Got a few ideas
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Author:  ezlybored [ Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Got a few ideas

i really like rping and i'd kind of like to start one. i have a few old/unused/dead ideas that i think are useable? who knows

a) post-apocalyptic (?) future that's not REALLY that advanced technologically thanks to the apocalypse/whatever went down. anyway some people get superpowers and the government freaks and puts those it can find away. some people are raised as weapons. some people try to rebel and escape. some people don't really want to get involved in all of that. looks like you gotta though because nobody's very happy with what's happening rn
b) like... sci-fi fantasy??? basically in order to use magic you have to have a supply of mana, however, not every planet has mana. as humanity expands throughout space they discover this and, soon enough, the planets with mana start getting destroyed by an 'unknown assailant' alien species. eventually, they stumble upon a unique planet without a star, which they believe has a new, more powerful form of mana--white mana. the last planet with mana, terra delta, is then destroyed. so ppl decide to gather skilled people to add to 'squad omega' which is basically the Best People at Everything to go down to the planet and get the white mana. and also deal with the unknown assailants trying to kill humanity. cause that's an issue as well.
(there is a supply of mana but planets naturally regenerate mana whereas the supply, though large, is ultimately finite. which is inconvenient for obvious reasons.)
c) a friend and i came up with a pokemon rp idea that never really took off but we did put a fair amount of effort into it. basically it's in a different region, scindo, which was split in two and divided by a wall that no citizen could cross until very recently. now that the wall's down, kids who couldn't go before are now able to be sent on their pokemon journey. however, scindo being united once again might not be the best thing??? ~ooh mysteries~ involving the legendary pokemon
(we seriously put effort into this. came up with professors (there are two) and gym leaders and a villain team and errything and EVEN A MAP)
d) fantasy involving THE ELVEN EMPIRE. afraid that the humans might have the power to overthrow them (even though elves have magic and they don't??? ok humans may have guns but they're s*** guns), the empire searches for something that can keep an advantage over the humans. they eventually stumble upon a power thought myth that has been hidden for a long time. the power is passed down along a family hidden away in a village in the mountains. essentially, the person goes berserk, gaining immense strength and power. overuse, however, leads to insanity.
the elves try to use this power but it ends up backfiring, and the warriors it was tested upon turn against the empire. turns out if you're not part of the family using it once makes you snap. WOOPS. so now a group of people are being sent out (covertly) to find the person who has inherited the amulet of madness and actually knows how to wield the power safely. (or i mean. as safely as possible. overuse still makes you insane.)
the humans have like, victorian era technology and the elves don't... really... they just have some stuff from the humans but for the most part it's ???? gross??? why do that when you could use magic

i don't really have a favorite among these but i don't think i'm capable of developing more than one a lot??? so???

if anyone's interested in any of them id love to hear, if not w/e w/e

Author:  Kiki [ Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a few ideas

There's currently a pokemon RP in process

A, B, and D sound fairly interesting. ^.^

Author:  ezlybored [ Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a few ideas

i think a and d are the most viable ones??? i'd like more opinions if possible but failing that it might just be up to a coin toss honestly

Author:  Kittenpuncher [ Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a few ideas

Uhhh yeah the current pokemon rp is incredibly quittable so if you want to make your own I'd join

Author:  Kiki [ Wed Mar 09, 2016 10:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Got a few ideas

Superhuman RPs are kind of "cursed", but I feel like it would be an interesting go.

I personally like D because I have a bias towards magic....and elves...

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