game)

CHAPTER 1: A New Adventure In A Different World.

One day on Planet Popstar after the events of World Of Light, Kirby was relaxing in his house when suddenly a portal appeared.

Kirby: Huh? It's a portal. I wonder where it leads to. Dream Land hasn't been attacked since March of last year, so I'm sure it'll still be safe with out me around for a few days.

Kirby entered the portal, and landed in Earth during the year 21XX.

Kirby: Well, this sure doesn't look like Popstar. I better explore the place just to make sure I'm right about not being on my home planet.

Suddenly, a few Reploids run past Kirby.

Kirby: Well, that was strange.

Kirby then turns around and sees a giant robot looming behind him. Kirby then runs away from the robot as it shoots a few red laser beams, trying to split him apart.

Kirby then enters a temple and stops in front of a strange pod with a Reploid inside. The Reploids who ran past him earlier look at Kirby. Kirby faces them and sees that one of them has a Cyber-Elf.

Kirby: I don't know who you people are, but before I went in here, there was a huge robot chasing after me with red lasers coming out of it's eyes.

Before the girl with the Cyber-Elf could get a chance to tell Kirby who she was, the robot who was chasing Kirby earlier crashed through the entrance to the temple and Kirby hid behind them. The cyber-elf who was with the girl entered the body of the reploid who was in the pod. The pod exploded and out of it's wreckage came the reploid Kirby saw in the pod.

At this point the girl introduced herself to Kirby.

???: My name is Ciel, and I'm the leader of the Resistance. We were trying to find Zero so that he could help us defeat the Neo Arcadians, the robots who were chasing us.

Kirby: Nice to meet you Ciel. I'm Kirby, and I come from a planet called Popstar. I came here through a portal that appeared in front of my house in Dream Land.

Ciel: Nice to meet you Kirby. Can you help Zero beat those robots that were chasing us?

Kirby: Sure I can.

Kirby then stepped beside Zero.

Zero: Who are you?

Kirby: I'm Kirby, and I'm from a planet called Pop Star that's parallel from here. Ciel told me to help you defeat the robots that were chasing us.

Zero: Alright. I'll let you help me.

Working together, Kirby and Zero beat the robots that were chasing Ciel.

Ciel: Well done Kirby and Zero! We have to get back to the Resistance Base.

However, while trying to get to the doorway of the temple, Kirby, Zero, and Ciel fell down a hole while trying to exit the base.

Ciel: That was a long fall.

Kirby: Yeah... And we can't get back to the entrance.

Ciel: Well, we have a teleporter down here. Follow me.

Kirby and Zero followed Ciel to the teleporter and were almost there until Ciel was caught in the hand of a giant robot.

Ciel: Aaah!

Zero and Kirby: Ciel!

Ciel: Zero! Kirby! Help me!

Kirby: Don't worry Ciel. We'll get you out of there. As soon as we figure out how...

Zero used his Buster Shot on the robot, but had no success on destroying it.

Zero: What's this thing's armor made out of?

Suddenly, a computer turned on, and a floating energy substance shaped like a Reploid appeared. The substance dropped a sword on the ground. The sword was known as the Z-Saber.

???: Zero, use this!

Zero: Alright. But, how do you know me?

???: No time for that now. Just use the Z-Saber and destroy that robot!

Zero: OK.

Kirby went through his list of Copy Abilities and pulled out the Master Sword.[i]

Zero: Alright Kirby. Let's finish this robot off.

Kirby: Alright Zero!

[i]Both heroes slashed their swords at the robot holding Ciel and destroyed it.

Ciel: Zero... Kirby... You saved me. Thank you.

Kirby: Your welcome Ciel.

Ciel: Let's get back to base. I'll fill you two in on the situation there.

Zero and Kirby: Alright.

With help from a mysterious figure, Kirby and his new ally Zero were able to rescue Ciel from a Neo Arcadian robot. However, our heroes are still confused about what is going on. Who's commanding Neo Arcadia? Who was the mysterious figure who gave Zero the Z-Saber? Tune in tomorrow on Kirby And Zero: Neo Arcadian Adventure!

Author:  Lukepi [ Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kirby And Zero: Neo Arcadian Adventure

Fan fiction belongs in the Literature section. :lock:

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