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"Expansion Character" Moveset Speculation V2 
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Can Use Fly!
(Pokemon BW,B2W2)
Golurk Moveset: show
Weight- little less than :bowser:
Gravity- :bomberman:
FastFall- :fox:
AirSpeed- :donkeykong:
RunSpeed- :donkeykong:
WalkSpeed- :captainfalcon:
GroundJump- :blackmage:
AirJump- :pacman:
4 mid-air jumps
(when Golurk is in the air, his feet is retracted)
Entrance: Falls from the sky and gets back up.

The Moves:

Jab: Swipe, then Uppercut (very similar to DK's, with less hitstun and less endlag.)

U-Tilt: Throws both arms up, like an Iron Golem from Minecraft.

F-Tilt: Swipes foward with more force.

D-Tilt: Does a stomp. Heel has a meteor hitbox.

Dash: Turns into a ball and rolls for a bit. Not much start-up but plenty of endlag. (Gyro Ball)

F-Smash: Takes Both arms and slams them into the ground. Has 2 equal hits, that do not connect into each other. First hit has sideways knockback, second hit has a meteor hitbox. Lots of startup, not much endlag. If both hits connect on a shield, does about half.
(Hammer Arm)

U-Smash: Plants arms into the ground, and shoots a blast into the sky like R.O.B in the actual games. No start-up, big hitbox, lots of endlag. Safe on shield. (Fire Blast)

D-Smash: Plants arms into the ground, and 2 big stones come up on both sides, like :isaac:'s D-smash.

N-Air: Spins both arms around him. Similar to :donkeykong:

U-Air: Spins both arms upward. Like R.O.B

F-Air: Claps in front of him with an explosive hitbox. Has Startup lag (FirePunch)

B-Air: Turns both arms behind and punches with a lightning effect. (Thunderpunch)

D-Air: his feet shoot out of his center and does a ganondorf spike, with startup and endlag.

Neutral-B: does a very slow flaming punch with slow startup and super armor on hit. Not much endlag, kills early. (Dynamic Punch)

Up-B: Flies upward (Feet retracted and hands retracted), with full control for 5 seconds. Getting hit while doing it puts you into helpless. No damage. (Fly)

Side-B: shoots a laser out of his left arm cannon thing. High endlag, long hitbox, set knockback.

Down-B: Grabs a person next to him, Inflicts him with poison, and lets go. CommandGrab hitbox comes out late. Poison does 20% total.

Grab: Grabs with his big hands

Pummel: Puts them on the ground, stands over them and beats them repediately.

F-throw: Holds them up in one hand, does a point-blank focus blast with the other. Laser extends out like :fox:'s throws.

U-Throw: Tosses them strait up, set knockback. Like :luigi:'s U-throw, but with combo potential.

B-Throw: Turns around and throws them over the shoulder. His Only Killthrow.

D-Throw: Puts them on the ground and stomps them. High knockback, but does not kill until really high percents. Similar to :tails:'s D-throw.

Shield: Holds both arms up in a guard.
Spot doge: turns invisible and then turns visible again.
Roll: Rolls on the ground like :wario:
Neutral Taunt: Holds Both arms out and spins them around him.
Side Taunt: leans foward, and holds out a flower like the Robots from "Castle In the Sky"
Down Taunt: Retracts feet, and hands and falls on the floor, then pops them back out.
Up Taunt: tilts his head to the side, his lights ficker off, and collapses.
Final Smash: Undecided
Victory thing: Walks on-screen, looks at the camera, tilts his head confused.
I kind of want golurk to be a aireal heavy character if that makes sense. Not many combos from this character, like Bowser.
(Side note: All explosions and projectiles are absorbable)

Tue Oct 23, 2018 1:53 pm
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I like your Golurk Moveset
Feels like a Golurk
I'd main anyone who uses laser in their command grabs

Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:32 pm
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Turns the battle tragic!

Magikoopa magic, Make my moveset spastic, Turn this battle tragic: show
Kamek is the general of Bowser's army. He is a strategist who can hold a battle for a long time on his own. He fights with clones, flight on his broom, magical enhancements, playstation-symbol-based spells, and summoning other enemies to fight. Magikoopas first appeared in Super Mario World, but Kamek first appeared in Yoshi's Island.

Kamek's broom floats behind him during the battle
Any attack that involves the broom (except for bair, uair, and dair) has the broom move to Kamek's front
During the broom attacks, Kamek waves his wand to tell the broom how to move

Walk - Kamek walks
Run - Kamek rides the broom

Entrance - ride down on the broom from above, then hop off the broom
Jab - the broom sweeps forward, the broom whacks downwards, Kamek gets on the broom and dashes forward on it
Side Tilt - the broom sweeps up some dust
- Like clean Kirby
Up Tilt - the broom sweeps upwards
Down Tilt - the broom pokes forward with the top of the handle
Dash Attack - Kamek rides his broom like Rosalina's dash attack
Neutral Air - Kamek creates a ring of clones from Mario and Luigi (Partners in Time or Dream Team) around him
- Like :megaman:'s nair, but a bigger and disjointed hitbox
Forward Air - Kamek grabs his broom with both hands and slams it forwards
- Very similar to Cloud's fair
- The broom head spikes
Back Air - the broom spins behind Kamek
- Multihit
- Final hitbox does moderate knockback
Up Air - the broom swings from in front of to behind Kamek above him
Down Air - the broom jabs its head downward
- Spikes at the head
Side Smash - Kamek shoots three pink fireballs forwards
- From Super Mario 3D Land
Up Smash - Kamek creates a three thwomps above him, which all slam down
- Spikes, great power, great knockback, high priority
- Thwomps have to go through that animation of getting angry and shaking before they slam, so its slow
- Not projectiles
Down Smash - Kamek and his clone create a laser between their wands, then they spin the laser around in place
- From Mario and Luigi Paper Jam
Neutral Special - magic block
- Kamek pulls out a block from Super Mario World
- When B is released he shoots it with a transformation spell
- Charge by holding B for a different enemy, similar to :pacman:'s Neutral Special
  1. Goomba - walks forward, dealing low damage and knockback, killable
  2. Galoomba - same as Goomba, but can be picked up and thrown like an item, killable
  3. Yellow Koopa - walks faster, dealing more damage than the Goomba, killable
  4. Spiny - crawls forwards, damages on contact and spikes do a lot of damage, killable
  5. Green Koopa Shell - functions exactly like the item, killable
  6. Bob-Omb - walks forward, can be held and thrown like an item, explodes on contact or after some time, killable
  7. Thwimp - hops forwards, switches direction if it hits a wall or another thwimp, disappears after 12 sec, unkillable
Side Special - shape spell
- Shoots a spell of playstation symbols
- Can angle the direction of the shots
- Slow, but great for stunning and disrupting
Up Special - teleport
- No hitboxes
Down Special - enlarge
- enlarges enemies from Neutral Special
Grab - use wand to lift opponents off of the ground
Pummel - hit the opponent with a Bowser flip flop
- Comes from Paper Mario Sticker Star, in which Kamek would make your only attack a Bowser flip flop whack
Forward Throw - Kamek uses his broom like a golf club to hit the opponent away
Back Throw - Kamek tosses them back like Mewtwo's Back Throw
Up Throw - tosses the opponent upwards with magic, then makes four rings from Mario and Luigi Dream Team close around the opponent
Down Throw - the broom spins around the opponent, then does a final sweep away
- From Mario and Luigi Dream Team
Shield Stance - block
Back Dodge - float back, leaving a clone in his place
- Kinda like :naruto:'s
Spot Dodge - teleport in place
Air Dodge - disappear
Neutral Taunt - wave arms and "yell" angrily
Side Taunt - get on broom, "yell", and get off
Vertical Taunt - summons the green, red, and white clones; and they all raise their wands in unison
- Like :naruto:'s but more "LOZ Four Sword's-y"
Final Smash - magic orb
- From Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, in which Kamek would create a giant orb of magic and send it at the bros
Victory - get on his broom and fly away
Lose - look angry
:kirby: hat - hat
:chibirobo: can pocket - shape spell, all enemies from Neutral Special, pink fireballs
:ness: can absorb - shape spell, pink fireballs

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Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:49 pm
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You can't do more then a few movesets for one seriez.

SSF2 Mains: :bandanadee: :luigi: :chibirobo: :blackmage: :lucario:
SSF2 Secondaries: Waluigi :pacman: :sheik: :sandbag: :rayman:
Ultimate Mains: :luigi: Snake Greninja :sonic: Olimar Vincent
Ultimate Secondaries: Toon Link, R.O.B. Richter, Roy, King K Rool, Lucas

Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:48 pm
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BandanaDeeMain wrote:
You can't do more then a few movesets for one seriez.

A few things:
I apologize for being so Mario focused, but your instructions in the beginning never say a limit on the number of characters per series, just that we shouldn't stick to one
I have over 400 movesets written down in my google drive, the characters I want in Smash/SSF2/etc are already in Smash, already in SSF2, or are already in Smash Crusade
I have other ideas (my next moveset planned to post was a Ganondorf moveset), I just wanted to get the movesets of Fawful, King Boo, Kamek, Geno, and Petey out because those are the characters I'm most proud of (especially Fawful)
I have plenty of movesets for existing characters (I have like 12 for Mario)
Now after Ganondorf's the only moveset I have left on my "top priority list" is Waluigi
Also when you say no joke characters, what if we take them seriously? I have movesets for Weegee, SMG4, Sanic, and Ugandan Knuckles planned that are legit. I take a ThatCheesyBastard and Duck Hunt approach to joke characters; the joke is the character chosen, not the moveset or gameplay. The joke characters I've done are meant to be played legit, they'll just look a bit out of place (I'm trying to say that Smash Crusade Weegee is designed wrong, and I take joke characters like any other character, I even care about the "character" of the character Weegee wouldn't move like Sonic, he would stand straight, sway very little, and have stiff limbs when attacking).
Bottom line: I'll try to do less Mario characters, but I hope you understand why I did so many

Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:00 pm
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it's actually in the rulez. Gonna do another moveset tho. That fawful one was amazing btw.

SSF2 Mains: :bandanadee: :luigi: :chibirobo: :blackmage: :lucario:
SSF2 Secondaries: Waluigi :pacman: :sheik: :sandbag: :rayman:
Ultimate Mains: :luigi: Snake Greninja :sonic: Olimar Vincent
Ultimate Secondaries: Toon Link, R.O.B. Richter, Roy, King K Rool, Lucas

Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:17 pm
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BandanaDeeMain wrote:
it's actually in the rulez. Gonna do another moveset tho. That fawful one was amazing btw.

Thank you :wee:

Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:28 pm
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This is my last Mario Character, I swear!
I just wanted to get this guy out because my Ganondorf moveset was just a combination of the two Ganondorfs from Project Ganondorf, and I wanted to put something here
Last Mario Character, again I'm sorry, just really out of good ideas

Paper Mario
Writes His Story!

Paper Mario Moveset - 3FP: show
Paper Mario is the main hero of the Paper Mario series. He’s appeared in Paper Mario, Thousand Year Door, Super Paper Mario, Sticker Star, Color Splash, and Mario and Luigi Paper Jam. He fights with a hammer, a large supply of stickers or cards, and a large cast of partners and pixls.

Passive - battle party
Paper Mario can switch out his partners with Down Special. Each partner (including no partner) has there own specials and smash attacks.

Entrance - he walks through a door from Flipside, which then "undraws" (or however you'd describe it) itself
Jab - hammer whack
- His main attack with the hammer
Side Tilt - swing hammer from the side
Up Tilt - swings his hammer upwards
- Knocks upwards
Down Tilt - tape peel
- Similar to Villager’s down tilt
- PM will rip some tape off the ground
Dash Attack - dash socks jump
- He jumps up a little
- If it misses, he keeps running
- If it hits, he backflips off the opponent
Neutral Air - hammer spin
- Ice Climber’s nair
Forward Air - hammer pound
- His main attack with the hammer
Back Air - swing hammer from the side
- His side tilt, but backwards
Up Air - he swings his hammer up, which causes him to tip backwards as he does it
- Similar to :pikachu:’s, but tilt’s back
- Near the end it hits downwards
Down Air - ground pound
- After 1.5 second he stops ground pounding
Down Special - partner select
- Similar to :megaman:’s old down special
- Neutral - no partner
- Forward - Parakarry
- Back - Admiral Bobbery
- Up - Lady Bow
- Down - Yoshi Kid
Grab - Thoreau grabs the opponent (not a tether)
Pummel - Mario hammers the opponent
Forward Throw - Mario charges up his ultra hammer, then releases it, knocking the opponent away
- Kill throw
Back Throw - Thoreau tosses the opponent backwards
Up Throw - Mario hits the opponent with a baahammer (from Sticker Star), then he uses Boomer (the pixl) to place a bomb, then he duck and covers while the opponent is blown upwards
Down Throw - Thoreau throws the opponent on the floor forwards, then Mario jumps on them 4 times as they slide forwards (Line Jump)
Shield Stance - emergency block from Mario and Luigi Paper Jam
Back Dodge - spin from the original Paper Mario
Spot Dodge - Slim (the pixl)
Air Dodge - spin from the original Paper Mario
Neutral Taunt - Mario gives the screen a thumbs up
Side Taunt - Mario spins and jumps up while happy (Sticker Star victory for beating a battle in one turn)
Vertical Taunt - Mario shrugs at the screen
Final Smash - fan card
  1. Mario hits the opponent into space with his hammer
  2. The camera then flies up into space where the opponent is
  3. The fan appears, and blows really hard
  4. This deals a lot of damage
  5. The opponent then falls back in front of Paper Mario
Victory - thumbs up the screen, then adjust hat
Lose - Mario claps alone
:kirby: hat - Paper Mario’s hat
:chibirobo: can pocket - enemies, eggs, bomb squad (from Bomb Squad)
:ness: can absorb - none

No Partner:
Side Smash - paint hammer
  • Everytime you use it the color switches
  • The color doesn’t affect anything except that red paint kind of looks like the opponent is lost blood

      Up Smash - hurl hammer
      1. Mario swings his hammer up
      2. If it misses, the it ends here
      3. If it hits, the opponent is stunned until the attack ends
      4. The swing causes the hammer to fly out of Mario’s hand
      5. The hammer then falls down, bigger, and lands on the opponent
      6. This unstuns the opponent and hits them away
      Down Smash - ultra hammer
      Neutral Special - enemy card
      - Charging it causes Mario to cycle through cards, like Pac-Man’s Bonus Fruit
      - Charge Levels:
      1. Goomba - walks forward, dealing damage on contact, low health
      2. Green Koopa - walks forward, dealing more damage than the Goomba, if attacked it goes in its shell where it’s now the shell item
      3. Spiny - walks forward, dealing moderate damage on contact, has high priority
      4. Bob-Omb - walks forward, explodes on contact, explodes when hit
      5. Straw Guy - walks forward, on contact with an opponent it stuns them and drinks their paint, this lasts 5 seconds unless you hit them out of it
Side Special - hammer toss
- Hold Special to charge this move
- Charging it increases the range
Up Special - airplane
- Works like Meta-Knight’s Brawl up special, but no hitboxes

Side Smash - Parakarry dive kicks forwards
Up Smash - Parakarry does a flip kick in front of Mario
Down Smash - Parakarry, in his shell, bounces in a circle around Mario
- Like :sonic:’s old down smash
Neutral Special - shell shot
- Parakarry goes into his shell
- When you release the B button he shoots forwards
- You can angle the shot
Side Special - skydive
- Parakarry does his skydive (dive kick) forwards
- Can be angled
Up Special - air lift
- Parakarry picks up Mario and flies up
- Works exactly like duck hunts

Admiral Bobbery:
Side Smash - body slam
- Bombette’s body slam move from the first Paper Mario
- Charge more for a farther lunge
Up Smash - mega bomb
- He causes three explosions, going up
Down Smash - bob-ombast
- He causes three explosions, one on the front, one on the back, and one in the middle
- This move spikes aerial opponents
Neutral Special - bomb
- Bobbery walks forward and explodes
Neutral Special - bomb squad
- Toss a remote bomb forwards
- Works like :megaman:’s crash bomb
Up Special - mega bomb
- Admiral Bobbery explodes, launching Mario and anyone next to him upwards
- Puts you into the same state as :sonic:’s up special

Lady Bows:
Side Smash - fan smack
- Multihit with a strong final smack
Up Smash - boo dash
- This is the dash from Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon that boos do to attack you
- Can be angled
Down Smash - boo buddy ring
- She creates a ring of boo buddies around her that rotate quickly
- Multihit
Neutral Special - outta sight
- She makes Mario immune to all attacks
- She can be hit away after taking 30%
- After she’s hit away, Mario becomes tangible
Side Special - spook
- Chargeable
- Stuns, more charge causes more stun
Up Special - teleport
- She and Mario teleport

Yoshi Kid:
Side Smash - headbutt
- :yoshi:’s side smash
Up Smash - arcing headbutt
- :yoshi:’s up smash
Down Smash - head whack on either side
- :yoshi:’s down smash, but with Yoshi Kid’s head
Neutral Special - gulp
- Command grab
- After the opponent is gulped, you can walk around and spit out the opponent
Side Special - mini-egg
- Hold B to charge for more eggs
- Release B to throw all the eggs
- Can be angled
Up Special - flutter jump
- Mario rides on Yoshi Kid’s back as he flutter jumps
- Press Down B during the flutter jump to ground pound

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Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:19 pm
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okay, so this might be a stretch, but this is the moveset of the main character from my future game series. name's still being decided tho

Conor heats up!

moveset and aesthetics: show
idle animation: holds sword calmly in a stance similar to SSB4 roy's, occasionally stretches with his sword in hand
taunt 1: beckons forward with his sword, yelling "come on!"
taunt 2: crouches, then gets up and raises his sword (basically young link's new taunt from ultimate)
taunt 3: sheathes sword, and lights a flame in his hand
(side note, every sword attack has a flame effect)
jab: two punches, a rapid kick, and a sliding kick finisher
side tilt: just a normal kick
down tilt: foot jab
up tilt: basically marth uptilt but only to about halfway
dash attack: spins his sword in front of him
side smash: overhead strike
up smash: basically ultimate toon link's side smash with a higher arc
down smash: leg sweep on both sides
n-air: a kick on both sides
f-air: forward slash
b-air: back kick
u-air: a corkscrew sword attack that used to be his up special. also, it sends him up a bit, about the height of a airdodge
d-air: STOMP
grab: single hand grab
pummel: punches with the other hand
f-throw: spins and throws
b-throw: lashes out with the grapple rope and slams behind him
d-throw: throws you downward. duh.
u-throw: kicks you upward
n-special: razor boomerang: lashes out with a high damaging razor boomerang that comes back, dealing less damage. if it's hit with a significant amount of damage, it lands on the ground and can be picked up as an item.
s-special: ember: a stronger, slower and more controllable version of zelda's side special. it can also be stopped in place in midair.
d-special: flaming counter: a counter, but if you quickly tap a direction, you can do a different attack rather than the normal.
u-special: backslash: a combination of ike's uncharged side special and roy's up special. dashes forward quickly with a rapid hitting sword slash and a jump upward with, again, rapid hits. extremely useful for horizontal and vertical recovery.
final smash: crystal prison: calls on two of his team members, traps the opponent in a crystal, and slashes them to death.

MGN Name: luigiiscool (yes i know it's stupid but i can't change it)
Mains: :luigi: :ichigo: :pit:
Secondaries: :mario: :sheik: :marth: :peach: :sonic:

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Sat Oct 27, 2018 3:46 am
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Plz put it in a box.

SSF2 Mains: :bandanadee: :luigi: :chibirobo: :blackmage: :lucario:
SSF2 Secondaries: Waluigi :pacman: :sheik: :sandbag: :rayman:
Ultimate Mains: :luigi: Snake Greninja :sonic: Olimar Vincent
Ultimate Secondaries: Toon Link, R.O.B. Richter, Roy, King K Rool, Lucas

Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:15 am
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BandanaDeeMain wrote:
Plz put it in a box.

i tried and it didn't work i'm sorry :cry:
i'll try again

MGN Name: luigiiscool (yes i know it's stupid but i can't change it)
Mains: :luigi: :ichigo: :pit:
Secondaries: :mario: :sheik: :marth: :peach: :sonic:

Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:46 am
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Metal Sonic
Makes You Kneel Before Your Master!

Hyper Metal Moveset: show
Metal Sonic is a villain from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He's appeared in Sonic CD and in almost every Sonic game after Sonic Adventure 1.

Entrance - Metal Sonic, who is lying on the ground shut down, turns on and gets up
Jab - Metal slashes with his right hand, then with his left, then he kicks
- The kick is exactly like the kick in :sonic:'s jab
S Tilt - Metal kicks like :mario:
U Tilt - Metal does a high kick upwards
D Tilt - Metal does a horizontal slash at the ground
Dash Attack - Somersault, like :sonic:'s dash attack
N Air - Metal uses bat guard, in which he causes a ring of bats to fly around him
- Functions exactly like :megaman:'s nair
F Air - Metal slashes forwards
- Great kill move
B Air - Metal causes a blast out of his back
- Great kill move
- Bumps you forwards
U Air - Metal slashes above him
D Air - Metal kicks downwards
- Not a dive kick
S Smash - Metal uses the homing attack
- Charging this move makes it faster and have farther reach
U Smash - he performs :sonic:'s up smash
D Smash - Metal punches the floor, causing an explosion
- Called the explosive slam, which he stole from Knuckles
N Special - energy shot
- Metal shoots an energy orb out of his chest
- This can be angled a bit up or down
S Special - v maximum overdrive
- Metal will boost forwards while covered in a damaging aura
- Can move up or down a bit during this
- If done it puts you into free fall when done
U Special - boost
- :krystal:'s up special, but goes way farther up and can be angled to go in any direction
- :fox:'s up special, but with the speed of :krystal:'s, and no hitbox
D Special - black shield
- A reflector with a frame one hitbox
- Stalls you in the air like :fox:'s shine
- Hits opponents away
Grab - Metal grabs the opponent with one hand
Pummel - he knees the opponent
F Throw - he uses kinesis (he stole it from Silver) to toss the opponent forwards
B Throw - he uses kinesis to toss the opponent back
U Throw - he throws the opponent upwards, causing them to land on his back, where he blasts then with his booster
D Throw - he performs :sonic:'s down throw
Shield Stance - he blocks his face
Back Dodge - he rolls back
Spot Dodge - IDK
Air Dodge - IDK
N Taunt - he wags his finger, hold the taunt button to keep wagging
S Taunt - he covers himself in his V Maximum Overdrive energy aura, floats up, then short circuits and falls back down, stopping the energy aura
V Taunt - he briefly turns into Neo Metal Sonic and says "Kneel before your master"
Final Smash - Metal Overlord
  • Metal turns into Metal Overlord and goes in the background
  • You control a targeting reticle
  • Press Special to shoot diamonds at the reticle
  • Press Attack to shoot a missile
  • Press Shield to slash at the stage with your tail
Victory - he floats via his booster and says "Kneel before your master"
Lose - clap
:kirby: hat - Metal's spines
:chibirobo: can pocket - energy shot (n special)
:ness: can absorb - energy shot (n special)

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Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:13 pm
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Crafts His Victory!

Moveset x1 was given to player Steve: show
Steve from Minecraft.
Minecraft is on every console, including WiiU and Switch, and its on PC and mobile.

Entrance - Steve spawns in and waves
Idol Stance - Steve slowly bobs up and down
Idol Animation - Steve takes out the crafting recipe book and looks through it
Crouch - the sneak stance
:kirby:'s hat - Steve's square hair
:chibirobo: can pocket - arrows, trident
:ness: can absorb - none

Jab 1 - punch with one arm
Jab 2 - punch with the other arm
S Tilt - Steve does a horizontal slash with his sword
U Tilt - Steve swings his hoe in an arc above him
D Tilt - Steve digs into the ground with his shovel
Dash Attack - Steve does a chop with his sword
Nair - Steve spins in place with a sword in each hand
Fair - Steve punches forwards
Bair - Steve does a chop with his sword
Uair - Steve swings his pic axe in an arc above him
Dair - Steve does a chop down with his axe
- This move spikes

Grab - Steve grabs the opponent
Pummel - Steve punches the opponent
Forward Throw - Steve slashes horizontally with his trident
Back Throw - a wolf appears behind the opponent and jumps at them knocking them back
Up Throw - Steve shoots the opponent with an arrow of levitating, causing them to rise up a bunch, where he then throws a bucket of milk at them, causing them to fall back down to the ground, taking fall damage
Down Throw - Steve drops an anvil on the opponent

Side Smash - bow
Similar to :peach:'s side smash in Smash 4, the arrow changes each time you use the move. The first time it's an arrow of power (extra damage), the second time it's an arrow with the unbreaking enchantment (the hit isn't special, but the arrow can't be broken with other attacks), and the third time it's an arrow with the punch enchantment (has extra knockback). Like in Minecraft the arrow will go farther the longer you charge it.

Up Smash - piston
A piston pushes up from beneath Steve's feet. The piston pushes a block of sand under Steve and Steve into the air. Steve himself can be hit, leaving him in the air, but he, the piston upon extension, and the sand block all have hitboxes.

Down Smash - TNT
Steve will place down 1-3 TNT, light them with flint and steel, then duck and cover as the TNT explode. The amont of TNT depends on how long you charge the move. Great kill move, but has a lot of start lag.

Neutral Special - Enchant
Steve places down an enchantment table where a menu opens up. You can cycle through the menu using the up and down arrows. Press attack to select the enchantment and special to cancel. The enchantments last for 30 seconds. You can choose from the following:
Fire Aspect
  • Every normal and your side special sets your opponent on fire when they hit
  • Every normal and your side special deals more knockback
  • Every normal and your side special deals more damage
  • Every normal has a sweet spot now; when you hit the opponent with the sweet spot a lightning bolt strikes them, stunning them and dealing extra damage and knockback
  • Your trident causes a lightning bolt to strike the opponent every time it hits them
  • Your side special becomes a dashing lunge with the trident that ignores gravity and can be angled a little up or down
  • This enchantment can be active while another enchantment is being used
  • This enchantment doesn't have a time limit
  • The trident now returns to you after being thrown
  • This enchantment can be active while another enchantment is being used
  • This enchantment doesn't have a time limit

Side Special - Trident
Steve takes out his trident and throws it. You can angled the trajectory a bit up or down. Charging the move will cause you to throw the trident farther.

Up Special - Ender Pearl
Steve throws an ender pearl, then teleports to it. This attack has no hitbox and is the fastest teleport in the game.

Down Special - Iron Golem
This is a three step move, similar to Villager's Timber
  1. Steve will place down two iron blocks in a stack
  2. Steve will place down two iron blocks, one on each side on the upper iron block
  3. Steve will place down a pumpkin on the highest iron block
This forms an Iron Golem. The iron Golem will attack the closest enemy to the player, swinging his arms up to knock them upwards. His AI gets smarter as Steve takes damage. The Iron Golem has super armor and will die after taking 50%. He can be pushed with wind boxes. He will only walk off legs if there's another platform to fall onto. He will not attack with AI while you use your down special...

Down Special with the Iron Golem out - Command Block
Despite the name, this is just a series of special moves for the Iron Golem. Steve and the Iron Golem will each go into a stance, where you can input a special move to make the Iron Golem attack in a certain way. Your inputs are:
  • A - Cancel stance
  • Neutral B - the Iron Golem will pull a dirt block out of the ground and throw it
  • Side B - the Iron Golem will do a sliding punch forwards
  • Up B - the Iron Golem swings his arms upwards, hitting whoever's in front of him upwards
  • Down B - the Iron Golem will try to grab whoever's in front of him; he succeeds he will then throw the opponent towards Steve; Steve can act as as soon as the Iron Golem attempts the grab
You regain control of Steve as soon as any of these attacks are done.

Final Smash - Wither
Steve builds a Wither, which will fly around the stage shooting exploding wither skulls at players.

Shield Stance - Steve blocks with his shield
Back Dodge - Steve jumps back
Spot Dodge - IDK
Air Dodge - IDK

Neutral Taunt - Steve puts on a pumpkin, poses, and puts it away
Side Taunt - Steve holds up a diamond, then puts it away
- If the Iron Golem is out and not attacking he will pull out a rose, look at it, and put it away
Down Taunt - Steve slashes with a gold sword, which immediately breaks
Victory - Steve flips a lever, causing a dispenser to shoot off some fireworks.
Lose - The message: "Steve: Clap" (it's supposed to be the chat) appears in front of Steve

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Bandanna Dee
Waddles in!

Dream Friend Move Set: show
This is an edit to Bandanna Dee's moveset to make it more source accurate, because I almost lost trust in the SSF2 dev team when I found out that Bandanna Dee uses the beam ability in place of the parasol and spear abilities Sorry but I'm still annoyed by this, actually I have this problem with most characters. If you want me to let it go, then I want someone to explain why Yoshi uses tail attacks when his tail has always been extremely short (Fox and Bowser have longer tails!). Just like now, when he uses a parasol move, his spear turns into a parasol. Also his spear should be sized like it is in the Kirby games, the size it is during his current Dash Attack, longer than Kirby's sword in the Kirby games.
Games - Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby Return to Dreamland, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Kirby Planet Robobot, Kirby Star Allies, That 3D Kirby fighter

Entrance - IDK

Number of aerial jumps - 3

Passive 1 - parasol
Hold jump to pull out your parasol and gently float down like :gameandwatch:'s parachute in his up special.

Passive 2 - tipper
Every spear move (unless stated otherwise) deals more damage and knockback with the spear head.

Jab - Spear Thrust, Spear Thrust, Rapid Spear Thrusts
Bandanna Dee will thrust his spear forward, thrust it again but angled slightly more upwards, then precede to dish out rapid pokes with his spear. The rapid thrusts do not have the tipper mechanic.

S Tilt - Back Thrust
This is the official name of the move in the Kirby series. It's also his current Side Tilt. Bandanna Dee spins his spear once, then thrusts forwards.

U Tilt - Sky Thrust
Bandanna Dee thrust his spear upwards.

D Tilt - Slide
The slide every playable Kirby character can do in the most recent Kirby games. His current Down Tilt, but he's flatter.

Dash Attack - Face Plant
This is a move that Waddle Dee's have been doing for a while (The first game with it I remember is Kirby's Epic Yarn). It's King Dedede's Dash Attack, but faster. You can cancel out of the end of this attack with a jump or an attack.

Nair - Spear Spin
His current Neutral Air. It's perfect and exactly how it should be, a multihit move. The sweet spots have lower priority than the sour spot(s).

Fair - Spear Thrust
Bandanna Dee thrusts his spear forwards, knocking them up and away a little. This has a similar use that :chibirobo:'s Forward Air hasI use it for racking up damage, carrying my opponent off stage, and juggling. The sweet spot does not do that much more knockback.

Bair - Back Thrust
Bandanna Dee spins his spear in front of him once, then stabs in behind him. The tip of the spear has a very strong sweet spot that is great for killing.

Uair - Sky Thrust
His current Up Air, but without the back flip at the end.

Dair - Moon Drop Thrust
His current Down Air. No tipper mechanic.

Grab and Throws
Grab - his current grab
Pummel - spear poke
Forward Throw - Back Thrust
Bandanna Dee spins his spear, then thrusts it forward, knocking the opponent away.

Back Throw - Spinning Rope Toss
Bandanna Dee spins the opponent around himself while they are tied to the rope that you see Waddle Dees in the more recent quadrilogy swing back and forth on. After a few spins he lets them go. This is similar to :mario:'s Back Throw; as it is a great kill throw, has a hitbox that can hit nearby enemies, and involves spinning the opponents around.

Up Throw - Circus Throw
The move from the Kirby games, also his current Up Throw.

Down Throw - Earth Shatter
His current Down Throw

Smash Attacks
Side Smash - Parasol Whack
His current Side Smash, but without the electric effects. Bandanna Dee will whack his parasol forwards.
Fun Fact: In the Kirby series this move, his basic attack with the parasol, is called "Parasol Slash". Who knows why.

Up Smash - Chumbrella
Bandanna Dee uses the move Chumbrella. Bandana Dee opens his parasol, where it increases up to two to three times its normal size. This move knocks everyone it hits upwards.

Down Smash - Parasol Twirl
While charging, Bandanna Dee leans back a bit and holds his closed parasol above his head. When you release the smash attack Bandanna Dee will jump up a little, like in the Ice Climbers' Forward Smash, and drill his open parasol downwards.

Neutral Special - Spear Toss
Bandanna Dee tosses his spear forwards. This move can be angled similar to :yoshi:'s egg toss. Hold B to charge this move.
Charging the move allows you to throw up to three spears, and also increases the speed and power of the spears. You can move and jump once while charging, similar to :kirby:'s hammer flip in Smash 4 and Ultimate. In the air the spear toss has less end lag when uncharged, allowing it to be somewhat spammed. This move land cancels when uncharged. The spears do not pin down the opponent. The spears are fast. There is no limit to how many spears can be on screen.

Side Special - Parasol Dash
Bandanna Dee slides forwards while he holds out his parasol in front of him, while the parasol spins like a drill. The slide consists of an initial boost forwards, then a quick slow down. Hold B to hold the parasol in front of you after you stop, where the parasol will act like a reflector, and keep a weak hitbox. This leaves the rest of Bandanna Dee open to attacks.

Up Special - Waddlecopter
Bandanna Dee spins his spear like a helicopter propeller, allowing him to fly. This move lasts a while, and the spear has a hitbox while spinning, but this move has a good amount of startup.

Down Special - Ground Thrust
Bandanna Dee rushes forwards with his spear dragging on the ground behind him. After sliding for one second he will will stop as he slashes his spear up left in front of him. Release special to do the slash early.

Down Special Air - Parasol Dive
His current Down Special in the air, but no beams effects and a faster start up.

Final Smash - Waddle Dee Army
Dedede's Brawl Final Smash, and I will officially give up trust in you if Bandanna Dee doesn't dance (It doesn't have to be the Big Gay Dance, or even a dance, but have him do something funny/cute/memeable)

Ledge Attack - low to the ground spear poke
Ledge Attack above 100% - this move:
Bandanna Dee does a parasol whack upwards, stunning the opponent. The parasol whack splashes some water into the air (From Star Allies). Bandanna Dee then stabs his spear into the water while climbing onto the stage. This gives his spear the water element. Bandanna Dee then spins his spear once, then stabs the opponent (the move Back Thrust). This is all done kind of fast.
Get Up Attack - sweep your spear on the floor around you (his current Down Smash)

Neutral Taunt - his current taunt It's Cute
Side Taunt - he jumps up scared and freaked out; he has the face he does in the text boxes of Kirby Super Star Ultra's Revenge of the King whenever he gets scared
Vertical Taunt - Bandanna Dee raises his spear up like in Star Allies

Victory - his victory dance from Return to Dreamland
Lose - he claps

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Metamoveset Returns: show
Meta-Knight is a returning villain in the Kirby series. He is a sword fighter who commands a large army (Fun Fact: they're called the Meta Knights) and owns a gigantic battle ship. He is already in SSF2, this is just how I would do his moveset.
Appearances: Kirby's adventure, Kirby Super Star, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Entrance - Challenge to a Fair Fight
This is how he starts every battle. Meta-Knight is already standing with his sword put away and his back to the screen, letting his cape flow a bit. He will then turn around, draw his sword, and point it forwards as if to challenge the opponent to a fight.

All his properties can stay the same as they are now
:kirby: Hat - Meta-Knight's mask
:chibirobo: Can Pocket - fire blast, mach tornado column
:ness: Can Absorb - fire blast, mach tornado column, shock wave

Jab - Horizontal Slash, Upwards Sweeping Slash, Five Rapid Stabs
(The directions are done with him facing right) First Meta-Knight will horizontally slash to the right; Second he will slash upwards to the left while doing a short back flip; Third he will do five quick stabs forwards
This is not a rapid jab, it's a three hit jab with the third hit being a multi hit
This attack comes from Sword Kirby's jabs and rapid jab from Super Star and Super Star Ultra, which we see Meta-Knight using in Super Star Ultra in Metaknightmare Returns.

Side Tilt - Retro Slash
Meta-Knight will swing his sword. Looks like Sword Kirby's grounded attack in Kirby's Adventure.

Up Tilt - Skyward Stab
Meta-Knight stabs upwards. Not his current up tilt

Down Tilt - Sword Slide Stab
Meta-Knight will slide forwards a bit with his sword out in front of him, stabbing forwards with the force coming from the short slide

Dash Attack - Drill Stab
Despite the name, this is not his current side special as a dash attack. This is actually the name of the sword ability's dash attack. Meta-Knight will slide forwards with a lunging stab.

Neutral Air - Sword Somersault
Meta-Knight will do a somersault while holding out his sword. Like his current neutral air, but with his sword held straight out to the hitbox is much bigger.

Forward Air - Cut N Thrust
This is a move that the sword ability and Meta-Knight can do. It is a quick forwards chop with a sword.

Back Air - Horizontal Slash
Meta-Knight turns around and slashes horizontally.

Up Air - Skyward Stab
Same as up tilt, but in the air. Similar to :bandanadee:'s up air, but entire sword has a hitbox.

Down Air - Drop Stab
The move Meta-Knight has been doing since Kirby's Adventure. Meta-Knight will stab downwards while dropping down. Works like Toon Link's down air

Side Smash - Fire Blast
Meta-Knight will stab his sword forwards, sending a fire blast forwards from his sword. The fire blast is a multi hit the drags opponents with it, and explodes at the end of its travel.
I forget what Kirby game this is from, I think it's on the GBA but I'm not sure, but I do know Meta-Knight has done this before.

Up Smash - Star Shower
Meta-Knight will float up a bit, then he will spread his wings. Stars will appear in front of his wings and shoot downwards. The stars; much like :isaac:'s psynergy hand during his jab, dash attack, grab, and up air; are not considered projectiles and can't be pocketed/reflected/absorbed.
The move sends out four stars; one on his right, then one on his left, then one on his right, then one on his left. The last two stars do much more knockback than the first two.
This move comes from the chase segment of Kirby Super Star's Revenge of Metaknight, in which Meta-Knight fly around and do two attacks. He will either do a gliding dive across the screen, or he will cause stars to fall from around his wings. This is the star attack.
This may not seem like an up smash, but if :sheik:'s up smash is an up smash, then so is this.

Down Smash - Hero's Spin
Meta-Knight will spin around with his sword out. It's :link:'s grounded up special.
(Fun Fact - In a few of the more recent main Kirby games, you can do this upwards, causing you to rise. If done upwards as Meta-Knight, it's called Mach Tornado. Lazy, I know.)

Neutral Special - Mach Tornado
Same as his current neutral special, but the tornado graphic should be more similar to the original games; a taller, conical tornado. Also he doesn't use his sword to do this.

Side Special - Sword Dive
This is the other attack from the chase sequence of Revenge of Metaknight. Meta-Knight will jump up a little, then he will begin to glide forwards with his sword out in front of him. The front of Meta-Knight has a hitbox. This is similar to that Knuckles mod's side special in the air, but with a jump at the beginning, and no climbing.

Up Special - Free Flight
Meta-Knight will fly upwards. Meta-Knight will flap his wings to do this. His wings have hitboxes. You have free horizontal control while flying.

Down Special - Shock Wave
This only works on the ground. Meta-Knight will stab his sword into the ground, sending a shock wave forwards. This move can be charged for a bigger shock wave. When fully charged, it is automatically released. This move's charge cannot be stored. When fully charged the move becomes Mach Tornado Pillar. Meta-Knight will stab his sword into the ground, sending a column of rotating energy. This column is as tall as and moves slightly slower than :blackmage:'s fully charged side smash. The column will launch the opponent upwards and deals a lot of knock back. Kills early. The column won't disappear until it hits a wall or the stage boundaries.

Grab Animation - Grab
Just a standard one-handed grabbing animation.

Pummel - Kick
Meta-Knight will punt kick the opponent.

Forward Throw - Forwards Flip Kick
His current forward throw.

Back Throw - Drop Kick
Meta-Knight will drop kick the opponent back.

Up Throw - Lift and Slam
Meta-Knight will grab the opponent, fly up a bit, and slam the opponent on the ground.

Down Throw - Sword Slam
Meta-Knight will jump and slam the side of his sword on the opponent.

Shield Stance - Guard
The guard stance that all playable Kirby characters can do.

Dodge Roll - Dodge
This is the dodging animation from Return to Dreamland, Triple Deluxe, Planet Robobot, and Star Allies. You can dodge back, forwards, in place, and in the air in those games. It's a spin.

Spot Dodge - Dodge
The dodging animation mentioned above.

Air Dodge - Dodge
The dodging animation mentioned twice before.

Neutral Taunt - Prebattle Pose
Meta-Knight will put away his sword and stand with his back to the screen, a little bit of wind flowing through his cape. You can hold taunt to continue to stand there, similar to :tails:'s vertical taunt.

Side Taunt - Challenge
Meta-Knight will point his sword forwards, beckoning the opponent to come forth and fight.
If you want, maybe you could make him say "Fight me"

Vertical Taunt - Read
Meta-Knight will put away his sword, sit down, and take out a book and read. Hold taunt to continue to read, similar to :tails:'s vertical taunt.
This comes from the opening cut scene for Return to Dreamland.

Victory - IDK
I don't know, just don't do his current victory.

Lose - Clap

Final Smash
Final Smash - Metaknightmare Mach Tornado
This is the screen wiping move in Kirby Super Star Ultra's Metaknightmare Returns.
Meta-Knight will spin in place as a mach tornado, then he will send two giant mach tornado columns, one on either side, away from himself. These are do massive damage and knockback.

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