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The Everlands 
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With Hakker and Thai making RPs and all...

The Everlands


In the world where this RP takes place, when you die, you go to the Everlands. No, there is no place else. You simply go to the Everlands. Always. In the Everlands, you take on a new form, one that reflects your spirit. Every soul is unique, and thus is every person. You cannot die in the Everlands, and if something happens that would kill you normally you simply appear in one of two towers. One is the Tower of Eternity, and the other is the Tower of Corruption. One is on each side of the Everlands, which takes a planet-like appearance in the fact that it is, in fact, spherical.

The two sides are named simply Order and Chaos. As you may have guessed, Order is where all the "Good People" go, and Chaos is where the "Bad Guys" go. Instead of being punished, however, residents of Chaos do whatever they want, as do residents of Order. There is a gate between the two, known simply as "The Line", something very hard to cross. In fact, it is impossible to cross unless a resident of Order and a resident of Chaos both want to. Now, normally both sides would leave eachother alone- they had no reason to harm eachother. But then, no peace lasts forever. When did this peace leave us? Three days ago...

The day The Line exploded.

Order: A large area with several continents, Order used to be a peaceful place. Not much damage has been done to it, as the war has lasted only three days. As it used to be an almost completely peaceful place, not many are accustomed to fighting.

Peace: The capital of Order; quite literally. Not only is it Order's biggest continent, it's also just one big city. It hasn't been affected by the war yet, as it is far from The Line. Almost all of it is gold or white, and in the middle of it is the Tower of Eternity. Slightly East of that is Happiness, a kingdom so large it rivals Order's smallest continent.

Joy: Order's second largest continent, and the closest to The Line. It is currently the only one damaged by the war, and looks pretty normal (aside from several buildings being destroyed and people fighting all the time). Its capital is, ironically, a city by the name of Gentleness. It is currently the most dangerous place in Order.

Good: Order's smallest continent, it is quite cold, with many mountains. it is farthest from The Line, and still very peaceful. It is the main source of metals and other such things, so things mined fronm the mountains are often traded through several other continents just to get to Joy to make weapons. Its capital is a mountain by the name of Pleasure.

Light: Order's third largest continent and the second closest to The Line, it is preparing for war. It is much like a desert, and a large one at that. Its capital is a fairly big town named Trust with a lake nearby- a rare thing in a place like this. It is usually not too populated, but with it being the second closest continent to the line many people are going there to go to war.

Love: The fourth largest continent on Order, it is almost completely jungle. It is fairly, but not too, close to The Line, and is Order's main source of food, as it bears much fruit. It is fairly populated, not overly so like Peace and not underly so like Light. It's people, as its name suggests, are very caring. In fact, its capital is NAMED Care, and is pretty much a gigantic treehouse.

Chaos: Chaos is mostly water, and its continents aren't very big, though it has just as many as Order. Nevertheless, its people are always trying to kill eachother. No, I am not exaggerating. In fact, so much so that most places were destroyed before the war even began. Its people are very used to fighting, but often try to kill eachother as well.

War: It, like Peace is for Order, is Chaos' capital, and its largest continent. Also like peace, it's one big city. Unlike Peace, it's almost completely destroyed. Things are constantly being stolen, restolen, then stolen again. People kill eachother, only for them to come back for revenge and kill their killer- only to be re-killed. Then they kill their killer again and so forth. Almost everything there is colored black and red. The Tower of Corruption is in the middle, and slightly to the west of it is the large kingdom of Anger.

Despair: The second largest continent of Chaos, it is a ravaged wasteland. It is a constant battleground between Order and Chaos... and, quite often, Chaos and Chaos. The things that are there are always killing eachother, and residents of order. It is closest to The Line- even closer than its counterpart, Joy. Its capital is Death.

Evil: This is Chaos' smallest continent, and third closest to The Line. It's likely the most dangerous- it's up to its neck in volcanoes. This is what makes it completely unpopulated. Not being populated means it has no capital.

Darkness: Light's counterpart's name has a reason (as does Light itself, that reason being that DESERTS HAVE VERY MUCH SUN); the large amount of clouds above it completely block out the sun. Unlike Light its weather is completely unpredictable, and the weather is always VERY, very drastic. Like Light, it's not very populated for reasons stated above. Its capital is Betreyal.

Hatred: If there's one continent more of a wasteland than Despair, it's Hatred. In fact, there isn't a single plant, house or... well, anything but rock and sand on the entire thing. Ironically, it's the farthest away from The Line. However, people DO live there- they're just underground. The capital is Murder.

Jealousy: Though not a continent, it IS a large island. It has a few mountains with lots of metals.

Islands of Sin: Seven islands close together, each with its own name that I don't feel like typing.

The Line: A large, gray gate going across the world in a ring. Only the door has been destroyed. It is made of an unbreakable stone, and any attempts to go over it have been struck by lightning. Most people have the feeling that it wasn't a coincidence.

Important NPCs

King of Order Everest: A man of great honour, love and kindness, Everest was chosen as King of Order for a reason; if you've been paying attention it's the fact that he's kind and loving, possibly more than anyone else in the Everlands. He's also very smart, to the point that without him Order might be as chaotic as Chaos. Everest takes the form of a (very large) wooden statue, with a complete hole going from end to end where the human heart would be. In that hole is an orb of light, the thing that makes Everest tick instead. Though he is king for reasons stated above, the last thing you want to do is underestimate Everest in a fight.

Ruler of Chaos Dominic: A man of bloodlust, power and pure evil, Dominic is Ruler only because he killed anyone who said otherwise probably at least twenty times before they gave up. He, like Everest, is very smart, and quite an able stratigest. Only problem is, residents of Chaos tend to not follow orders no matter HOW much he kills them. Dominic takes the form of a (once again quite large) set of black armour, helmet and all. There is a black sword stabbed through his chest, and a sheild in each of his hands. As stated above, Dominic is NOT to be underestimated in a fight. EVER.

Guardian of The Line Void: A fairly unknown person, Void guards The Line. Not much is known about his personality but that he prefers neither Chaos nor Order over one another, and that he PROBABLY made lightning strike those guys that tried to pass. Rumor has it that either someone killed Void, who couldn't revive due to not having a Tower, or he destroyed the door of The Line himself. He takes the form of- er, it's not really the form of anything that exists. His face is human without a mouth, his arms are instead the wings of a bird, and his legs are the tail of a snake. Also, he's not really quite physical, and you can see through him. He is gray with black stripes. It's extremely likely that if he's still alive he's the most powerful person in the Everlands- that means if he WAS killed, there's somebody REALLY powerful out there.


Characters must be original. Everything in the RP guidlines topic (probably. There might be something that I forgot that isn't too bad and I would allow it). You may have up to four characters.


Your character likely won't be too humanoid. Remember that. Also, each character has a 'Grand Form', which is basically what it sounds like; a form better suited at... something. It will almost always contain a new ability, and will be better at whatever your character was good at before. However, all Grand Forms must be activated by something; Dominic has to pull the sword out of his chest, for example. Other examples are having the tempurature around you being over one hundred degrees, or getting REALLY, really angry. Your character MUST either be a resident of Chaos or of Order. Your goals will likely be to either capture enemies ('cause killing them would just make them respawn in whichever tower they're standing for) or destroying their tower. Or you could try to stop the war. That works too.

Character Sheet:

Not completely necessary, but this is the reccomended sheet.




Appearance: (Still remember the whole your character probably won't be humanoid thing.)

Backstory: (Try to include how they died and other such things as well as what they did in the Everlands.)

Personality: (Keep in mind that cruel, evil characters won't be residents of Order and good, kind characters won't be residents of Chaos.)

Resident of: (Y'know, Chaos or Order?)

Powers and Abilities: (Keep in mind that not exactly being normal means you'll likely be able to do SOMETHING.)

Weapons: (If any.)

Grand Form: (Include what it looks like, how it's activated and what it does.)

So, any problems? If not I'll post this in the RPing section soon. Post bios if you feel like it.


Sat May 22, 2010 8:49 pm
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Reserved for Bios.


Sat May 22, 2010 8:50 pm
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Wouldn't people in Chaos be killing each other?

Sat May 22, 2010 9:39 pm
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Wouldn't people in Chaos be killing each other?

I'm guessing it's kinda like the Chaos faction in SMT, Survival of the Fittest, so serve that powerful guy until there's a good oppritunety presents itself to backstab for the seat of power, or just another stronger guy.

Also, haha, I'm the Chaos Ruler.


Sat May 22, 2010 9:52 pm
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