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Author:  INSTINCT47 [ Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:01 pm ]
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Vanilla wrote:
i already know that :P
except both spin dashes are chargeable actually. its how you charge is different.

besides spin dash's short hop and the different charging method, both spin dashes are the same.

:sonic: spindash and sm4sh spin charge are different dash is multi hit and jump cancelable
:sonic: spincharge has plain knockback is is based on the classic spindash from the first 3 games

Author:  Gamerboytabe [ Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:14 pm ]
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:donkeykong: UpSpecial Barrel Cannon
:rayman: UpSpecial Throttle copter
:wario: UpSpecial Jet Wario
:sandbag: DownSpecial Motion Sensor Bomb

Author:  FFF1105 [ Fri Mar 22, 2019 7:33 am ]
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:blackmage: Side B "Temper": Instead of doing many hits BM does one huge hit doing more knockback but less percent. Also has much more range and a wider activation box

Author:  Broly [ Fri Mar 22, 2019 6:15 pm ]
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FFF1105 wrote:
:blackmage: Side B "Temper": Instead of doing many hits BM does one huge hit doing more knockback but less percent. Also has much more range and a wider activation box


@FFF1105 Cool idea, dude! And welcome to the forums!

Author:  Dust_the_1000 [ Fri Mar 22, 2019 7:02 pm ]
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PsychoSSF2 wrote:
FFF1105 wrote:
And welcome to the wiki!

excuse me what????

Author:  bagrielmarmanjo [ Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:26 pm ]
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Author:  2spooky4you [ Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:51 am ]
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PsychoSSF2 wrote:
Cool idea, dude! And welcome to the forums!


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Author:  TSF|Cookies [ Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:29 pm ]
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I mean, this is coming from someone who apparently lists Smash 4 as Rosalinas origin game :chibirobo:

Anyhow, back ontopic. Lets see what I can throw together for my man Chibi.

Neutral B 1: Chibi-Blaster Your average S-Tier projectile that we all know and love. Combines (mostly) free angling with range, rapid fire and a good amount of hitstun, making it useful in tons of situations, be that approaching, defending, edgeguarding, extending combos, you name it. And more.

Neutral B 2: Chibi-Machine Gun Takes the already high fire rate from the default Chibi-Blaster and ramps it up a notch. Ludicrously fast rapid fire with even more range, but that comes at the cost of smaller shots, damage output per shot being notably reduced (1% close range, 0.5% from afar) and the individual projectiles not doing hitstun from far away; and even at close range the hitstun is barely notable.

Neutral B 3: Chibi-Shotgun Replaces the weak but spammable projectile with a singular, more powerful shot. The damage and knockback are significantly higher (7%), making it great for killing even opponents at ~120% near the ledge and even more amazing for edgeguarding. However, the move also has more startup and notably more cooldown, and the range of the "bullet" is also reduced.

Side B 1: Toothbrush Chibi pulls out a toothbrush and starts moping the ground with it while moving forwards. Grounded version sucks and doesnt link reliably, while the aerial version boosts his recovery to almost absurd degrees, connects much better and can even carry opponents offstage. And it Jab Locks I guess.

Side B 2: Heavy Brush Chibi pulls out the brush again, but this time he slams it down on the ground, creating a shockwave. Opponents directly under the brush will get buried and most likely be forcefed a powerful Down Smash, while foes a bit further away will recieve minor diagonal knockback. In the air, Chibi will leap slightly forward, prepare the brush and slam it on the ground upon landing, where it will activate with increased bury time and more knockback on the shockwave, although still not enough to KO below really high percentages. Aerial version cannot be cancelled until Chibi takes knockback, dies or reaches the ground and does not grab the ledge. Opponents caught in Chibis descent will get sent downwards by multiple weak hits, making for some suicude edgeguards.

Side B 3: Turbo Brush Chibi once again spawns his toothbrush, but this time it has some invisible jet propulsion! As you may have guessed, Chibi gets boosted fowards (without a hitbox) while barely hanging on to the brush, danging behind it. The boost has up to three distances depending on the input (tap B for the shortest, hold B for mid length, doubletap B for the longest version) and ignores gravity, making it always move in a mostly straight line. Does not have a hitbox and can only be used once mid-air (does not restore on getting hit!). Aerial version is also ever so slightly shorter, but faster in exchange. Grounded version can be jumped out of during the later half of the move and edgecancels, allowing for some neat leap of faiths offstage to get that extra deep Dair.

Up B 1: Chibi-Copter Chibi grows helicopter blades out of his head and ascends to the heavens. Just look at him fly! Travels really high, travels really fast and can KO floatier characters with ease. Can also autosnap the ledge because why the hell not.

Up B 2: Telly Vision After all these years, Telly finally decides to join the fight! In a fashion similar to Olimars Up Special in Smash 4/Ultimate, Chibi grabs onto his 240p friend and gets carried upwards. Distance is even higher than that of the regular Chibi-Copter, movement control is dope, making recovering from afar a breeze. However, Chibi cannot attack out of this move nor cancel it without grabbing ledge or landing, leaving him highly vulnerable. Additionally, Telly himself can also be attacked while he is carrying Chibi (and only while he is carrying!), and he actually has some HP to boot for this. Telly can tank up to 50%, and the distance he can carry Chibi gets lower and lower the more his health drops as well as the speed he moves at. Once Telly runs out of HP, he dies disappears for 20 seconds before he gets replaced respawns with another 50 HP, leaving Chibi to helplessly flail his arms around should he attempt another Up B.

Up B 3: Chibi-House Instead of just spawning some blades, Chibi opts to spawn his own house instead. The Chibi-House then takes flight using rocket propulsion, boosting it and Chibi inside it upwards for a decent amount of distance (two thirds of Chibi-Copter) before exploding, leaving for a surprised (and scorched) Chibi-Robo. The initial hitbox at the beginning is a strong meteor on airbone opponents, and grounded opponents get launched upwards into the explosion that kills off the sides surprisingly early. Leaves very little room for aerial drift during the flight, massive landing lag too.

Down B 1: Pick Up Arguably the most broken move in the game, Chibi attempts to store incoming projectiles and fire them back later if successful. Buggy as hell but its kinda nice in some MUs I guess.

Down B 2: Return Postage Instead of getting all fancy about catching and storing stuff, Chibi instead elects to go with the simpler art of just catching and throwing stuff back instantly. Basically just a reflector with a cooler animation. Frame data is identical to Pick Up, but Chibi doesnt gain any invulnerability upon reflecting a projectile. All reflected projectiles get a 1.15x boost in damage and knockback.

Down B 3: Pick 'Em Up Once again the same animation, but this time Chibi reaches out for characters instead of projectiles, acting as a nifty command grab. Upon grabbing a foe Chibi tosses them forwards or backwards depending on player input with decent strength and a rather low trajectory, making it a nice move to get some surprise edgeguards with. Does 11% but doesnt really kill below the 180% mark.

Author:  Broly [ Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom Moves


@TSF|Cookies Oh, you got your old profile pic back! Also, about the Kirby copy ability tier list I made, sorry for talking trash on Chibi-Blaster. That was dumb of me, and I'll try not to do that again.

Author:  FFF1105 [ Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom Moves

Neutral 1). Stop: charges, freeze frames, secret reflector, you know. The standard
Neutral 2). 3 Freeze: charges the same exact way as the first and has the same animations, except the ring has a very weak meteor when its partially charged and a strong meteor when its fully charged. Buries grounded opponents, with an extra .5 seconds tacked on for each number. yes its a jojo reference
Neutral 3). Slow: basically a different version of witch time, activated when BM is hit while the ring is still coming out. Does not charge. The charging ring appears around him while the opponent is slowed.

Side 1). Haste: has a small activation box that will cause BM to dash forward, do many hits, and then do a final hit with good KO power.
Side 2). Temper: instead of doing many hits, BM does one solid hit that can KO really early and does high percent, but the endlag for missing it is huge. also has a much wider activation box
Side 3). XXXX (or Kill): has a single pixel to activate, and instead of dashing forward, BM just does a motion with his hands and the target receives insane knockback, KOing as early as 15%. Then BM bends over incapacitated for 7 seconds regardless of hit or miss. (literally Rest)

Down 1). Meteor the chargeable tactical nuke that does insane knockback and is one of the safest landing options in the game. Yea.
Down 2). Ultima literally a bigger PK flash that comes from underneath BM, but does way more shield damage. BM falls wayyy slower while using this move, and Ultima immidiately explodes if BM is hit in the middle of it.
Down 3). Saber Ok, its a weird name choice but its a counter.

Up 1). Warp the glitchy warp ring we all know and love ( hey you could fix this by giving us some mad magnet hands hmm hmm?)
Up 2). Teleport instead of the warp that we have, BM does a zelda-style recovery but going a much further distance but with no hitbox, but the invincibility frames come out on frame 3. Ledge snap at any point in the Up-B
Up 3). Tornado II does a strait jump going really high with wind swirling around him. He does not go into helpless, but only has armor frames after jumping (so starting on frame 6 or 8 ish). Has some windboxes and hitboxes placed around BM while rising, with a big hit at the end, but is low knockback. You snap to the ledge at any point in the Up-B.

Author:  FFF1105 [ Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom Moves

Neutral B 1). Bomb Pump: hold neutral-b to slowly charge a bomb to one of 3 stages.
Neutral B 2). Bob-omb Pump: when the bombs are placed, they will walk around and explode on contact. Knockback reduced for mini and medium, knockback stays the same for full but the charge time in between medium and full is doubled.
Neutral B 3). P-Bomb Pump: basically more knock back, increased hitboxes but a s*** ton of charge time. Also placing the mini bomb has more endlag than the other stages
Side B 1). Bomb Kick: Our favorite reflector, yeaus
Side B 2). Bomb Punt: sends the bombs upward at a diagonal angle instead of out. Lot less endlag
Side B 3). Bomb Foot: Kicks with explosive force, with more start-up frames but decent killpower. Kicked bombs will move at high speeds at a horizontal angle, and only stop at a wall. Kicked bombs explode on contact with opponents with a modified knockback angle.
Up B 1). Jetpack: sends our hero bomberman to fall to his death with no airspeed.
Up B 2). Bomb Jump: Tosses a medium bomb on himself to jump, similar to :sandbag:'s up b. Exact same frame data as :sandbag:
Up B 3). Eagle Bomber: Does the same animation as the original move, has no hitboxes going up but moves much, much further to the side. Once you pick a side to glide to you can't go back ( so no zigzaggin)

Author:  TSF.Strife [ Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom Moves


Neutral Special 2 - Demonic Chaos
This version of Demon Fang has more range and deals more damage however, you are forced to fire four Demon Fang projectiles.

Neutral Special 3 - Grave Blade
Lloyd will slam his sword into the ground, creating a shockwave around him that pops foes up for combos.

Side Special 2 - Blazing Tempest
Blazing Tempest does more damage and burns the opponent, however the move is now a single hit and will not trigger the spinning animation.

Side Special 3 - Void Tempest
Lloyd borrows Guy Cecil's base arte and does a horizontal slash outwards. Starts combos on the ground, and works as a finisher in the air.

Up Special 2 - Tiger Rage
Lloyd extends the damage potential of the move by initiating a three hit combo that ends in a meteor smash after landing the hit, however the move travels a shorter distance upwards.

Up Special 3 - Twin Tiger Blade
On the ground, Lloyd will automatically chain two Tiger Blades into each other with the first one having an automatic followup that sends foes downwards akin to the Tales games. In the air, he will gain access to two uses of his Tiger Blade offstage before he goes into free-fall.

Down Special 2 - Rising Phoenix
This version of Rising Falcon will burn opponents and powerfully meteor smash them, however, this version will not restore Lloyd's midair jump.

Down Special 3 - Raining Fangs
Borrowing this move from Emil Castagnier, the protagonist of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Lloyd jumps up and slashes beneath him, sending out multiple shockwaves that will damage the opponent and push them downwards. Lloyd will get a small vertical boost from this move in the air, at the cost of less damage potential.

Neutral Special 2 - Spirit Bomb
Goku will charge up (lend me your energy) before firing a small Spirit Bomb at the opponent. This works like a normal projectile akin to Charge Shot, and the charge is cancellable.
Based on Base Goku's Spirit Bomb in FighterZ.

Neutral Special 3 - Shock Flash
Goku teleports in front of the opponent before grabbing them and blasting them back. A powerful kill move.
Based on SSGSS Goku's command grab in FighterZ

Side Special 2 - Saiyan Flash Kick
Goku does a dashing kick that travels diagonally downwards in the air. On hit, it bounces off the opponent to extend combos.
Based on SSGSS Goku and Goku Black's Divekicks in FighterZ

Side Special 3 - Dragon Flash Fist
Goku charges forward before doing an overhead punch. The punch meteor smashes the opponent powerfully.
Based on SSJ Goku's Dragon Flash Fist in FighterZ.

Up Special 2 - Atomic Buster
Goku lunges upwards, grabs the opponent and throws them downwards. Powerfully meteor smashes but isn't great for recovery.
Based off Vegito's command grab in FighterZ.

Up Special 3 - Vanish
Goku teleports without attacking. Goes further than Instant Transmission but has no hitbox.
Based off a mixture of the Vanish mechanic in FighterZ and Goku Black's Instant Transmission.

Down Special 2 - Sparking Blast
For a small period of time (10 seconds), Goku's attributes will be amplified (he will be faster and have deal more damage and knockback) and he will gradually heal at a rate of 2% per second for 10 seconds. However, Goku can only use this move once per stock. Has a hitbox on activation.
Based on the mechanic of the same name from FighterZ

Down Special 3 - Super Dash
Goku homes in on the opponent, colliding into them and starting/extending combos.
Based on the Super Dash in FighterZ

Author:  Broly [ Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom Moves

Neutral B 1: Inhale [The usual inhale. Grants Kirby a copy ability if the 'O' key is pressed.]
Neutral B 2: Ice Breath [Based off of Ice Kirby in various Kirby games. It is useful for spacing and edge guarding, although Kirby can't Inhale anything.]
Neutral B 3: Force Blast [Based off of Fighter Kirby in various Kirby games. If you hold down the 'O' key for a while, it'll become Mega Force Blast, and if the 'O' key is held down longer, it becomes Giga Force Blast.]

Side B 1: Hammer [Slam your hammer at an opponent once!]
Side B 2: Triple Hammer [Slam your hammer at an opponent three times! Three times the slam means three times the damage!]
Side B 3: Big Hammer Drop [Jump up into the air and unleash a giant hammer at your opponents!]

Up B 1: Final Cutter [Slash your opponent into the sky, then back down to the ground! Useful for recovery!]
Up B 2: Quad Shock [Use your slash next to an opponent to send them upward with a shockwave!]
Up B 3: Sky Kick [Jump into the sky and dive down with your foot extended to attack enemies!]

Down B 1: Stone [Change into anything with this move! It makes you invincible for a while.]
Down B 2: Turbo Stone [A faster version of Stone that makes you change into a heavy thing quicker, but gives you less invincibility time.]
Down B 3: Heavy Smash [A slower version of Stone that turns you into a heavy thing longer, but it's larger and you get more invincibility time.]

:sonic: Sonic is next! :sonic:

Author:  CraftGMC [ Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom Moves

Neutral Special

Fireball (default) - The standard green fireball that he can shoot, which slowly floats forward in a sort of spiral with decent range and low damage

Thunderhand - Charges up a ball of electricity on his hand that greatly stuns opponents and deals much higher damage (with medium-high knockback, probably able to kill at average 100%+), however it can only hit directly in front of Luigi and is much laggier to execute. Based on his abilities in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Poltergust 3000 - No, this won't be another command grab thing, but instead his Poltergust has the elemental medals - Tapping the special input makes him swap between Ice, Fire, or Water, and holding it down will make Luigi use his Poltergust, he can angle it slightly up or down, and its charge gets drained over time with use, which slowly comes back up (does not start recharging until about 5 seconds without being used to prevent infinites)
Ice: show
blows some sort of short-range icy steam, creates fog that lingers around for a moment or two which causes the opponent to be slowed down and have reduced jump height, dealing 1% each 2 seconds while in the icy fog (does not cause flinching unless they're directly hit by the ice steam instead). Does not however reduce their air speed nor affects their recovery moves, can be held down for up to 8 seconds, which also slightly extends for how long the ice clouds linger in the air
Fire: show
A sort of flamethrower - slightly more damage but low range, has a chance to cause lingering damage of 1%/second, dealing up to an additional 10%, can be held down for up to 5 seconds of continuous use
Water: show
basically Mario's F.L.U.D.D. but still short-ranged, also takes up the most charge of all elements - completely draining from full charge in just about 2 seconds, the water is affected by gravity and so it can be used to push opponents away from the ledge while still above them

Due to its very low (or even nonexistent) knockback aswell as medium-low range, it has no KO potential aside from gimping and its only purpose is to build up damage.
Another drawback is that it can not be used mid-air, forcing Luigi to stay on the ground while it's being used (he can still walk though), that also means you can only swap elements if you're standing on the ground

(I'm pretty darn sure it'd be near impossible to actually implement that last one lol, and i think that stuff would be pretty darn overpowered, but hey - it's a fun concept nonetheless)

Author:  2spooky4you [ Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom Moves

Why this topic did not died. I don't want custom moves. I don't know why i made this topic.

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