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Author:  MuzammilRazvi [ Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Universally acceptable improvements! updated for!

Firstly, thanks to all the devs for working so hard to bring us such an awesome and free game! It's a labor of love, and I greatly appreciate the effort, and hope to see it continue to grow! You can tell a lot of time and effort went into polishing it, with no compensation, bravo! :mrgreen:

Here are some suggestions for improvements that should be
universally acceptable
relatively easy to implement.

These changes are NOT for characters, stages, modes, items, engine mechanics, or balancing, but will greatly improve user experience and help the community grow! Hence why I wanted to create a new thread as opposed to the already existing SSF2 Suggestions Thread v2.
If anyone has other suggestions or disagreements, please post below and I'll try to update this first post to help keep things organized for the devs to see what the community as a whole agrees would be beneficial.

FYI: Some relevant things fixed in the current patch Beta v1.1.0.1 and 1.1.0 according to the change log
View relevant change log items: show
Password systems for rooms now work again
Profanity filter no longer false-positives words ending in “a”
Online replays hopefully no longer desync due to differences in online/offline input buffer
Players can no longer join a room if it’s at maximum capacity
“Private” column re-added on the room list

-Online mode allows you to limit the number of users allowed to join your room
-Added a 20 second timeout to room join requests so unresponsive hosts don’t lock your game up forever
-The “unlock” sound effect now plays when player joins a room
-Added location column to room list
-Added “ping” column to room list (use with a grain of salt as this is the ping to the server not to you/your opponents)
-Fixed more bugs with consecutive online mode matches
-“Target Test glitch” fixed; online connection failures will now result in getting stuck in the waiting room where you will get a message explaining that your connection is incompatible with the foe’s
-Online mode will now automatically fall back on a server-based connection if P2P connection fails
-Renamed “Low” latency to “Auto” to describe new behavior better
-Online group menu added

-Fixed a memory leak issue that would slow the game down after playing several matches due to reference information not being flushed fully causing garbage collection to fail
-All file assets that can be used in the match (effects, projectiles, etc) are now loaded and ‘spawned’ on frame 1 of a match to prevent lag spikes later in the match when they are first used if the player has slow storage on their device
-Destroyed objects now are unloaded completely instead of remaining in memory in stand-by with no code running… just in case.
-Moved stages on stage select to roughly resemble the order of characters on the character select
-Fixed stage select and stage switch icons
-Redid stage select preview window to look like a cleaner version of the old one
-Moved the hazards switch to the top-left corner and redid the graphics for it
-Updated the Boxes on the Results screen with missing info that was hidden
-Fixed file size limit on save data

Online improvements
Online is good, but still a few issues which can be made better. Making the online experience as awesome, intuitive, and as fast as possible is the best way to ensure the community continues to grow as opposed to dwindle (especially in the face of Smash Ultimate inevitably drawing crowds away).
A- Online menu improvements: show
1)When creating a room, there should be a checkbox that says “1v1”. Choosing this option will automatically close the room as soon as another player is accepted into the room.
Master Wex
A better idea would be to have a +/- how many player you want where the game remembers what choice you last chose
(edit 8-6-18, already implemented, woot!)

2)Checkbox option to save room name when you are creating a room, or a drop down menu with the last 5 room names you used, as well as saving the room options.

3)More room filter choices in addition to what we have now, full list would look like this:
Battle type: N/A, Time Only, Stock with no time limit, Stock + time limit, Stock with any time setting
Items: N/A, on, off
Hazards: N/A, on, off
Friends only: No, Yes
Max # of Players: 2, 3, 4 (edit 7-8-18)
Password: No, Yes
Special modes: No, Yes
Ping: Low, Med, Any (or alternatively make an option for region location filtering)

...and these filter settings should be SAVED between sessions of the game if you X out.

4)Client-side in-game Friend list, which causes a gold star icon to appear before their room names, or just make their room names come up in a different colored font. You should be able to add friends by either clicking an “Add Friends” button from the lobby and typing in their MGN account, or by adding them from the results screen from a match.

5)When creating a room, the pop-up window should be wide enough so that it matches the length of Room names column visible in the lobby table.

6)Reformat the table in the Lobby with all the rooms listed so that the columns have a better widths:
"Room Name" colum should be wider.
"Private", "Players", and "Latency" columns all should be narrower.

7)When you first click “Create Room” make the cursor automatically default to the Room name field instead of having to first manually click inside that appropriate field before you can type.

8)After typing in your Room name, make it so you can press Start/Enter to go ahead and create the room without a password without having to click “Create Room”. And make it so that you can press Tab to switch from the Room name field to the Password field.

9)After you first login to Online, sort the rooms automatically by newest room on top (instead of oldest room first) if there is no default/saved sorting.

10)After you first login to Online, if you press Start/Enter without moving the cursor, it should automatically open Create Room.

B-Inside room improvements: show
11)To prevent too many people joining the room,option to accept opponent in room and immediately close room.
So options would be “Accept”, “Accept and Start/Lock match” , and “Decline”
Instead of: Accept? “Yes” and “No”
Also the match should start automatically once the host is in the waiting room and the other players have selected their character, instead of having host to press start again in the waiting room. Or if the other people have chosen their characters already first before stage is picked, then when the host picks the stage it should go straight into the match instead of loading the waiting room.

12)In-room text chat, with an option to turn it on and off altogether, or limit it to character selection/waiting room time. If someone has chat disabled, if you try to write a message you’ll get an auto-response saying chat-disabled. This is huge and would greatly grow the community and make the game stand out from the regular Smash games!!

13)When someone joins the room, change the sound to something more classic and LOUDER, so if you have the game running in the background (ie browsing the web while you wait for someone to join) then you’ll know by the "Challenger Approaching" classic alarm from melee/brawl or ding-dang-chhha sound from the original SSB

14)While in the waiting room, and you’re practicing solo, if someone joins sometimes you’ll accidentally decline because you were pressing keys without realizing someone joined. To fix this, make it so that once the “___ wants to join the match” notification message pops up, it stops accepting all inputs for 1 second while you get a chance to read the screen.

15)Press start/enter to bypass “Special Smash” menu without having to click on or move cursor to “Go!” button. (already taken care of!)
Ability to use cursor to press "online free for all" to set team battle, and cursor should work on the Red arrows left and right to set how many players for the survival fest, instead of having to use the mouse to manually click it.

16)If you make a room and no one is joining, make a way so you can exit out without restarting the game. Or the ability to view the lobby while you are idling in Waiting room, to see if someone made a room you'd like to join instead. So if you click Join Room from there, it'll auto-close your own room. (edit 8-6-18)

17)After an online match ends and you exit a room, then start/join a new room, make it so that it defaults to the same character you picked last time along with the previous color you chose for that character, and tag.

18)When someone tries to join your room, it should include their Ping and/or region in the “____ wants to join a match” notification.

C-Crashing: show
When online freezes or disconnects, often restarting the game is the only solution. While the bugs are worked out that cause this to happen in the first place, the following can help, or make restarting less of a time-consuming chore.

19)Restart game from within game
By pressing certain buttons together (such as Ctl+Alt+R), the game should restart to the main menu (not to the very first loading screen/checking for updates/intro movie).
This’ll be helpful if the game freezes due to target test bug or mid-match, or too many players joined the room, or you selected the wrong stage.

20)Send crash/bug report
If the game crashes, or you restart it mid-match, then a dialog box should come up asking “Would you like to submit a crash report? Yes/No” . Default choice would be No (press Enter/start/click to bypass), but if you choose Yes, then another window will pop-up allowing you to write out details and circumstances of the crash, while the game itself will automatically take and submit a screenshot and all the Variables current values, and replay if available. Or if a bug occurs mid-match, but the game hasn't crashed, you can press certain buttons together (like Ctl+Alt+B) to send the report. Also if you get the message “Error, match timed out” then you should have option to send a report as well.
This would be a lot easier and more useful than going to the Forums "SSF2 Beta Bug Report/Troubleshooting Thread" or the
“Help Us Hunt Desyncs!” threads.
Some people may not be interested in sending crash reports though, so an option to disable sending crash reports would be good.

General settings improvements
The following list of suggestions should be relatively simple and fast to implement/code, but would make the overall user experience much greater! Especially for those competitive players who are in game a lot!
D: show
21)Holding down the “start” button at initial loading screen to bypass all the messages and intro video, instead of having to click repeatedly through each thing.

22)Game should remember ALL last menu choices.
For example at the main menu, if the last option you chose was “Online”, then the next time you go to the main menu (even after x-ing out and restarting the game) the “Online” option will be the default, instead of “Group”
Also if you have the online rooms Sorted by “Players”, this should be remembered next time you go to the lobby (so you don't have to sort the lobby every single time you login online). Additionally it should remember your Filter choices for the Online Lobby (edit 7-14-18)

23)Option to Save password for logging in Online, with a warning that says “McLeod Gaming is not responsible for any lost or hacked passwords”.

24)Option to disable special modes in online games altogether. This would then automatically filter out any rooms that have Special Modes option turned on when creating the room. And also when hosting a room, it'll bypass that Online Special Smash or Online Arena selection screen from showing up.

25)Type in your tag in addition to being able to use the old flip-phone style texting. And to save your tags so you don’t have to keep retyping them.

26)Displaying tags at character select, victory results screen, and below your character icon/percent/stocks remaining during a match.

27)If you have Music turned off, the Intro Movie music should be silent as well.

28)At the character select screen, when you hold “B” to go back, there should be an indicator showing how long the button has to be held to go to the previous menu.

29)Move the “Remember Me” checkbox and text (from the Online login menu) lower and further away so that you don’t accidentally click on that when trying to click on the Password field or the “Login!” button.

30)When you first open the Online login menu, make the cursor automatically default to the Username field if the “Remember Me” box is not checked, or to the Password field if it is. Instead of having to first manually click inside that appropriate field before you can type.

31)Option to autosave replays after matches, both offline and online matches.
File name should come up in following format with date, time, player names (MGN account name or tag), & characters:
“MM-DD-YY HHMM P1 tag(character) v P2 tag(character).ssfrec”
This would help tournaments so much!

32)In the Random Stage Switch menu, in addition to “On” and “Off” for each stage, another option should be “Counterpick”. Any stage set to counterpick (via an additional option in the Random Stage Switch Menu) will be available starting the 2nd match on random, and will not come up on the first match if random is selected on the stage select screen.

33)Sometimes its hard to find the stage you are looking for on the Stage selection screen. So an option on Stage selection screen to display only those stages set to ON in the Random Stage Switch menu. And below the row of stages set to “On”, it should display the row of stages set to “Counterpick”. The game should also remember this option if you restart the game.

Training mode improvements
Make it easier to test out combos and follow-ups by implementing the following features. This will also benefit by decreasing people trying to mod the game to access frame data.
E: show
33)Option to Set CPU DI/SDI after being put in hitlag (before launch):
none, up, up-right, right, down-right, down, down-left, left, up-left, random (edited 7-14-18)

34)Option to Set CPU response immediately after its hitstun ends:
none, jump, shield/airdodge, attack, random

35)Option to Set CPU teching:
none, left, right, in-place, jump, random

36)Option to view Hitboxes:
on, off

37)Option to view Hurtboxes:
on, off

38)Additional option in the Speed setting:
Frame-by-Frame (where you have to click an on-screen button to move forward to next frame, or press a dedicated keyboard button)

Author:  Master Wex [ Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! compiled and organi

Great suggestions!

Author:  MuzammilRazvi [ Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! compiled and organi

Thanks Master Wex :)
I added your suggestion to the first post, and I also made some other small adjustments.

With SmashCon 2018 less than a month away, I really hope some devs take a look at this list so that some of the improvements can make it in before the build they show at that event. In order to make SSF2 really stand out there, draw attention, and grow the community, I believe its very important to really emphasize this game's strengths, especially over the console titles. And with less than 4 weeks before "show time" its also important to focus the development team's effort on the areas that would get the most bang for their buck. So no matter how much we'd like to see X, Y, Z characters or stages or features added in, the amount of time it takes to add in this new content with spriting, coding, play-testing, balancing, etc. may not be the best investment for their time. Instead it would be better to focus on quick changes on those areas that are already SSF2's strengths or changes that can make it stand out. This includes online improvements (easily finding competitive lagless matches with built in text-chat, as opposed to For Glory), training mode improvements (making practice and labbing so much simpler), and general menu improvements (so that you can get right to a match as opposed to booting up a console).

I'd really love the community to come together and bring these ideas to the devs attention by showing interest through posting and voting here. Lets show them we can be positive and work together, instead of always bickering and complaining. If any developers are seeing this, it'd be great to hear your feedback as well!! And as always, keep up the great work!!!

Author:  BandanaDeeMain [ Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! compiled and organi

qI have a suggestion: Choosing who you want to fight or a tournament mode.

Author:  MuzammilRazvi [ Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! compiled and organi

I'm not really sure what you mean by that BandanaDeeMain, can you clarify?
Are you referring to online mode or an offline game mode?

Author:  BandanaDeeMain [ Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! compiled and organi

an online mode, because it is practically impossible to set up a one v one tournament online by having more than one person.

Author:  MuzammilRazvi [ Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! compiled and organi

Ah I see, a built-in way to run tournaments online, instead of having to use an outside website like
That sounds like a really cool idea! :)

Since this thread is focusing on suggestions that are universally acceptable, and relatively easy to implement, my questions then would be what exactly would be the best way to implement this into the game, and would it require a lot of coding?

Although it definitely would be a great feature to have, the coding may be complex since you'd likely have to create a new lobby system just for Tournaments. Then how would you create a new tournament, display it to relevant parties before/during/after tourney, have the game track matches and report that back to the tournament organizer, how would you display the rule set, how would cash prizes be handled, etc. Its a bit complicated, and thus it may be hard to get universal acceptance as to best way to implement.

Also don't forget to vote in the poll at the top! Thanks!

Author:  Sonario [ Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! compiled and organi

Maaan, you must have spent a lot of time and effort on this! It IS 100% acceptable! Good suggestions!

Author:  HougetsuLen [ Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! compiled and organi

I want a like button now.
Because I want to like the top post.

Author:  MuzammilRazvi [ Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! compiled and organi

Thanks Sonario and HougestuLen!
Those comments mean a lot :) Hopefully with enough posts and votes in this thread, we can get some of these improvements in the game. Also don't forget if you have any suggestions or comments, let me know, and I'll try to update first post!

Author:  MuzammilRazvi [ Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! updated for

With out now, and SmashCon 2018 only a few days away, I figured I should update the first post with the relevant changes.

Also to improve/add to the discussion here:
What 3 points in the first post do you want the most?

For me it would be:
12)In game messaging
18)Seeing opponents location when they join your room
33)Setting computer DI in training mode

Author:  Bannedana Dee [ Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Universally acceptable improvements! updated for

random things i thought of for like an hour: show
an option to limit the characters you can select
the characters you disable or "ban" can be re-enabled in the menu, but only by the host
you will be able to see which characters are banned before you enter the room via a box labelled "banned characters" and the stock icons of each character banned

be able to see who your opponent is playing as in the lobby smash 4 style
But instead of saying "Ready!" it should say "Waiting..." when they are in the waiting room

three online lobbies
1 for regular plays and free for alls
1 for competitive plays, 1v1s and tournaments
and 1 for parties and joke lobbies and that stuff
the lobbies show up like tabs at the top of the screen
this actually helps a lot for people who aren't looking for serious battles and just wanna have some fun
this may not be easy to implement but it's a nice idea

MuzammilRazvi wrote:
Also to improve/add to the discussion here:
What 3 points in the first post do you want the most?

#12, #36-#37, and #4

I know that's technically 4 but shh

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