February 25th 2018. TFC's Other Tournament. (TOT)
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Author:  TFC| -CJ- [ Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:29 pm ]
Post subject:  February 25th 2018. TFC's Other Tournament. (TOT)

Hello there! Interested in getting into the competitive scene? Veteran player looking to end some noobs? Wanna have some fun? This is a good tournament to start with! Hosted by TFC (The Filthy Casuals), run by me, and played by you!

The Bracket is here:
Make sure you are in the discord (link in bracket rules), familiar with the rules, and check in an hour before the tournament.

On a side-note, TFC is recruiting! Wanna join a crew focused on improving and learning, and above all else, having fun? TFC is the place. We also have at least one tournament every month in the TFC server, and I'm looking to make it bi-weekly. TFC is also looking for a streamer with an open schedule, streamer gets recognition, many thanks, and a free spot in the crew (I would pay the streamer in pizza but I'm broke).

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