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Name: Maximilian Hadrianus-Julius Veres
Age: 14
Year: 1st
Appearance: Maximilian is just over average height for his age and his figure has become slightly more masculine and fit as he continues to train and fight. The dark circles which once formed around his greyish-green eyes have begun to fade over time and recently he has taken to cutting his red-tinted brown hair a few inches shorter than usual.

Personality: Maximilian remains mostly aloof and continues to act in a generally disinterested attitude in both his role as an Omnivident and as a student. So far over the school year he has become slightly more sociable but continues to favour his own time over others and generally only acts on something when forced to. Whether he likes it or not though, Maximilian has begun to feel some concerns for his classmate's wellbeing and has even, inadvertently, begun to form frail emotional bonds with some of them.

Biography: Maximilian was born into a long-established family that could supposedly trace its roots back to the Romans of Medieval yore. The reality of the situation is that Maximilian's pedigree means nothing in today's world due to the fact that the great wealth that had passed from his late ancestors to his more recent ones was squandered continuously by the latter over the last two centuries. Maximilian's father continues to cling to ideas of grandeur though and has taken it upon himself to spend and borrow whatever money he can get his hands on in an attempt to revitalize his lineage's greatness. This has created quite a terrible situation in Maximilian's home life as he finds his father obsessive and destructive and his mother overly passive. Maximilian's father has taken to living his life through his son and has forced him to undergo every possible step so that he could succeed, rebuild, and continue the greatness of his lineage. This way of living has greatly disciplined Maximilian, but it has also left him quite jaded and disinterested in his own future which he sees as inevitable.

Arte: Artes Naturae - Water Disciples
Limits: Maximilian has a fine-tuned control over water. He can control streams of water with fairly complex movements, though lacking in finesse. He can sense and manipulate water within five metres (16 ft) of himself and can breathe under water with ease. His connection to water seems to have influenced his spirit as well, as he has attained a heightened sense of the paranormal akin to the Spiritorum or Fluunt. His abilities have also allowed him to freeze standing water, but he cannot yet control it once it has been frozen.
Skill(s): Fairly intelligent for his age, fluent in numerous European languages, practiced in basic acrobatics and distance running. As far as his powers goes Maximlian holds a fairly decent understanding of his powers and their history.
Weapon(s): Partisan. Black shaft with a dark blue, water-like spearhead.
Roommate: August Król

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Name: Yamikatsu Tsubaki
Age: 15
Year: 2nd
Appearance: Tsubaki is four foot eight nine, but wears knee high white boots with three inch heels, making her appear taller. Especially when combined with her hair, which is collected in a large blue bead on the top of her head, producing a high-volume hair style that takes her black upper-back length hair and instead makes it end just past the top of her shoulders. Her brown eyes are nothing special, she has a nose that is small and close to her face, and she has thin lips and eyebrows. She's still growing so she's a 'tween' kind of thin, with small breasts. She follows the dress code very closely, and does not accessorize.

On missions or very special occasions she wears a ceremonial white dress. It is a mix of both western and eastern styles, having three layers to it, a kimono style waist band, and large, round, bell styled sleeves. Hanging from the sleeves are sets of three blue beads, akin to the one in Tsubaki's hair. It isn't as restrictive as it first seems, but wouldn't be most people's first choice for demon fighting attire.

Personality: The word tsubaki means camellia, also know as the fragrance-less flower, and at first that seems to describe Tsubaki. She is studious, and shy. She rarely voices her opinion when it would trivial. It even seems that she would rather be alone with nature, than to deal with other people. This actually because she doesn't know how to deal with others. When Tsubaki is comfortable in her surroundings she is a much livelier person, and has a habit of singing to herself.
Biography: Tsubaki comes from a line of Notatorum disciples, so from an early age she was tested to she if she too would become an Omnivident, the results were promising. Despite preferring to play outside, she was forced to study the Librum Artium and other materials to prepare herself for what would come. The way she took the information there in pointed to her becoming a Notatorum like her mother, however her sigils were not like the sigils of others. Actually, to be frank, they sucked. They were drawn too hastily, and were too free form to be effective. She was soon switched over to Angelorum training, taking into account her obedient nature, and at the same time was enrolled into a dance class to start developing her athleticism. She took to dance positively, as it allowed her to express herself, but didn't play well with others, a sign pointing further towards being Angelorum but was just a result of being a shut-in during her early childhood years. It wasn't until she was caught alone dancing with ribbons that seemingly vanished, that her mother realized her daughter's true arte, Notatorum Liberare.

As far a schooling goes, Tsubaki has always been a passive learner. She takes in knowledge, then comes up with her own way to say it and understand it. Sometimes that method leads her to apply knowledge to a situation that it doesn't really apply to. She never really had friends, and didn't enjoy being at the top of her class, so she has been know to purposely score lower than she is capable of. In junior-high she to a liking to choir, and, although rough, she had the voice and vocal range to be quite good at it. However once accepted to her high-school of choice (there was only really one choice for an Omnivident anyways) she did not have time for other activities besides the Archive Club of Nankota Prep. The way Nankota Prep's Archive Club ran was in a teacher-student, one-on-one, training. And while Tsubaki's sensei did everything he could to help her learn to use her powers, he was not able to fully grasp them himself. Arrangements were made with Arclight Academy to enroll Tsubaki in a "foreign exchange program", in hopes that the Academy's methods of training, and authority in dealing with omnividents might be more beneficial to her.

Although she was in Japan during the bus explosion, Tsubaki has heard about it from other students during her stay at Arclight. Rightly she was shocked and horrified, and she mourns for all the young lives lost.
Arte: Notatorum Liberare, with the sigils of Arx, Augmen, Ligare, Vis, Iter, Lux, Purgo, and Veritas.
Limits:Tsubaki is quite capable of projecting her sigils onto anything or have them float in the air for 5 minutes. Her sigils that manifest an item will last for up to 20 minutes without exhaustion, while her sigils that cause effects will last for 10 minutes.
Skill(s): Tsubaki is a good observer of things, and has some experience in music and dance, the later proving useful in evading attacks. Slowly but surely she is gaining the ability to create ofuda.
Weapon(s): Kunai
Roommate: Sangeeta Purjati

The changes to Tsubaki's profile include: A minor appearance update, a reaction to the bus explosion now that she knows about it, her new Sigil, a new minor skill, and the weapon her mother began to teach her to use during her trip. That short story still coming soon™.

Name: Derrek Loansfield
Year: 1st
Appearance: Unkept is the single best word to describe Derrek. His clothes are wrinkled and his hair is uncombed and messy. He has brown hair and hazel eyes, though you'd be hard pressed to see through his bangs, which are more-than-likely covering them. He also wields a charming smile, and often some sort of hat, and rarely, reading glasses.
Personality: Not that it's easy to tell but Derrek is of fast wit, though whether or not that wit is funny or clever is a bit of a hit and miss. He gets in trouble often from his mischievous and pranking ways, especially when his pranks take into the fact that he's quite a pervert. He always does the minimum, but at least he'll do it. He also calls faults and buts heads with authorities, but when called out he won't really back up his words with physical actions, preferring to hide if possible. Recently he's learned to take the advice given to him, even if he doesn't particularly like it.
Biography: If you look back on Derrek's childhood you would see a little one with more energy than should be humanly possible. Quick to make friends, but just as quick to make enemies, typically with whatever adult was tending the flock. He wound up in detention often, where he eventually figured out how to be less conspicuous in his actions. Crime fiction has always perked Derrek's interest, and fuelled his shenanigans, such as the desire to learn to pick locks.

Last summer is when his energy seemed to shut off suddenly, but not his pranks, so he was sent to boarding school. Actually it was a few of boarding schools, all of which kicked out Derrek soon after enrolling for various misdeeds, which couldn't really be proved, but couldn't really be anyone else. Arclight was a bit expensive, but with no other choice Derrik's parents made up there mind, with an ultimatum. Stay out of trouble or out of our home. Unsure of whether or not his parent's were serious Derrek's days have been relatively quiet, but soon he got the message that would soon disrupt his sleep cycle: at least one club or activity is mandatory at Arclight. Derrek's though process: "Hey, I was invited to that archive club deal, that sounds just boring enough to sleep right through"... He has noticed his 'psychic' abilities somewhat, as willing a fire alarm enough seems to pull it, skirts can't seem to stay still long around him, etc. Either that or coincidences REALLY like to follow him around.

His time at Arclight has actually improved him as a person somewhat. In the Archive Club, he's found people that he's resonated with, whether he could call them friends or not. For these people, as shown by his recent wound, he would take a hit for when it came down to it. For this reason he has taken a bit of caution, and the advice of both Alice and the magical town in the s**** and has actually retrieved a suit of armor to protect himself in battle. Whether he can put it on straight is still to be seen though.
Arte: Artes Dormientis
Limits: Having only recently discovered the full extent of his powers, Derrek's abilities are quite limited. He can will various objects to move on his command, though sending his spirit into objects to control requires a large amount of effort and can only be done once over a period of hours before he can do it again. More solid, and older objects are a lot more difficult to control and may even resist his will.
Skill(s): He is good at riddles and a competent novice at lock picking, one of which might become redundant when he realizes he can just move the tumblers where he needs them.
Roommate: Timothy Azikiwi:

Derrek's profile update includes: A little extra to his personality and bio sections (including the obtaining of a item that might classify as his weapon, as he'll be ad arma'ing it).

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The Flaming Hellspawn: show
Name: Idelia “Id” Saxson
Age: 16
Year: 2nd

Appearance: Id stands about 5’11 and is skinny. Id is a fiery short haired redhead. She wears long pants and a shirt that had followed school code, before she ripped them into capris/a sleeveless shirt. She also wears goggles atop her head. Then a golden ring that has been slightly warped due to intense heat of a fire is wrapped around her finger.

Personality: Idelia is rash, quick witted and often has an explosive temper. She despises people that think they’re better than her. She also has a deep hatred for those she can’t beat, often going into a rage. Although when she’s not interacting with anyone she enjoys a nice peaceful fire.

BiographyIdelia was born to a nice, average family. She began to show her omnivident powers at a young age. She began to hear and see strange things. They scared her and helped influence the small child. She cried out for help to her parents which, in turn, didn’t believe her. They thought she was “special”. The dark beings began to teach her their ways, she listened to them, starting small fires. Until one day she started the very fire that ended up taking her parents life. Idelia doesn’t remember much only the screams of her parents mixed with the demon’s laughter.

Idelia was then sent to a foster home, with only one thing to remember her parents by: Her mother’s golden wedding ring warped by the fire. The child had no one. She lived in fear due to the horrible living conditions and treatment she received. While in the foster house she was beat on a daily basis. Though one day a mighty bird appeared and attacked Idelia’s attacker. The regal phoenix then bonded with the orphan.

Idelia began to get thrown from foster home to foster home, from orphanage to orphanage. She eventually was sent to another Orphanage in Darren City. She lived in poor conditions again although she was allowed to go to school. Then in her free time she began to steal and perform acts arson. Through her time stealing and being an arsonist she developed a drinking habit. She began stealing more expensive things and vodka, then went to juvie. She began to live a slight criminal life, she enjoyed being the free bird that she was.

Along her ventures around Darren she befriended a fellow orphan named Dante. He was a large dark skinned man with broad shoulders and was extremely tall. Dante was about to become old enough to leave. They began to form a relationship. He was constantly helping her out of several situations and he even visited her during her time in juvie. Until the day came when he had to move out of the orphanage. Id wasn’t about to lose one of the few people she cared about. She helped him do random jobs around Darren until Dante bought a large building. It was a ruin. Id and Dante began work on the two story building.

After several days Id began to hear all too familiar voices and a ghost began to torment her. One day she snapped. Dante was in the building as Id began to curse at it. He quickly run into the room only to become a target. The ghost attacked him. Id summoned her pheonix. After a long fight the dou finally struck down the spirit. After some explaining to Dante, he began to accept this world he had been shown. They returned work on the building eventually creating the popular bar “Inferno”. Dante had a bar/club in the lower half of the building with his house in the upper part of the building closed off to the public.

Id continued her crimes with regular visits to Dante. After being spotted by a teacher at Arclight Academy she was sent there to train. Her first year ended in her failing that school year. She managed to pass her second first year. A quarter into her third year (First Second year) she got caught again and was sent to juvie. She was in Juvie during the bus explosion but she has described it as true, beautiful, unmatched flame with almost a sick enjoyment. She has finally been released early for good behavior, returning to Arclight with a sadistic smile.
Arte: Arte de totem. Her mother’s ring works as her totem. She is able to summon a phoenix named Ego. Ego’s small form is about the size of a hawk. His flight feathers are coal black while his down is a mixture of red and yellow. Ego can fly at 105-15 mph and can use a burst of energy to fly at max speeds of 200 mph. In this form Ego can exhale thick smog. After releasing the smog he can ignite it by creating a spark either by snapping his beak shut or scraping his talons together.
His true form is 6’7 with a wingspan of twice that. Ego becomes made of flowing lava except for his beak and legs that seem to be made of dark obsidian. In this form Ego is capable of spitting molten lava.

Limits: (I’ll state the limits of your powers here and I’ll edit it as you character develops.)
Skill(s): Idelia is good at pickpocketing. She knows how to breathe fire (as in the Carnival trick). She also has a knack for starting fires. She swims like a rock.
Weapon(s): (Leave blank for now)
Roommate: (I’ll assign this too)

Changed her Background slightly, last name, and bumped her age up by one since she'll be having a birthday soon.

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Someone needs to post tye profiles of the new students

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Name: Alyx Taylor Santana

Age: 15

Year: 1st (I assume I could join at age 15 right? If not, I can change it, it's cool.)

Appearance: Alyx has dark brown, straight thin hair she's kept short for the sake of practicality. Small, tired looking hazel eyes. Her skintone is somewhat on the pale side of things, and has a few freckles on her nose. Slim and toned as the result of her boxing training, she weighs 117lbs and stands at 5'6". She usually dresses loose and prefers the color blue on her.

Personality: Mostly keeps to herself, though she over-thinks just about every small detail about her day in her mind. She most certainly has things to say at just about any moment; she just prefers to avoid trying to explain her thoughts to others. Having learned time and time again you can't let people think you're afraid of them, she tends to react violently if tempted. In general, however, she is a calm person and never looks for trouble herself. She enjoys her privacy and time alone in silence, though she has come to think she should be more social. As her over-thinking of things tends to lead her into upsetting topics. With those few that has she has managed to form friendships with however, she is a very loving and supportive friend, often caring more about them than herself.

Biography: Alyx was born the only child of her parents, Cedric and Laura Santana, into a fairly plain life at first glance. They didn't have the funds for any fancy things, but they had a roof over their heads, bread on the table and eachother. That was all Alyx could ever ask for, she loved her family with all her heart and never doubted they loved her back. Her mother Laura was a stay-at-home housewife, supposedly by choice. Unknown to Alyx at the time though, her mother had been through several ups and downs in her life before she met Cedric, and this had made next to no one willing to hire her. Several children in Alyx's class later found this out thanks to gossip, and made sure to let her know in the 4th grade, along with insults and threats. Cedric was an up-and-coming Amateur boxer, using his winnings as the majority of the family's income, only working at other jobs when he needed to. He was rather good at what he did, and when Alyx began getting picked on, he decided to teach her how to deal with bullies the only way he knows how. Alyx did not learn to fight overnight, and she was on the losing end of several fights before she finally started winning... but by the time she finished elementary school, no girl, or boy, dared look at her wrong. Over the course of elementary school she did win the respect of many, and eventually the friendship of two girls she felt were authentic and clicked with her mindset. She was fascinated in Medicine and began dreaming of someday becoming a doctor, often studying up on her own time about the subject. She had actually started her middle school studies, though this was brief. It all came to a sudden halt when her mother Laura died of a brain aneurysm a few months later. With the costs of her funeral came no money to continue Alyx's studies right away, not that she had the spirit to at the time anyway. With her death, came Cedric's depression, and with his depression, his ability in the ring sharply declined. The money was scare, the morale was was next to non-existant. Alyx was forced to get a job, despite her father's initial objections. Slowly but surely they began finally helping eachother up. But... something was different. Alyx would shrug it off at first, thought it was the stress, the hunger, the fatigue... but she had begun seeing things out of the corner of her eye shortly before her mother died, and it seems that since then, it's just become more and more common. She'd see people, strange people. Standing there, running out of her field of vision, sometimes even speaking at her. She ignored it, kept it to herself, tried to convince herself she was sane. Until finally one night, one year after her burial, she saw her mother. At the foot of her bed, when she woke up to a strange feeling, there she was... Laura, with a shocked look on her face, matching her daughter's rightful expression. After a few seconds of silence Alyx managed to mutter out her name, but her mother's response was not that she'd hoped. Laura lunged at Alyx and Alyx screamed, covering herself with her blankets. By the time she came to, her father had rushed in the room to find nothing. Alyx decided it was time she get help and told her father, to which he responded with disbelief but, ultimately support, as he went on to search for someone who could help. Nine months went by and the sightings got more and more common, but thankfully she did not see her mother again, though she could hear her at times... One faithful day, a letter arrived in the mail, acknowledging Cedric's search for help, and inviting Alyx to Arclight Academy, simply stating they would love to help in any way they could, even if it were by crossing their educational problem of their list. (I'm just assuming these guys don't straight up tell you "WE'RE MAGIC, COME HERE") After reading the letter, Alyx felt strangely reassured and convinced her father to let her go, at least in attempt to move on with her life. He reluctantly agreed.

Arte: Artes Naturae, Air Disciple.


Skill(s): Over the years, her fighting prowess has become rather respectable, as she's learned the hard way what works for her and what doesn't. Very quick on her feet and even quicker with her fists, she excels at parrying and using her opponents' strength against them. Assuming she isn't completely out of her league, of course.



Name: Janet Summers
Age: 16
Year: 2nd
Appearance: Janet has long blonde hair that is parted to the left with a bang and blue eyes. She's 5'6 and has clear skin. Janet usually wears simple makeup and dresses very fashionably both in and out of school uniform.
Personality: +sociable, friendly, dilligent, optimistic -detached, vain, indecisive, materialistic
Background: Janet was born into a wealthy family. Her father owns a chain of Christian-affiliated chicken restaurants and her mother's a fashion mogul. Her elementary and middle school years went by with ease, she was one of the most popular girls in her school by 3rd grade. When high-school rolled around she was popular, head cheerleader, party extrordinare, and devoted christian girl all at once. Yet things changed as her mother's fashion lines were rejected by retailers, telling her she's old and out of time. Her Mother then started going through a midlife crisis. Seeing her daughters youth and beauty she became extremely jealous. She started arguments over nothing. Sarted to punishing and grounding Janet for no reason at all. Janet might've been a party girl, but she wasn't rebellious. She'd often succumb to her mother's threats, insults, and sometimes beatings with tears and wishes for rescue while her father turned the other cheek. Having been locked away in her room Janet began talking to her reflection in her luxury vanity which called herself Janice. Janice was Janet's best friend for the remainder of her freshman year. Janice encouraged Janet to be a stronger person and stand up to her mother. And on one summer night when Janet was being yelled at by her mother, she lashed out at her mother. Janet had shoved her and told her the arguments over. She had then rushed up to her room to tell Janice what happened. Janice didn't appear, later that night Janet's mother bursts into the room holding a half-drunken bottle of vodka and a kitchen knife. Janet immediately woke up and saw her mother. Terrified by the site Janet hopped out of bed and ran to the other side of the room, Janice then appeared for a moment in the vanity only to say "I can't belive you actually did it.". Her mother was belligerently drunk and proceeded to spout cuss words at Janet. She threw her vodka bottle which shattered the vanity mirror behind Janet. The mother then tackled Janet against the vanity trying to stab her with the knife. Janet and her mother fell to the ground, both strugggling for control of the knife. Janet managed to roll ontop if her mother as she was yelling at her to stop. As her and her mother started to scream at each other a plethora of stabbing sounds were heard. Janet paused for a second thinking to herself she's been stabbed. Instead she looked down to see her mother laying in a pool of blood. The mirror shards across the floor all formed miniature spikes. Many of which were stabbed into her mother's back. Janet's father entered the room. He quickly pulled Janet off her mother and went to see what had happened to his wife. He screamed at Janet demanding to know what she did., but Janet nust sat there stunned with fear. A few weeks later Janet was being shipped off to Arclight Academy, a place her father deemed far enough from home.
Arte: Arte Vitri
Limits: Janet is new to discovering her powers so they're not very strong yet, but the major linitation behind her arte is Janice.

Name: Janice
Age: 16
Appearance: The exact same as Janet's at all times.
Personality: Mean, b****, Pessimistic
Background: A subconscious personality who appeared to Janet through her vanity. Janice was first thought to have been nice but revealed herself to be cold and calculating. She appears whenever Janice looks into a mirror or uses her arte. When she'll appear and why she appears is a mystery, but when she does she constantly berates and insults Janet causing her imense emotional pain.
Skills: As a cheerleader she has some gymnastic and cardio training.

Name: Heather Pearson
Age: 14
Year: 1st
Appearance: Heather is 5’3", her face looks strikingly innocent and young, much like her sibling. Her straw-blond hair is very thick and ends at her shoulder blades. She usually keeps her hair held back in a ponytail. She has icy blue eyes that seem to give her a reclusive wisdom as she stares intently at you from behind her glasses. She also has clear hearing aids. Heather’s normal attire is Black blazer with the school crest over a white blouse with a royal blue necktie and a dark grey plaid skirt and royal blue stockings.
Personality: Heather has a constant thirst for knowledge seeking it no matter who or what get harmed in the way. She always seems distract and distance as she walks around plucking threads of others like a harp.
Biography: Heather’s early life was a living hell do to her older sibling’s “Imaginary Friend”. After several encounters with the being, Heather began to develop a sense that this being wasn’t that imaginary after all. After her sister was sent away her life returned. She was treated as an only child. With the additional attention it became clear that Heather’s hearing had deteriorated and in desperate of a hearing aid. The doctors were unable to conclude if this was due to an injury or genetic. Heather was able to obtain any technology she wanted. With the newfound flow of knowledge her technology gave her, she began to wonder about the being that tormented her early years. Heather delved into various internet archives searching for an answer. Then it was revealed to her. Omnividence. She began to learn everything about she could off the internet, but it wasn’t enough her thirst was to strong she needed to know more. She wanted her own. She read through the various artes and picked one that sounded appealing. She began to practice and train in the ways of a Filarum. Learning the arte came easy to the girl. While around people she began to see small lines connecting various people. Upon seeing her success in her arte she began to train harder pushing her limits daily. Then it happened she heard about the bus explosion. It wouldn’t have bothered her except for the fact that her older sister was attending that school. She began to worry about her sister. During this time she was depressed. Upon watching the news she saw someone that might have been here sister. Her goals changed, she needed to get into Arclight Academy. She filled out her application and waited. Once she got denied. She dug into Arclight Academy while digging in the deepest darkest parts of the internet she discovered the true purpose of the Darren Archive Club. She reapplied this time including that she was omnivident. After getting a response she began to pack. She needed to learn the fate of her sister. She needed to learn the fate of Alice.
Arte: Artes Filarum
Limits: (I’ll state the limits of your powers here and I’ll edit it as you character develops.)
Skill(s): Obtaining knowledge, Contacts in the darker places of the internet, she can play the Bass and Guitar.
Weapon(s): (Leave blank for now)
Roommate: (I’ll assign this too)

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maybenamingtheboxsomethinglikethismakeyourjobslightlymoredifficult: show
Name: Logan Douglas
Age: 16
Year: 2nd
Appearance: Logan has emerald eyes and wavy red hair, which he has allowed to reach neck length. He stands at an average height, with a large but toned build. His love for the color green has not diminished, and it is a rarity to see him without at least one article of clothing bearing the color. Saint Patrick’s day is an exception, during which he purposely avoids wearing anything green as a joke.

Personality: Logan is very extraverted and very much enjoys spending time with others, even if the inverse is not true. He is typically likable, though this can be overshadowed by his often overwhelming presence. In conversations, it can sometimes be difficult for other parties to get a word in edgewise. Thankfully, the boy has finally stopped telling stories about his ancestors, even if historical battles are still his favorite subject. In particular, he is focusing on the topic of strategy and has been poring over Sun Tzu’s The Art of War recently. The talkative force of nature has been seen chatting up a storm in the halls of Arclight much less frequently, spending more time by himself or with Bernice, though it’s still easy to tell when he’s around. He still likes music and enjoys playing the fiddle, but he has stopped speaking with that fake Scottish accent, a fact that has been the subject of gossip around the school.

Biography: Logan was raised by an affluent couple, Phillip and Roxanne Douglas, for most of his life. His father had moved to America from Scotland at a young age. There, he met Logan's biological mother, though she walked out on Philip shortly after their son's birth. The man is very tight-lipped about the event. After raising his son alone for six years, Mr. Douglas was remarried to Roxanne, who Logan came to know as his mother.

As a child, Logan's father often spun tales of his great ancestor Allan McWilliam, who fought alongside Andrew Moray during the Wars for Scottish Independence. McWilliam became something of a role model for the boy, who would often play elaborate games of pretend in his honor. He mingled with the neighborhood children fairly often, running around and play-fighting for hours at a time.

In his elementary school days, Logan developed an interest in the musical arts. He immediately opted to learn the most stereotypically Scottish instrument available, but settled for fiddle in the absence of any bagpipe courses. He was a popular student and made many friends during this time. Unfortunately, some behavioral quirks began to surface in Logan’s later elementary years. Sometimes he would act as if there were someone present that nobody else could see. At first it was thought to simply be an imaginary friend or some such, but as time went on, it became apparent that this was not the case. On more than one occasion, the boy went completely ballistic and wound up on the floor in fetal position.

Logan's parents were greatly concerned, trying everything in their power to fix the boy's problem. They took him to multiple doctors, psychologists, and on one regrettable occasion, even an exorcist (He died mysteriously shortly afterward). By some sort of divine providence, the concerned couple stumbled upon the knowledge of a school known as Arclight Academy. They were skeptical at first, but it was a prestigious place, and it described the details of Logan's condition to a T.

After a few months enrolled in this new school, Logan had learned to cope with his ability to see the goings on in the spirit realm. That was when disaster struck. Many of Arclight’s students were killed in a bus accident, nearly causing Logan's parents to pull him out of the academy. The boy would have none of it, however, and insisted that he stay, even though he lost a few good friends in the accident. As always, he tried to keep his chin up in the following weeks, hiding his pain as best he could. Even with his greatest efforts, it still shone through every now and again, often in the form of tears. Time has done some to mend the wounds, but Logan is still deeply affected by the traumatic event.

Arte: Artes Antiquarum - 3rd branch
Limits: Logan is capable of summoning weapons and equipment from his ancestors Aileana McWilliam and Abigail Fay. The former provides chainmail with padded cloth armor and steel helm, a claymore sword, a targe shield, a battle axe, and a dirk. The latter can grant a Confederate army uniform, a Whitworth rifle, and a bowie knife.

He can summon and disperse any of these items fluidly, even multiple at once. However, he cannot carry objects from different ancestors at the same time, nor can he summon duplicates. He is capable of slightly altering the shape and properties of his equipment, but he is not able to use this ability reliably. Logan can to maintain basic equipment for over an hour at a time, but this can vary based on the total mass and complexity of the summoned objects. Everything Logan summons can selectively act as a physical object, an ethereal object, or both.

Skills: Outstanding people skills, fostered through years of mingling with ye common folk. Handy with a fiddle.
Weapon(s): None.
Roommate: Oliver Kingsly

Author:  Kiki [ Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Omnivident - Chapter 5: Exodus

Im alive.

Life has just taken quite a dramatic turn as of late...I should have a post, or at least be present in the chat by wednesday.

Author:  Wizzquizz [ Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Omnivident - Chapter 5: Exodus

Okie dokie, Hope everything's ok. See you Wednesday.

Author:  Kiki [ Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Omnivident - Chapter 5: Exodus

The map of Apollon for reference's sake


Author:  Kiki [ Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Omnivident - Chapter 5: Exodus

(I am here; I'm just stubbornly waiting for posts)

((Though truthfully too busy to go on the chat...))

(((But I am still lurking)))

Author:  Deciton_Reven [ Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Omnivident - Chapter 5: Exodus

((((Maybe list who you want to post))))

Author:  Kittenpuncher [ Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Omnivident - Chapter 5: Exodus

Kiki jack and I rpd in dms (coolness was off da fukken charts) and I told him to copy paste it to you so you could approve it as canon

You gotta let me have at least a few irons in the fire you know

Author:  Deciton_Reven [ Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Omnivident - Chapter 5: Exodus

Max's Limits wrote:
Limits: Maximilian has a fine-tuned control over water. He can control streams of water with fairly complex movements and shape them into almost anything his mind can imagine. He can sense and manipulate water within five metres (16 ft) of himself and can breathe under water with ease. His connection to water seems to have influenced his spirit as well, as he has attained a heightened sense of the paranormal akin to the Spiritorum or Fluunt. His abilities have also allowed him to freeze standing water, and he has limited control over its movement.
Naturae Abilities wrote:
Water Disciples – uncommon; the disciple has the ability to manipulate water in its liquid state. They cannot adjust the temperature of the water allowing it to freeze or evaporate. It is thought to be somewhat limiting because the disciple must have a source of water nearby or on their person.

Just saying. I don't think you need to adjust Max, but maybe change the entry for Naturae.

Author:  Kittenpuncher [ Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Omnivident - Chapter 5: Exodus

Kiki... Where are you?

Author:  Kiki [ Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Omnivident - Chapter 5: Exodus

Incoming post tomorrow night~

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