Poetry and Life - with Nick
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Author:  Nick [ Fri Jul 22, 2016 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Poetry and Life - with Nick

Hey Friends :) my name is Nick, G0l3m, WereAlpaca, etc.
-/-/-/-/Cross-post from my Facebook and Forum I've been dwelling on-/-/-/-/
become THEE Skies TIDE TO FLOW
Always... all of these THINGS?
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Share a creative moment, or have a giggle at this oddness :)
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I felt like being poetic. I also want to preach life suggestions. It'd be cool if you let me steal some of your personal moments; To encourage you to make your own impressions of the above mess. I'll post my own translation once I fully write it out and decide what it is. If this is too weird for you to comment on, shoot me a message and I'll gladly read your interpretations while passing no judgement. Lets get creatively thinking! No limits or reasons not to!

Author:  Nick [ Fri Jul 22, 2016 6:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Poetry and Life - with Nick

Short summary at the bottom for those that don't want to wade through this flooded bucket. I did say it would be odd.
An incredible person landed so far down, they immediately started to fall further - at a rate that exponentially festered, landing them in a cycle that is hard to escape. This is simply my understanding of another individual.

"Once you break off, accidentally drop, let go of, or forcefully lose the foot holds of a ladder, it becomes very difficult to climb. Many things can break a ladder. Although, it might be possible a broken ladder leads to a stronger step taken." - Maybe Me?

Paraphrase Common Wisdom -
"The stresses people face are all very different, and the way individuals deal with those stresses vary massively."
I have heard this many times throughout my life, but I've mostly focused on how each person deals with their stress. So now I stop myself sometimes, and think...
about all of the different questions I can ask about stress. Is it worth comparing how stressful events affect different people? Is it worth comparing how stress is affected by several simpler factors? What seems to be absolutely required for stress to be unbearable? I often think about this and I have consistently found things that can be let go of.
By thinking about the lives of all people, and seeing precisely how they walk, you may stumble into interesting personal discoveries. It could be a question you've never asked yourself, or even a simple method for doing something. Developing yourself through a web of critical and creative thinking, will truly brighten your spirit.
become THE Skies TIDE TO FLOW:
The sky is thought about in different ways everyday, and it has been the inspiration for many things. It's incredible how an individuals thoughts about the sky could interact with another persons ideas and actions. ~~~~
By finding something that you can build upon, you now have a sky that you can show to others. Your something does not have to be impressive or perfect, it just has to be something that you put time into.
| |
Asking for and accepting the thoughts of others will allow your ideas and actions to go places that eventually inspire, surprise, or spark you. These moments are where passions come to grow. I truly believe - this mentality - is what builds ideas that are leaps away from anything currently structured.
[ 9 ]
Whenever I've felt something in my chest, I have pushed towards that feeling as hard as I could. I have spent most of my life misguiding myself into thinking this is how you break through your own limitations and respect your passions. I'm starting to understand that you simply need to enjoy yourself. When you're stuck on a tough problem, or need a little boost - reach out to someone and ask their thoughts and opinions on it.

Chest feelings are irrelevant without longevity.

Lean on others and use their thoughts to push you forward. Help the world grow by providing another unique viewpoint. Embrace ideas and actions. Everything will start moving again.
Simply bring activities into your life that you enjoyed in the past. Understand why it was important to you, and look for those enjoyable aspects in various things throughout your experiences.

You could work towards progressing those old activities, starting with the very fundamental mechanics. With established mechanics and a deep understanding of why the gears turn, you can begin to frame the mechanics with different outlets, styles, power, and form. Formally introduce your past to others, while adding more to your future.
Always... all of these THINGS?
No, these are my things. Do what you feel is right, and encourage yourself to push boundaries. Relish shared thoughts.

Anyways, these words have all been a thing that I have created, and are heavily held back by my limited experiences. Yet, it's something that now exists in this world.

Contemplate your own concepts, perspectives, and opinions. Really analyze how you think about things, and why you do you.

become THEE Skies TIDE TO FLOW
Always... all of these THINGS?


Watch and learn from every unique individual. I want to see exactly how they walk through life.
Fully surrounded with things that can be contributed to, while finding the things to pursue. My limitations are different than theirs, how do they percieve this, will they be brave and tell?
Don't underestimate how valuable memories can be, bring old activities back to life in new forms.
I have a perspective, and I'll gladly share it. These are all of my things, what are yours?


Creating multiple representations of the same concept is a true challenge, and I only did a poem, preach, and summary. One natural form of thought is easy for most to handle, but trying to tie multiple things together can be overwhelming for a person thinking alone. Embrance everyones natural form of thought, and allow it to broaden your horizons. Cheers :)

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