SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!
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Author:  tson [ Mon May 29, 2017 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

Super Smash Flash 2
Super Smash Flash 2: show
Q. How much money does this game cost?
A. Nothing in or related to the game costs any money. That means the demos, full game and downloadable extras/expansions are all 100% free.

Q: Is Super Smash Flash 2 the final name of the game?
A: Probably, yes!

Q: Am I able to use my Joypad/Joystick/Gamepad/Gamecube Controller/etc. in any of the Demos?
A: You can use one if you download a keyboard emulator like Joy2key or Xpadder. Xpadder is better, but costs money. We would be more than happy to add official support, but Adobe seems to have no plans to fix the bug that is preventing us from doing so any time soon. We're gonna have to wait for them on this one. You can always let them know that it's kind of important, you know, to help speed things up...

Q: Will SSF2 be playable on the Wii or Wii U?
A: No.

Q: What about mobile devices?
A: At this point in time, no, but we intend to look into it once the game is complete.

Q: When will the game be finished? Image
A: We don't know for sure, we're just going to keep working on it until it's done.

Q: What's the current plan for demos? Image
A: We're currently working on the final demo of Super Smash Flash 2, which we're calling SSF2 Beta. We will probably continue to use 0.9's patch system after the release of Beta to fix any major issues or bugs, but other than that there will be no new demos until the full game is completed and released.

Q: Where's the dojo?

Q: How often does the dojo update? Image
A: Dojo has been deprecated and it will soon be terminated. However, its content is being merged to our main site. Said content will be fully updated, most likely, once Beta is released.

Q: What is a dev?
A: A "developer" is a general term to describe someone who is actively helping McLeodGaming with SSF2. They could be doing anything from spriting or making music to coding or even reporting lots of bugs. Developers try their hardest to make SSF2 the game we all want it to be, and have the heaviest influence on the game's development.

Q: Can I be a developer? Please?
A: You can apply to join the SSF2 development team here.

Q: Will the game also be hosted on Newgrounds?
A: Probably. Cleod has an account on newgrounds. However the game will not be in its full version, you'll have to download the game if you want to play the whole game.

Q: The game is slow/laggy can I speed it up?
A: Actually, yes. You have four options to make the game run fullspeed on your not-so-hot computer!
  • Change the quality; From the main menu screen, head to the Options button. From there, click the Quality button, and set your Quality to Medium or Low. The game won't look quite as pretty, but it'll run a lot faster.
  • Hardware Scaling;Image While you're in the Quality Menu, be sure to change the scaling settings to Hardware instead of software. This will make the game look blurrier and less crisp, but other than a couple of rare exceptions, it should run at a pretty constant 30 frames per second (no lag) no matter what you do. This is definitely the most effective way to reduce lag.
  • FullScreen Mode; Instead of maximizing your window, which can cause certain stages and elements of the game to lag, try clicking ctrl+f to go into "FullScreen Mode". Here the game will take up your whole screen, but without adding to the lag.
  • Use task manager to give SSF2.exe more priority; only use this as a last resort. Press Control, Alt, and Del. (If you have to, Click Task Manager), a window will pop up. On the selection bar, click Processes. Look for SSF2.exe (or your browser) and right click on it. Mouse over "Set Priority", then go to RealTime or High. You should get a decent speed boost. This option is only available for users running Windows XP through Windows 7.

Q: Why are there some things in the game that lag, like Meteo Campaign? Image
A: There are some graphical effects that cause more strain on the system than we were anticipating when we implemented them, and it's sometimes hard to tell what will lag on different people's computers, so we occasionally miss some lag hotspots like Meteo Campaign. However now that we've released 0.9 to the public and heard feedback about which parts of the game cause lag, we're going to look into reducing or removing the lag in those areas as much as possible in future patches.

Q: I found a bug/glitch/problem with the game. Where do I report it?
A: Absolutely make sure a developer or a balancer knows about it! 99% of the time you should post the bug in here Bug Discussion Thread, but there are probably occasions where the issue you've found is appropriate for another discussion topic.

Q: Is the menu that we currently have permanent?
A: I'm very very tempted to say yes, but please bear in mind that as SSF2 is a work in progress, there's always a slight chance that we'll change our mind about this kind of stuff in the future. Right now though, yes, we have no plans to change the menu style further.

Q: Is the intro movie in 0.9 the final one?
A: No. Much like the 0.8a and 0.8b intro, it is specifically designed for SSF2 0.9, and will be replaced with a new opening in future versions of the game. The intro seen in 1.0 will be the final intro.

Q: Will we still be able to watch the intro movies after they get replaced?
A: Yes absolutely! The Vault menu will allow you to watch the intro movies from 0.8a/0.8b, and 0.9, even long after they get swapped out for new intro movies.

Q: What is the difference between the version you play in your browser and the downloadable version?
A: Right now there is no difference, other than being able to play the downloadable version when your computer isn't connected to the internet. However, when we release 1.0 (the full game), the downloadable version will have EVERYTHING. So, every mode, stage, item, character and feature. The one you play in your browser will only have the bare necessities required to play Vs. Mode, and perhaps a couple of other modes.

Q. So just how bug-free will 1.0 be? Will there be more demos after 1.0?
A. It'll be as bug-free as we can possibly make it. We'll spend more time testing 1.0 for glitches and errors than we have on any other version of the game. Obviously though, no game is glitch-free and we aren't gonna catch 'em all. So maybe a year after 1.0 comes out we'll release a 1.1, or a 1.0b, which will fix glitches and maybe balance issues. We'll see. At this stage it looks like we'll probably end up using the patch/revision system (with the version numbers) for 1.0, the same as we are for 0.9, to continuously improve the experience as glitches are found and fixed.

Q. What are those little numbers on the bottom right of my title screen?
A. That's your version number. Basically, 0.9 is getting repeatedly updated as we fix glitches and rebalance parts of the game, and with each new set of updates comes a new version number. Having the version number on the title screen lets you guys easily check to make sure you have the most recent copy of the game.

Q. Why does my game always get stuck loading at some random %?
A. Make sure the "Data" folder you downloaded with SSF2 is in the SAME folder as SSF2.exe.

Game Modes
Game Modes: show
Q: Will SSF2 have online battles?
A: Yes! Online play is available right now in SSF2 0.9b.

Q: How do I sign up? Image
A: You can register your account here!

Q. What kind of other internet capabilities will SSF2 have? Image
A. We'll be adding many new feature that utilize Online Mode in interesting ways as time goes on, especially in the full version of SSF2. You'll have to wait and see!

Q: Will there be a classic mode? Which version of Classic Mode will SSF2 use?
A: Yes there will be! We've created our own version of Classic Mode, which you can learn more about by watching the Direct below:
YouTube Video:

This mode will be available in SSF2 Beta.

Q: Is there going to be a home-run mode?
A: Yes, it will be available in SSF2 Beta.

Q: Is there going to be boss battle mode?
A: If there is going to be a boss battle mode, it will be unlockable, and we don't reveal info about unlockable content!

Q: Will there be a stage builder?
A: It's possible, but you'll have to wait and see.

Q: Are you going to add 8-player mode?
A: Definitely not.

Characters: show
Q: Can you guys add (insert favourite character here) to SSF2?[/u][/b]
A: No. SSF2 has a set in-game roster and has for some time, so please don't ask us to add someone.

Q: So... If I make new <character name> sprites would you guys put them in the game?
A: No, the current roster is final.

Q: How are you going to do voices for characters that weren't in the official Smashbros games?
A: The developer team is able to rip voices from games, though we will hire a voice actor if need be.

Q: Who will be added to the game next? Image
A: SSF2 Beta will feature the brand new character Isaac, from the Golden Sun series, as well as Smashbros veterans Bowser and Mr. Game & Watch. Past that we haven't announced anything just yet.

Q: Why can’t <character name> do some of the things they do in the video game/ anime?
A: Some of the special moves that characters can do in anime/video games would be considered cheap or not possible in the Smash Series. Characters such as Mega Man have too many abilities to fit in one moveset. There are many limitations when it comes to deciding the special moves that characters will use, and we attempt to create the most clean, and easily understandable moveset for each character.

Q: How do I change the colour of my character?
A: You can either use the in-game cursor (the hand with your player number on it) to click on the picture of your character to cycle through colours, or you can use the Grab and Shield keys to cycle through them.

Q: What about Zelda and Sheik? How do I change their colours? Image
A: They work just a little bit differently because you can change between which character you start the match as. Here, the Shield key will swap between Zelda/Sheik, and the Grab key will change the colour of the character.

Q: Why does [insert any question about colour changes here]??? Image
YouTube Video:

Q: How do I unlock Jigglypuff in 0.9?
A: You need to complete all of the Event Matches.

Q: Is Jigglypuff going to be unlockable in 1.0?
A: No. Any content that is unlockable in a demo will become starter content when we hit the full game.

List of currently confirmed characters:
Starter Characters: show
  • Mario (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Peach (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Bowser (Super Mario Bros.)Image
  • Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)Image
  • Wario (Wario)
  • Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Zelda/Sheik (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Isaac (Golden Sun)Image
  • Samus (Metroid)
  • Zero Suit Samus (Metroid)
  • Captain Falcon (F-Zero)
  • Ness (Earthbound)
  • Yoshi (Yoshi)
  • Kirby (Kirby)
  • Meta Knight (Kirby)
  • Mr. Game & Watch (Game & Watch)Image
  • Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo!)
  • Marth (Fire Emblem)
  • Fox (Starfox)
  • Pikachu (Pokemon)
  • Jigglypuff (Pokemon)
  • Bomberman (Bomberman)
  • Mega Man (Mega Man)
  • Black Mage (Final Fantasy)
  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia)
  • Ichigo (Bleach)
  • Naruto (Naruto)
  • Goku (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Sandbag (Super Smash Bros.)Image

Stages: show
Q: What stages are confirmed? Image
A: No stages have been officially confirmed except for the ones already in the demo, as well as Desk, which we confirmed for the next Demo in our McLeodGaming Direct.

Q. Do the devs know for sure what stages will be in the game?
A. Yes.

Q...So I shouldn't suggest any ideas for new ones?
A. Definitely not! If you want to sprite your idea for a stage or its background (or both!) and show us that in your Dev Application to demonstrate your artistic talents, then by all means go for it, but we won't be using it in the actual game.

Q: How many galaxies are there going to be in Galaxy Tours?
A: Just wait and find out!

Q: Will there be more pages on the Select Screen than just SSF2 and Past? Image
A: All we will say for now is that the stage select screen in 0.9b, like much in our game, is not final.

Q: Why doesn't <stage name> have any sort of hazard or special feature?
A: Usually the answer to this question is that the stage just isn't finished. We were very pressed for time with 0.9 development due to the huge amount of stage related content that was added, and unfortunately some stages just didn't quite make it. On the whole, the only stages that are entirely static and hazard free, will be Final Destination, Battlefield, and any past stage that was static and hazard free in its original Smashbros incarnation.

Q: How come <stage name> doesn't do the same stuff it did in the Smashbros games?
A: See above, we just ran out of time. You can expect the next demo, Beta, to add at least some of these missing features, and by 1.0 all Past Stages will function as close to exactly as they did in the Smashbros games as we can manage.

Q: Will the sprites of [stage] get changed?
A: Any sprites and graphics in the game are liable to be updated right up until the full release. As for which ones, we're not telling, so you'll just have to wait and see!

Q: So if I make a stage and everyone likes it, will you guys put it in the game?
A: Well, we already have a list of stages we intend to add, as well as descriptions for how those stages work, and we don't intend to alter that list or those descriptions any further. So unless you get super lucky and the stage you make fits one of those descriptions perfectly, we won't be adding it into the game. HOWEVER, if we do see you making a bunch of really pretty stages that show you have spriting talent, we just may come around and recruit you, so please feel free to make a topic in the Spriter's Corner section to show off your skill!

Q: Did the new Starship Mario stage replace Galaxy Tours from earlier demos?
A: Yes.

List of currently confirmed stages:Image
Stages: show
  • Battlefield (Smashbros.)
  • Final Destination (Smashbros.)
  • Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo)
  • Starship Mario (Super Mario Bros.)Image
  • Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Bros.)Image
  • Mushroom Kingdom II (Super Mario Bros.)Image
  • Mushroom Kingdom III (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Bowser's Castle (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Princess Peach's Castle (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Jungle Hijinx (Donkey Kong)
  • Gangplank Galleon (Donkey Kong)
  • Warioware Inc. (Wario)
  • Emerald Cave (Wario)
  • Yoshi's Island (Yoshi)
  • Yoshi's Story (Yoshi)
  • Skyward Voyage (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Clock Town (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Hylian Skies (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Temple (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Mirror Chamber (Kirby)
  • Dream Land (Kirby)
  • Saturn Valley (Earthbound)
  • Fourside (Earthbound)
  • Meteo Campaign (Starfox)
  • Sector Z (Starfox)
  • Desk (Chibi-Robo!)Image
  • Distant Planet (Pikmin)
  • Smashville (Animal Crossing)
  • Castle Siege (Fire Emblem)
  • Crateria (Metroid)
  • Phase 8 (Metroid)
  • Pokémon Colosseum (Pokémon)Image
  • Lake of Rage (Pokémon)Image
  • Silph Co. (Pokémon)
  • Flatzone+ (Game&Watch)Image
  • Steel Diver (Steel Diver)Image
  • Skull Fortress (Mega Man)
  • Central Highway (Mega Man)
  • Sand Ocean (F-Zero)
  • Dracula's Castle (Castlevania)
  • Bomb Factory (Bomberman)
  • Tower of Salvation (Tales of Symphonia)
  • Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Casino Night Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Sky Sanctuary (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Shadow Moses Island (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Chaos Shrine (Final Fantasy)
  • Lunar Core (Final Fantasy)
  • Twilight Town (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Hueco Mundo (Bleach)
  • Hidden Leaf Village (Naruto)
  • Planet Namek (Dragon Ball Z)

Downloadable Content
Downloadable Content: show
Q: What exactly is Downloadable Content?
A: Downloadable Content, or DLC, is essentially stuff that goes into the game after the game is initially released. For example, if some months after we finish 1.0, we sprite, program, and balance a brand new character, we would release that character to the public as DLC, so that people who have already downloaded SSF2 can quickly and easily add this new character into their game.

Q. What are you guys going to make as DLC?
A. It's a surprise!

Q: Can I make my own DLC?
A: Maybe. Whether or not we eventually allow fan-created content to function within SSF2 is a decision we haven't made yet, and either way it's a very long way off.

Q: Will DLC stuff work online? Image
A: We'd like that to be the case, but as DLC is not available yet, it's somewhat hard to make accurate statements about that kind of interaction. What we can be sure of is that if we ever allow for fan-created content, it will not function online.

Q: Will any DLC be released or created before the full game is released?
A: No. That completely defeats the purpose of it. If we create content for the game before it's out, we'll just put it in the game.

Q: How much DLC will be released?
A: We're not sure how much we'll release, as we're not sure how long we'll all want to keep working on SSF2 after it's finished. Either way, we'd like to have a system in place that prevents any sort of limitations on the amount of DLC that can be saved and used by the game at any one time.

Q: Will DLC be free?
A: Yes, definitely. Just like SSF2 itself, we never intend to charge any amount of money to download or use DLC.

Q: Will DLC just be new characters? Or will we get stages and stuff as well?
A: Stages and other content is all definitely possible, but all this stuff is a very long way away so nothing is set in stone just yet.

Smash Mechanics
Engine: show
Q: Will there be a short hop and a full hop?
A: There is. It depends on how long you hold the jump button.

Q: Will there be tether recoveries?
A: There already are! Try out Link or Samus!

Q: What about Wall Grappling, like in Melee?
A: We'd like to include this, but there are a lot of difficulties in implementing the system in a sprite-based game. We'll do what we can.

Q: Is there going to be wall jumping?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be hitstun in the game?
A: YES. There already is, in fact.

Q: Will there be "footstooling" (jumping off of the foe's head)?
A: No.

Q: You aren't adding tripping... Are you?
A: Accidental tripping will not be added. Though if a character's moveset requires it, then they will be able to make a foe trip.

Q: Will the characters be able to swim in like Brawl?
A: Most likely not.

Q: Will the characters be able to climb ladders?
A: Most likely not.

Q: Will characters be able to Glide?
A: We will probably not add this as a mechanic for multiple characters to use like in Brawl, but specific moves may allow a form of gliding, like Meta Knight's up special move.

Q: Will characters be able to Hover?
A: Yes. In the current demo both Peach and Goku can hover by holding the jump button down, just like in Smash.

Q: What items have been confirmed for the game?
A: None aside from the items already in the demos and/or announced via our dev blogs are officially confirmed.

Q. Do the devs know what Items will be in the game?
A. Yes.

Collectables & Unlockables
Extras: show
Q: Will there be trophies to find and unlock?
A: Yes.

Q: How many trophies will there be?
A: We're not confirming that kind of information at this time.

Q: Will there be Stickers?
A: If we added Stickers of some sort, they'd really only have their name in common with Brawl's system, as they wouldn't work the same way at all. So basically, no.

Q: Will SSF2 use Brawl's CD system for unlocking more music?
A: Probably not. There is a very slight chance, but it seems unlikely at this stage.

Q: Will there be an achievement wall, like in Brawl?
A: This kind of information is something you'll have to wait for us to officially announce.

Q: Will there be unlockable content like in the official Smash games?
A: Yes! In the full game there will be many secrets to unlock, including characters and stages.

Q: Which characters and stages in the current demo are going to be unlockable in 1.0?
A: Absolutely none of them. Every piece of content you see in 0.9 is going to be starter content in the full game, including Jigglypuff. Everything that is unlockable in 1.0 will be brand new content not previously seen in a demo.

Q: Will I lose all my unlockable stuff when I upgrade from 0.9b to Beta?
A: Yes and no. Jigglypuff, will be already unlocked in Beta, as that character has been switched to starter status. However, records for Target Test will be reset, as characters all function very differently now, rendering previous records invalid. The same will apply when you upgrade from Beta to the full game.

Q: I heard the final demo was going to have all of the starter content, and then 1.0 would be adding the unlockable stuff. Is this true?
A: This is a very old quote that described our original plan for the demos, and was made in reference to the future '0.9' demo, which didn't exist yet and as at the time planned to be the final demo. As you now know, Beta will be the last demo, not 0.9, and the only source of information regarding its content you should consider official is this F.A.Q. and the McLeodGaming Direct.

Music: show
Q: Will the game have CDs and My Music like Brawl and Wii U?:
A: We might have our own version of the system in our full release, but it definitely won't function the same as in those games.

Q: If there’s going to be CDs and My Music, can we "request" the music we want in the game?
A: No, definitely not. Those kinds of decisions are exclusively made by our developer team's Audio Department. If we ever include a Stage Builder mode, you might be able to import your own music to play on the stages you create.

Q. Will each stage only have one song, or will there be multiple songs per stage? Image
A. Each Vs Stage will have two songs in Beta. For the full game this is subject to change, but nothing is confirmed right now.

Q: What songs are confirmed?
A: No songs have been confirmed, though we have planned music for a number of stages both in the demo and not in the demo.

Q: Will there be any custom made music for SSF2?
A: Yes, plenty. In the end our soundtrack will contain a healthy mix of ripped music and custom-made music, thanks to our talented music devs.


Now before we start, I'd like to address a couple of things. Below is a list of guidelines for you to read before you consider asking your burning questions.

  • Please do not try to phrase suggestions as questions.
  • Do not re-post your question if it was not answered. If you question was skipped, there is likely a good reason for that.
  • Please try to keep your questions as short and sweet as you can.
  • Do not ask about any future content. That means any characters, stages, items, modes, or anything else that has not yet been added to SSF2. Information about them will come with time. Repeat offenders may be punished.
  • Do not ask about current, or future development. You may ask about how things that were already released were developed, but don't expect us to always answer.
  • If you are not a developer, please do not answer any question, not matter how simple the answer may seem.
  • This is not a discussion topic. If you want to talk about the answer to a question, take it to the SSF2 Discussion topic.
  • This is not a bug report topic either. To report a bug, go to the bug report topic. Please do not ask if a bug is/will be fixed or not in an upcoming update. Or why a bug happens. Etc. Use good judgement, please.
  • Please think your question through and read it over before posting. We want to be able to deliver accurate SSF2 information to you all, but the question has to be clear and concise for us to do so.
  • Before you ask a question, please check the above F.A.Q. to make sure it hasn't already been answered!

Please do your best to follow these guidelines. If any of these are broken you may be issued a warning at the moderator's discretion. On top of these, the regular forum rules still apply. Please read them by clicking here, if you haven't already.

With all of that out of the way, feel free to ask your questions!

Author:  Zero Insanity [ Tue May 30, 2017 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

-Unlocks thread-

With that (lol) out of the way, feel free to ask your questions!

Author:  BrineBlade [ Tue May 30, 2017 11:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

Did some of the fan created events inspire events in Beta?

Author:  Sonario [ Wed May 31, 2017 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

Why exactly are Final Smashes not in the game yet? Just general bugs or any specific problems?

Author:  tson [ Wed May 31, 2017 12:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

BrineBlade wrote:
Did some of the fan created events inspire events in Beta?

Yep! Some date as far back as 2009

Sonario wrote:
Why exactly are Final Smashes not in the game yet? Just general bugs or any specific problems?

Not gonna be specific, but basically what you need to know is that they're off bc they dont work

Author:  GamingGryffindor [ Wed May 31, 2017 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

There's some missing stages up in the OP.

Author:  tson [ Wed May 31, 2017 12:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

OP is outta date, will update when things slow down

Author:  Byllant [ Wed May 31, 2017 12:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

Does the rule of "unlockable in early demo, starter in the next one" is still applying for the current Beta? Or does the unlockable content in Beta is permanent unlockable?

Shadow Moses Island and Skyward Voyage haven't been cut, have you? Or they are a similar case to Venus Lighthouse?

Can we finally know the official names of Sandbag's, Bandana Dee's and Luffy's special moves?

Author:  Vanilla [ Wed May 31, 2017 12:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

what makes you change sheik's side b to bouncing fish?

Author:  BrineBlade [ Wed May 31, 2017 12:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

Is Silph Co. still in the game?

Author:  Berwalch [ Wed May 31, 2017 1:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

BrineBlade wrote:
Is Silph Co. still in the game?

Yes, it's an unlockable

Well, I'm an idiot everybody. I got Silph co and Saffron City mixed up. So sorry :oops:

Author:  GamingGryffindor [ Wed May 31, 2017 1:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

Berwalch wrote:
BrineBlade wrote:
Is Silph Co. still in the game?

Yes, it's an unlockable

Any chance you could tell me how to unlock it

Author:  Zero Insanity [ Wed May 31, 2017 1:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

Berwalch wrote:
BrineBlade wrote:
Is Silph Co. still in the game?

Yes, it's an unlockable

Completely false, Silph Co. is NOT an unlockable.

Author:  GamingGryffindor [ Wed May 31, 2017 1:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

Zero Insanity wrote:
Berwalch wrote:
BrineBlade wrote:
Is Silph Co. still in the game?

Yes, it's an unlockable

Completely false, Silph Co. is NOT an unlockable.

So have it, Skyward Voyage, and Shadow Moses been completely cut?

Author:  Steven [ Wed May 31, 2017 3:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSF2 Beta Developer Q&A Thread - PLEASE READ THE OP!

Byllant wrote:
Shadow Moses Island and Skyward Voyage haven't been cut, have you? Or they are a similar case to Venus Lighthouse?

Can we finally know the official names of Sandbag's, Bandana Dee's and Luffy's special moves?

Certain content from 0.9b is disabled as of now. This can be due to a variety of reasons including but not limited to lack of time to polish properly, fierce bugs and lack of time to debug. Instead of holding beta back on account on these pieces of content we decided to disable them untill further notice.

Sandbag (untill further notice)
Nspecial: Capsule Spawn
Sspecial: Sandgrab
Up Special: Bob-Omb Toss
Down Special: Bag Raiders-Shooting Stars Sanddash

Bandana Dee:
Nspecial: Beam Whip/Wave Beam (as the move contains 2 different moves depending on charge we refer to the move it its entirety to Waddle Beam)
Sspecial: Spear Throw
Up Special: Spear Copter
Down Special: Parasol Drill

Luffy (following the rest of the shonen cast, Luffy uses the english names for his moves, though internally we use the 'Gomu Gomu no' prefix)
Nspecial: Gum-Gum Pistol
Sspecial: Gum-Gum Rocket
Up Special: Gum-Gum Snap (this move was madeup for SSF2)
Down Special: Gum-Gum Balloon

Vanilla wrote:
what makes you change sheik's side b to bouncing fish?

Chain was bad

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