Is there a way to play without lag Online ?
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Author:  Shady75 [ Thu May 24, 2018 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Is there a way to play without lag Online ?

Okay so first this is not a complain topic, this is not meant to point an issue either. As some of you might know I've been playing SSF2 and participated in the community for a while, and have enjoyed this game a lot.
However, I pretty much stopped being active and now only play from times to times. Why is that ? Mainly because of the issues I've been having when trying to play online mode.
When I first started playing SSF2 there was no online mode, everyone was just grinding vs CPUs and that's pretty much all the game had to offer and I still spent countless hours playing vs lvl9 CPUs, doing lots of videos and stuff.
When Online mode was announced I was like everyone pretty hyped, but for me it ended up being more of a bad thing than a good thing. Why ?
Because fighting CPUs in an online game was not relevant anymore. So I tried to play online but have had horrible experiences with it and basically decided to stick to CPUs for the whole 0.9b era.
When the beta came out I was insanely hyped because I really loved Falco Melee, I really loved Golden Sun, I wanted to try everything. But the online was still unplayable for me. So once again I had to stick to CPUs but of course I stopped making content about fighting CPUs.
And with time I got bored of playing CPUs and being frustrated whenever I tried to play online.

So I ask now because I really want to play this game online. Also I recently decided to go back to making videos for my channel but on other games this time. I would really like to grind SSF2 online mode, train, play with other good players and all.

But even now I can't seem to find a game that is playable.
The absolute best I can find is this : ... like 20 minutes ago.
This is like an exceptionnaly stable game for me compared to what I usually experience. Even if I could always find games like this one I don't want to play in these conditions.

So I ask. I'm from France, maybe this is the reason why I struggle to find lagless matches, but even when I try to join or create EU lobbies there is lag.
And the thing is, here are my speedtest results : Image

So I don't really see what would be possible to improve my online experience.
Which is why I posted this topic. Do you guys manage to play in better conditions or do you just deal with it and play like this ? Why do I experience so much lag when my connection is top-notch ?

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