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Author:  Deciton_Reven [ Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:52 am ]
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Derrek Replacement: show
Name: Antilita Francheska Pavlushkin
Age: 13
Year: 1st
Appearance: Antilita is a pipsqueak, but of course, as she inherited her mother's thin frame and beauty, and her father isn't a large man, but an intellectual, himself. Her upbringing is shown in first impressions, a perfect stature, a smug grin, and clothes that are simply too expensive. These clothes are usually reds or oranges, so she's a bit disappointed in the school's uniform but wears it to code just fine. A necklace, painted nails, or shoes can splash in her color of choice when needed. As well as the orange ribbons tied around her twin platinum blonde buns, small little things, more for show than anything else, as her hair still ends up past her shoulders with long enough bangs to tuck behind her ears. On a bad day you might catch her in glasses, but chances are probably not, she's a contacts kind of girl.
Personality: Antilita is a busybody. She likes to know what is going on with everyone at all times and she likes to give unsolicited advice even more. She doesn't usually mean to be malicious, but her drive for perfection in herself and others can lead her to be quite blunt, rude, demanding, or outright controlling. That said if she's "offering advice" to you it probably means she considers you a friend, and to Antilita a friend is family and family is the most important thing in a person's life.
Biography: Antilita was born into a rich Arclight family, her father a movie director, her mother often the star of his and other's films. Needless to say she was groomed to high society from the start, always being enrolled in advanced and preparatory classes since before kindergarten, as well as etiquette courses and various extra curricular activities like child modelling. However she was still young when the hired help became almost solely responsible for scheduling and taking her to these things, due to her parents' frequent travels. One might consider this luck though, as when she started showing signs of stronger than average connections to the spiritual, the diverse pool of caretakers were able to simultaneously keep it under wraps, and delve deeper into understanding what was happening with her.

It was fairly easy to convince her parents to higher on a yet another tutor for the girl, they wouldn't know that she wasn't actually struggling in history classes, after all, and so she was soon introduced to the Omnivident world in the safety of her own home. Being somewhat of a recluse do to her tight schedule she chose the path of an Animalium, hoping in to gain a friend in life for once. And so she did, a fine and perfect Termite Queen. One she could respect, for all she did for her family, perhaps because that's what she always felt her life lacked.

Since her path in life was always leading to Arclight it soon became time to tell her parents of her abilities, however something happened that stopped her and her servants from doing so. A fatal bus explosion killed a number of attending students, it could be no coincidence those very students were the Archive Club, a cover for the Omnivident students that trained there. She couldn't risk not being allowed to attend so she remained silent and redoubled her training. If there was something hunting Omnivident out there she'd find it. And kick it's a**. These efforts were rewarded as, she was able to resist the assault on her family's estate during what she'd later find out was a War of Souls a short while later and protect the staff within, long enough for someone else to end it. Though it did not come without some rather severe property damage due to the nature of her Arte.
Arte: Animalium (Termite)
Skill(s): Antilita has an eye for detail, and can fairly easily access the quality and material of common items like jewellery, clothing, furniture, and art, something pointless and dumb, but necessary in her station in life. In kind she also never forgets a name, as there is nothing more rude than guessing an honored guest's name.

If I may leave a suggestion to her actual powers, I'd like her to start out with a least some degree of unnaturally high physical strength, a trait common in insect kind in general. Then Termite specific powers can come in as you see fit. I'd imagine the main thing would be to decay/break down materials at a touch, but you could also do things with pheromones, reading them or producing them to influence others (or as that's probably evil a way of wordless communication perhaps), or like "feeling" the flow of a room and knowing where people are or are headed or where they've been, or even chemical warfare. Termites aren't know for many cool or outlandish ones but workers still brew a toxin in their stomachs that becomes increasingly more potent as they age. Just ignore they commit seppuku to actually use it.

Tsubaki in another day or probably 2. I don't need her short story to post her, all the most important things can get a little summary in the bio section, duh Deci, that's what it's there for.

Author:  Kiki [ Fri Nov 16, 2018 1:44 pm ]
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Absolutely loving this profile.

Author:  Deciton_Reven [ Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:22 pm ]
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Tsubaki 2 Electric Tsubakaloo: show
Name: Yamikatsu Tsubaki
Age: 15
Year: 3nd
Appearance: Tsubaki is four foot eleven! Though her new boots still have a decent heel to them, and while only being lower-calf high are just as white as her old ones. Her hair is longer and more ridiculous than ever. It's still held at the top of her head with a large blue bead, but now splits in two, falling to each side in a pig tail fashion, each held together by yet another blue bead. Her brown eyes sparkle with life and she's quite expressive with them. Her nose is still small and close to her face, but her thin lips and eyebrows are accented with just a touch of make-up. Her thin body is coming into it's own now, but she's not expecting much from it. She follows the dress code very closely, as she doesn't want to stand out too much, though the rest of her appearance with her white jacket may ruin that plan just a bit. Her old satchel has a smaller, trendier replacement. One might call it a small purse, it's straps, strings of small blue beads.

Her white ceremonial dress is not quite what it used to be, in fact one could say it's more of a ceremonial skirt now. Cut too are the large belled sleeves, in place a pair of white elbow length gloves that leave her middle and index fingers, as well as thumb exposed. The same light blue wavy frills on the underside of her shirt run the outer length of said gloves. In fact they're what ties the whole outfit together, a frill and a bit off puff around the neck and also being a literal tie around her waist were once was a corset, it's large left overs hanging being her. In all tradition has given way to usability and a bit of personal flair.
Personality: The word tsubaki means camellia, also know as the fragrance-less flower, and at first that seems to describe the shy Tsubaki. Only at first. While her nerves might show, she won't sit on the sidelines any more, not that she could if she tried. It might be surprising but people have even called her dependable recently, and she's taken that trait and tries her best to live up to it. If you need something ask Tsubaki and she'll try to help. Of course breaking out of her shell had consequences, she has a habit of humming or even singing now even when she's not alone and it's pretty embarrassing to get caught.
Biography: Tsubaki has recently learn her past is quite a stormy one, even to the point her Arte may not be what it was intended to be. Over the summer she was contacted her father who left her and her mother before she could walk when he violated the Oath of Will in an attempt to kill Tsubaki's grandfather on her mother's side. The story was not so simple as it would turn out, Tsubaki's mother's family have long been Notatorum disciples, and a group of them, lead by various members through out the years had been using their powers to attempt to manipulate souls by inscribing their sigils directly into them. Though the attempts couldn't usually be described as successful, some did at least have a linger effect if not the intended one. Though it was once her grandfather took charge of the cult that they started experimenting on infants. Risky as there was no way to know for sure the child would eventually become one of there own members, bets were hedged when Tsubaki was born. Her father never had the heart to tell her mother what he had found out, and after the attempt on the old man's life and being declared a rogue disciple, she wouldn't have listened to him any ways. But Tsubaki gave him a chance, and after digging around for information eventually took a gamble and told her mother of what she had found out. Momoe was not pleased and took action herself. Hearing details later Tsubaki was glad she was not present.

It hasn't been all bad for her though. While in her time in America she grew in power and as a person, even if she did have to fight in a War of Souls, and she was able to take that growth and reapply it once she had returned to Japan, making friends with two younger Omnivident girls, the excitable Mikiru that didn't understand the concept of personal space or being modest, and narcoleptic Bakana who was usually just asleep and towed around by the former. Together the three of them ran into their fair share of demons and ghosts, and developed a close bond as they went from fleeing and getting more experienced Omnivident to dealing with them themselves. Perhaps the most notable was defeated almost accidentally, but left a lasting effect of Tsubaki's life. A minor demon, it fed on embarrassment and amplified it, causing cases of panic and even heart attacks in performers at a local concert venue. After having their singer hospitalized, a band in need of practice asked for Tsubaki's help. Reluctantly and pushed into it by Mikiru, she accepted and the fiend thought it had a prime target. It was wrong, once it turned on the speakers and threw open the stage curtains Tsubaki owned the stage, causing it to attack and the performance only to be amplified. She sorta accidentally became an overnight pop idol. Ooops.

"Arclight should be starting classes soon," the idol pondered outloud to none but the empty space in the jet taking her to concert. She felt like she should have arrived by now, but her pilot had told her once before that he'd leave the singing to her if she left the piloting to him so she would. Of course once she did finally land, the air port wasn't the one she expected but one familiar. Arclight airport. Hurrying to the cabin, there was no pilot to be found. Her cell was the same from last year so she knew it would be able to call home. No response from her mother. None from her manager. But there was one number she got through too.

"Hi Miss Racheal? It's Tsubaki Yamikatsu, and this would probably sound weird to anyone else but..."
Arte: Notatorum Liberare, with the sigils of Arx, Augmen, Ligare, Vis, Iter, Lux, Purgo, and Veritas. (And I guess that sun one that's better Lux she got in the ending cutscene?)
Limits:Tsubaki is quite capable of projecting her sigils onto anything or have them float in the air for 15 minutes. Her sigils that manifest an item will last for up to 30 minutes without exhaustion, while her sigils that cause effects will last for 15 minutes. She is now capable of manifesting two different sigils at once. (Although always technically within her skillset, her personal growth has freed her from her hang-ups and she no longer needs to touch or say a sigil's name to activate it.)
Skill(s): Tsubaki is a good observer of things and tends to be able to tell when something is out of place or different than it should be, and has some experience in music and dance, the later proving useful in evading attacks. Slowly but surely she is gaining the ability to create ofuda.
Weapon(s): Kunai
Roommate: (previously) Sangeeta Purjati

Knocked this out faster than expected.

Author:  Wizzquizz [ Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:58 pm ]
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Oh darn. Deci did his before me... Guess I better post mine. Boop.
Lotus: show
Name: Lotus Acula
Age: 14
Year: 2nd
Appearance: Lotus weighs 115lbs and stands 5'7". She has long white hair that goes down to her mid-back area. She wears a black headband with a bow in her snow white hair. Her more feminine features haven't developed yet due to her age (depending on how long this goes on they may develop more).Due to her Asian heritage she has soft attractive features, leading her to become quite popular in usual school settings. Her eyes are a striking blue that resembles a pair of sapphires.
She wears a black and white vest (or jacket depending on the season.). She has long white thigh-highs with black strings that cover any panty hose she's wearing. She also wears a plaid skirt. When she's allowed she wears her father's sword which has a sheath made from a birch tree with a black cloth wrapped around it.
Personality: Lotus is very protective of those she cares about. She has random moments of cleverness and bravery although as well as those moments come moments of stupidity.
Biography: On June 18th, a baby girl was born to Dr. Richard Acula, an Artes Animalium disciple, and his wife, and she was named Lotus after the flower. Oddly enough their tiger and Dr. Acula's familiar, Surasshu, disappeared. Shortly after the family had settled Surasshu reappeared.
She lived a largely mundane life, though at the age of 4, Dr. Acula noticed that she was drawn to tigers as he was as a child. Lotus would spend time “drawing” tigers and watching shows starring tigers. She loved these shows so much she often threw a tantrum when unable to watch them. Lotus began to learn more being a child of two cultures, Lotus was taught both Japanese and English languages, traditions, and cultures.
By the age of 12, Dr. Acula found that his daughter was extraordinarily talented with a sword. He began to train her to fight and defend herself and most importantly defend those that can’t defend themselves. The training was ruthless and exhausting, although Lotus remained strong throughout it.
Though two years later, Dr. Acula began to suspect that his daughter may be omnivident like himself. Knowing that with Omnividence came danger, Dr. Acula sent his daughter to Arclight Academy so that she could train her burgeoning abilities, sending her with sword as a guide to remind her of home, though really intended for her to use against the enemies that would surely arise. However he refrained from telling her that she herself was gifted with omnividence.
Arte: Animalium-White Tiger named Dot.
Limits: Lotus has come to control when and when she does not want her white tiger, Dot, to appear. By using Dot's energy, Lotus is capable of manifesting extremely sharp claws for nails, near-silent stepping, enhanced night-vision, and incredible acrobatic proficiency. Lotus has also developed an ability to talk to various feline species.
Skill(s): Skilled with a sword, swift counters, dodges, and stealth when she chooses to be.
Weapon(s): Katana
Roommate: Fiona Brennan

Smoldering Tinderbox: show
Name: Idelia “Id” Saxson
Age: 16
Year: 3rd

Appearance: Id stands about 5’11 and is skinny. Id is a fiery short haired redhead. She wears long pants and a shirt that had followed school code, before she ripped them into capris/a sleeveless shirt. Then a golden ring that has been slightly warped due to intense heat of a fire is wrapped around her finger.

(Picture Onyx drew of her: Image )

Personality: Idelia is rash, quick witted and often has an explosive temper. She despises people that think they’re better than her. She also has a deep hatred for those she can’t beat, often going into a rage. Although when she’s not interacting with anyone she enjoys a nice peaceful fire.

BiographyIdelia was born to a nice, average family. She began to show her omnivident powers at a young age. She began to hear and see strange things. They scared her and helped influence the small child. She cried out for help to her parents which, in turn, didn’t believe her. They thought she was “special”. The dark beings began to teach her their ways, she listened to them, starting small fires. Until one day she started the very fire that ended up taking her parents life. Idelia doesn’t remember much only the screams of her parents mixed with the demon’s laughter.

Idelia was then sent to a foster home, with only one thing to remember her parents by: Her mother’s golden wedding ring warped by the fire. The child had no one. She lived in fear due to the horrible living conditions and treatment she received. While in the foster house she was beat on a daily basis. Though one day a mighty bird appeared and attacked Idelia’s attacker. The regal phoenix then bonded with the orphan.

Idelia began to get thrown from foster home to foster home, from orphanage to orphanage. She eventually was sent to another Orphanage in Darren City. She lived in poor conditions again although she was allowed to go to school. Then in her free time she began to steal and perform acts arson. Through her time stealing and being an arsonist she developed a drinking habit. She began stealing more expensive things and vodka, then went to juvie. She began to live a slight criminal life, she enjoyed being the free bird that she was.

Along her ventures around Darren she befriended a fellow orphan named Dante. He was a large dark skinned man with broad shoulders and was extremely tall. Dante was about to become old enough to leave. They began to form a relationship. He was constantly helping her out of several situations and he even visited her during her time in juvie. Until the day came when he had to move out of the orphanage. Id wasn’t about to lose one of the few people she cared about. She helped him do random jobs around Darren until Dante bought a large building. It was a ruin. Id and Dante began work on the two story building.

After several days Id began to hear all too familiar voices and a ghost began to torment her. One day she snapped. Dante was in the building as Id began to curse at it. He quickly run into the room only to become a target. The ghost attacked him. Id summoned her pheonix. After a long fight the dou finally struck down the spirit. After some explaining to Dante, he began to accept this world he had been shown. They returned work on the building eventually creating the popular bar “Inferno”. Dante had a bar/club in the lower half of the building with his house in the upper part of the building closed off to the public.

Id continued her crimes with regular visits to Dante. After being spotted by a teacher at Arclight Academy she was sent there to train. Her first year ended in her failing that school year. She managed to pass her second first year. A quarter into her third year (First Second year) she got caught again and was sent to juvie. She was in Juvie during the bus explosion but she has described it as true, beautiful, unmatched flame with almost a sick enjoyment. She has finally been released early for good behavior, returning to Arclight with a sadistic smile.
Arte: Arte de totem. Her mother’s ring works as her totem. She is able to summon a phoenix named Ego. Ego’s small form is about the size of a hawk. His flight feathers are coal black while his down is a mixture of red and yellow. Ego can fly at 105-15 mph and can use a burst of energy to fly at max speeds of 200 mph. In this form Ego can exhale thick smog. After releasing the smog he can ignite it by creating a spark either by snapping his beak shut or scraping his talons together.
His true form is 6’7 with a wingspan of twice that. Ego becomes made of flowing lava except for his beak and legs that seem to be made of dark obsidian. In this form Ego is capable of spitting molten lava.

Limits: (I’ll state the limits of your powers here and I’ll edit it as you character develops.)
Skill(s): Idelia is good at pickpocketing. She knows how to breathe fire (as in the Carnival trick). She also has a knack for starting fires. She swims like a rock.
Weapon(s): HAHAHAHA....Fire.
Roommate: None (she lives in Darren)

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Yes, yes yes! Love it all!

Did Jack manage to regain access to his account??
Last resort is I think I can manually change his password into something he can log in with and then change it himself afterwards.

Author:  Semicolon [ Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:37 am ]
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He hasn't yet, confirmed yesterday.

Author:  Deciton_Reven [ Wed Nov 21, 2018 2:33 am ]
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Yeah we still have the "one of use could just make an account and pass it to him because we can actually get emails to work" plan, but I'm sure he'd appreciate having his account if that's a wizard thing you can do. I guess just pass it to me if you can't pass it along to him yourself via Slack and I'll make sure he gets it safely.

Author:  Kiki [ Wed Nov 21, 2018 2:24 pm ]
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Sent you a PM! Hopefully it resolves the issue >.>

Author:  Jack 2: The Last Jack [ Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:25 pm ]
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At last.

I'll update Damian as soon as I'm not sick anymore.

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realized that since you don't go on slack, kiki, it'd probably be worthwhile to post here. i'm alive! and i'd be interested in joining omnivident. i'm a little busy right now, but i should be able to write up a profile within a few days

Author:  Kiki [ Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:29 am ]
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Author:  ezlybored [ Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:06 pm ]
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yep i'm here! now with a character profile as well B)

character profile 100 percent speedrun: show
Name: Joonho/Joey Choi
Age: 14
Year: 1st
Appearance: Tall for his age at 5'9", Joey looks like an ungainly giraffe: skinny, long-limbed, and prone to falling over himself. He almost always has scrapes or bruises from his own clumsiness. It doesn't help that his messy black hair, parted in the middle, is long enough to fully cover his eyes and stick up at the back of his neck. He'll occasionally use hair clips or a headband to keep his hair out of his face, but he's equally likely to just suffer through having obscured vision.

His face is round and cheerful, with upturned brown eyes, a round nose, and a smile almost always on his lips. When in uniform, he tends to take off his blazer and either sling it over his shoulder or drape it over his arm. Outside of uniform, he's the kind of person who'll wear a T-shirt and shorts in the middle of winter.
Personality: Joey is a theater kid: dramatic, outgoing, and basking in public attention. He strikes up conversation and tries to befriend anyone he meets, usually with a bad pun or a witty observation at the ready. Silence makes him uneasy, and he quickly becomes bored and lonely. While a loyal and empathetic friend, he is extremely conflict avoidant, and will spare people's feelings first and tell white lies without considering long term consequences. He always has good intentions, but in general he's impulsive, a poor planner, and not very pragmatic.

Joey is surprisingly knowledgeable about music and theater and takes the subjects very seriously, given his average grades and goofing off in other classes. He'll gladly spend hours learning about his interests, but he doesn't care about much else. He won't take criticism on this, or many things really, as he's self-assured to the point of arrogance at times.
Biography: Joey is from a typical, middle-class Korean-American family. He has one brother 2 years younger than him, Myungho, who is essentially his exact opposite. They get along fairly well, with a typical amount of sibling teasing.

Joey's parents had him start piano lessons at 5, expecting it to be nothing more than a nice, shiny extracurricular. To their surprise, Joey took to music eagerly, but his dedicated work ethic with music was completely absent when it came to typically academic pursuits. He made friends quickly, but his grades were mediocre.

Landing the starring role in an elementary school musical set him on a new path. He cheerfully announced to his parents that he wanted to be an actor in a musical, and he insisted on taking vocal lessons and joining in local youth theater productions. His parents initially resisted, but had to relent upon realizing it was genuinely his passion.

As a child Joey had some odd quirks, seeming to be highly accident prone and imaginative. He gave nonsensical explanations when his parents asked how he'd gotten scrapes and bruises, leading them to worry he was being bullied for some time. He had an invisible friend and was terrified of the dark for a longer time than typical for a child. By now he's 'grown out of it,' learning to hide atypical behavior. If he seems to be talking to thin air or staring at nothing sometimes, he's quick to explain that he was just practicing his lines or getting into character.

Though his parents still despair over his lackluster academic career, there's little doubt that he excels at his passions. After all, he qualified for a scholarship at the prestigious Arclight Academy. While Joey is interested in the school's reputation and hopes it will be a good start for a future career, his parents hope that the teachers there may be able to challenge him and improve his poor work ethic, so he's a better role model for his brother.
Arte: Artes Carminis
Skill(s): Joey can memorize things fairly easily since he's used to memorizing scripts/music (though good luck getting him to care enough to memorize anything else). He's also a good liar, with practised acting skills, and obviously he knows how to sing.

Author:  Kiki [ Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:26 pm ]
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Yayyyy!! I'll wait for Jack and I think that'll be everyone, right?

Author:  Deciton_Reven [ Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:04 pm ]
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Should be. Don't know about Ichigo though, he was never really a chat regular to begin with. That'd probably have to be on your end to find him if you think he's even still interested.

Author:  Jack 2: The Last Jack [ Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:54 am ]
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Return of the Omen kid: show
Name: Damian Grayson
Age: 16
Year: 2nd
Appearance: He is a caucasian male (slightly tanned) with black unkept hair and dark blue eyes on a sharp face that's generally appealing enough to the eyes but doesn't stand out. He clearly works on his body as he has a noticeably toned build with a natural lengthy frame though he seemed to lose some of his definition over a fairly inactive summer. He is 6"1 and weighs 193. He wears the school uniform which covers several scars on his chest though he'll opt for any kind of jacket over it if he can.
Personality: Despite a crippling laziness at times when it comes to academics, he embraces work and challenge where he feels it could improve him, especially in areas he's interested. Though fairly kind and sympathetic overall, he will generally treat others just as they treat him if they do so consistently. Damian likes being fair when he can and is selfless enough when it comes to people he likes. He also can be rather sarcastic at times though it's usually light-hearted. While he delights in causing laughter, he's not great at it as far as he's concerned. He can be short-tempered usually and easily frustrated, though his experience with Omnividence has helped him build patience and some discipline. After everything Damian's been through at Arclight, his pessimism shines through more than it used to. An effort might be made to be optimistic but he tries not to 'get his hopes up'.
Biography: Damian was born to a stable middle class couple. His father, a construction worker and his mother, a nurse raised him. Despite their job stability, they lived in below average conditions but managed to sustain themselves and when needed, Damian's wealthier uncle provided financial aid to the family. At a young age, Damian displayed a sensitivity to spirits that he did not understand but being a child, he thought nothing of it. The parents too, never assumed much of Damian's odd behavior at times, but his uncle, being an Omnivident individual with Artes Portarum, became intrigued. He became more of a steady presence in their lives, rather than just providing help when needed.

Although a moderately intelligent boy, Damian displayed a lack of effort or dedication to school, he struggled academically as a result up to the point where he failed twice in Middle, though the second repeat in 8th was mostly on account of his accident. Shortly after his first time being held back, his father had quit after suffering a knee injury at work and helped Damian with his school struggles and they moved to a less costly apartment. During 8th grade, on the way to school, an individual ran a red light and struck the vehicle Damian and his father were in. The impact on Damian's side of the vehicle left him unconscious and his father with lesser injuries. Both were rushed to the hospital with Damian in critical condition, surgery on his father was succesful. Damian's heart however, had stopped for about a minute during the emergency surgery but in the end was succesfully revived and after some grueling hours for the family, surgery was a success, relatively speaking.

After spending some time recovering, he was able to return home. His spiritual sensitivity was extremely heightened after he had woken up and his uncle seemed convinced some time after Damian returned that he was Omnivident. Later on when Damian had finished middle, his uncle had suggested he go to Arclight Academy despite the considerable distance, the parents initially weren't too comfortable sending Damian so far but they relented and allowed him to take Damian there and let him stay. Unbeknownst to Damian, the academic aspect of the Academy had little to do with his being there.
Very little time was wasted at the Academy, with Damian meeting Johnny and Carter and rather quickly, finding friendship. Soon after, he was invited to the Darren Archive Club and Damian to his shock would find them there, discovering that he was Omnivident and that everyone there was like him.

Very soon after, the young man would come to realize that he had much to learn and despite only brief experiences, came to regard Evelyn as a Spiritorum model of sorts to aspire to as well as a pseudo teacher. The experience of competing and even fighting his fellow club members on the other hand would teach him something much different. Despite his awe at his own power, each of his classmates had something just as effective to offer. A fair share of embarrassment after utterly snapping would leave him subconsciously aspiring to be the best he could (and to control himself). The cruel reality of loss would soon reveal his entire membership at the club to not be a dream when Carter was lost, a moment that compelled him to take things as seriously as he should. Since then, he's taken great pride in every token or item that he sees as progress, from his glass bauble to the brooch he received of green forked lightning. As ambitious and driven as he is to wage whatever war necessary on the supernatural, he's found himself just as disturbed by it, especially from the possession of his friends. Worse still, the revelation of fellow rogue Spiritorum working with cruel intent and malice has shaken him to a degree, especially considering how greatly he respected Simon in particular for some time. While not lamenting Simon's fate, he is upset about how to some degree, he almost agreed with Simon about the Spiritorum being underappreciated.

Now with the knowledge that not all use the Omnivident gift for good, he's ready to return for another year of school without a War of Souls, but with the same uneasiness that such peace does not guarantee everything will be alright.
Arte: Spiritorum. Soul of Lightning Major, Soul of Glass Minor.
Limits: Through Damian's soul of lightning, he is capable of generating a field of electricity around himself that disrupts electronic devices. He also has developed control over electronic devices, causing them to open or close, or turn off or on, at his command. He can release bolts of green lightning from the palm of his hands, being capable of maintaining a steady stream of lightning for a short period of time. His lightning is now able to jump from one target to two others nearby if he wills it.
His soul of glass allows him to remain invisible for up to half an hour, and he can also make objects in his possession suddenly become invisible along with himself as well.
Skill: Very athletic through training and exercise.
Weapons: Axe
Roommate: Daniel Sweeny

I'm still sick but I refuse to be last for any longer.

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