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Pac-maze Tier List 
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The rules I made for this are that you start on the left ledge, and jump around the center platform to get as far around it as possible. I numbered each of the platforms in the image below. If you make a full turn around the platform you simply add 7 to each of the platform numbers. (like if you go all the way around the center platform and land on zero, your score is 7). The only restrictions are you can't touch the ground, and you can't drop through platforms
Here is the updated tier list thanks to CraftGMC:
I suggest you try these out for yourself, as some of them have very specific nuances to them and are very fun



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Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:51 pm
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Is it allowed if you still reach the other side (or loop) but skip under the top platforms? (while still going above the center one, of course)
:ness: Ness is at least Tier-5 if he's allowed to skip platforms by going under them (maybe if you perfectly angle his PK Thunder he could squeeze between the middle platform and the lower right one and get Tier-6, idk)
:metaknight: Meta Knight can get in Tier-12 if he is allowed to skip the top platforms
• Pichu when in Discharge can use his infinite thunder to gain altitude and reach Tier-7
:pikachu: With some very careful positioning, and if allowed to skip under the top platforms, Pikachu can get to Tier-6
:luigi: If allowed to skip under the top platforms, Luigi is at least Tier-6, if he gets a Misfire he ends up at Tier-7
:mario: If allowed to skip under the top platforms, Mario is at best Tier-6
:peach: If self-bombing is allowed, Peach can jump to Tier-13 if she pulls out a Bob-Omb (though i have no idea how you got her to Tier 7)
:link: If self-bombing is allowed, Link can get to Tier 6 (and if grabbing the ledge on the other side still counts as landing on the bottom platform too.. since i had a bit of trouble actually getting to the middle section)
:blackmage: With possibly pixel-perfect positioning, and if he's allowed to skip under the top platforms, Black Mage can jump to Tier-5

GIFs were decreased in size so it won't take up as much space just to show something that isn't needed to be seen in detail
lots and lots of GIFs: show
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

I'll just take a break at this point now

edit: okay turns out i had nothing better to do while i wait for the sunrise so here's more:

:bowser: Bowser can get to Tier-4 if allowed to skip under the other platforms
:marth: Marth can get to Tier-3 by just doing an UpB without holding other directional inputs after his normal jumps (holding left or right will make his UpB angle towards said direction)
:jigglypuff: With a lot of upwards SideB's, and if allowed to skip the top platforms, Jigglypuff can juuust about squeeze into Tier-14
extra extra: show
Image Image Image

Edit 2 and 3 and so on:
:sandbag: Managed to get Sandbag in Tier 20
:ness: Like i previously thought - with better positioning and angling, he can just about squeeze to Tier 6
:fox: Fox easily gets to tier 6 lol
:link: With some more self-bombing and more extreme damage percentages, Link can get to Tier 10 and theoretically Tier 13 if the knockback angles are in your favor (which rarely ever happened for me, mostly he got thrown vertically instead of going left or right), since his speed is enough to grab the ledge while also dodging the bottom right platform
:luffy: UpB while jumping increases his jump height, allowing his DownB to be used without using his air jump (and therefore keeping it for later) allowing him to get in Tier-7 (took a few tries on not letting him touch the ground though, at least you can tell whether or not he touches the floor mid-DownB by checking if the height gain was refreshed)
:pacman: IF preparing his trampoline beforehand does not count as touching the ground, Pacman can get to Tier-7
stuff: show
Image Image Image Image Image Image

RNG Gang:
non-RNG Mains:

Image                   Image


Bonus secondaries: :krystal: [Ryu]
I like me some mid/low tiers more than the high tiers, they're more fun and you don't really see them nearly as often.

Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:29 am
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