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This is for my personal tier kist.

SSF2 Mains: :bandanadee: :luigi: :chibirobo:
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Sat Nov 24, 2018 12:20 am

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Goku is my favorite character not only in this game but in the anime too and he's so good but in comparison to all the other characters I know for a fact that any other character can beat him if your opponent is equally matched in skill, I am very skilled with goku and coming from a true goku player I can tell you. I will now list every flaw, nerf and what not that causes him to be reduced as the character he ought to be.

1. The Ka me ha me ha is basically useless if your opponent isn't trying to get back onto the map and due to the fact that you can't change direction your left wide open or your opponent just waits till you get tired of charging it.

2. His teleportation became useless after the update, goku's advantage relies on his ability to be doing combo's in the air and unlike black mage that has the ability to teleport far away from the opponent goku can only go a small distance and is left wide open cause all your opponent needs to do is rush in the direction you appear and hit you.

3. Kaioken... :hmph: I always wondered why it's even in the game when legit you don't even wanna use it cause your just looking forward to death when your opponent returns or as soon as you enter into it, the boost is good but the hp goes up way too fast :pikachu: only god knows why it's activated by touching your opponent it should be chargeable like naruto's rasenshuriken making it somewhat more fair and why not make his defense increase in kaioken too 1 hit and your out even if normally you wouldn't die it's like saying here's a bone doggy and throw it over a cliff.

4. :cry: the damage balance is tipped out of Goku's favor I know a bunch of characters that can rack up damage and kill you when your life is as low as 50 and getting eg Falcon punch 1 hit ko, that thing link does when he uses his sword as a pogo stick, kirby's hammer, luffy's grab and people complain about a ki blast that does 1 damage I wonder what mario's fire ball has to say about that, even a noob could spam Fox's gun or Falco and kill you from a distance.

5. Goku's uppercut :jigglypuff: ah the good ole days I don't know why but I have a rival that uses ichigo that I go head to head with from time to time and I gotta say you wouldn't even wanna compare cause that hit box of ichigo's makes a full 180 and goku's uppercut is like worse than all other uppercut type moves even link isn't that bad.

6.Black mages down grab causes poison but goku's down grab doesn't stun :pacman: ............ I say no more on that grab's behalf I rest my case.

8. why does goku only do two punches for his regular punches and everybody else gives atleast three hits.

9.The X-Ray chargeable down attack that puts out a ki blast on both sides is cool and all but it's like an air wave kinda like a sphere, a miniature explosive wave to put it in other words.

10. Lastly, Goku's teleport kick needs to be able to kill the opponent cause everyone else has an attack that when it hits you know it's game over but goku doesn't have such a move and as a result we who play goku have a hard time getting people out of bounds if if the forward + attack always sends people down instead of up then there's no reason for such an attack.

Hopefully there will be adjustments Player Name ELECTRICA849

Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:23 am
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