Welcome! [The Spriter's Corner Guide of Rules]
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Author:  Zero Insanity [ Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:37 am ]
Post subject:  Welcome! [The Spriter's Corner Guide of Rules]

Greetings forum member, and welcome to the Spriter's Corner. This portion of the forums is dedicated to all works of pixel art (if you're not sure if your work qualifies as pixel art, then feel free to PM a relevant moderator), other creative outputs belong in the Art section while writing can go in the Literature Section.

Whilst all rules of the forums apply here, we've felt the need to set up a couple of additional guidelines to better ensure that we can work towards a nice, creative environment where we can sprite to our heart's content.

Table of Contents:
-General Rules
-Rules regarding Animations

---------------------------General Rules---------------------
-Do not post pixel art that contains or references offensive material. The definition of the therm 'offensive' will be judged by the moderators and is not up for debate.
-Do not post pixel art that was not made by you. If by any chance, you want to post an edited version of existing pixel art, then make sure to credit the original artist in an obvious way (providing link to the original version/sheet/animation is preferable). If you post someone else's work or otherwise fail to credit them for their involvement, the moderation staff may hand out warnings on behalf of art theft.
-Do not post edited Super Smash Flash 2 screenshots. You may post SSF2 screenshots (albeit not edited ones) in the relevant topic in the media corner of the SSF2 Section.
-Do not make multiple topics. We prefer that you make one topic to store all your artwork.
-Remember that this is a public forum; everyone with an account that see, comment and give you feedback on your posted work. So don't get into fights with people if they end up doing this. If you think that someone is criticizing your work way too harsh (examples of this would include just saying "This sucks" or "This is really bad", this will be judged as spam), contact one of the moderators of this section immediately to have them sort this out for you.
-Do not post in topics that haven't been active for over 2 weeks. This will be considered a 'bump'.
-Do not post requests asking people to do large amount of spritework for your personal game/project. If you're making a game and you are in need of a (sprite) artist, then feel free to make a topic about your game in the Upcoming Games section and ask for help there.

---------------------------Animation Rules---------------------
-Again, do not post work that contains or references offensive material.
-Also again, no stealing someone else's work.
-Do not post animations with quick flickering colors. These may cause seizures. if you post them, provide just the link and warn people of this beforehand.

Author:  Zero Insanity [ Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome! [The Spriter's Corner Guide of Rules]


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