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[8/6] Flash Royale #2.3 
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The dust still hasnt settled after the last event, but nonetheless it is time for good old Skailler to present the next Flash Royale event! (Also, we are half the way done until Big Finish 2016. Get hype, or not. Your choice.)

Tournament Chat:

Do you want to know where the tourney starts, but the TO is a dick and refuses to tell you? Check the link to the bracket above. In the upper right corner, you can find both time and date for your very own timezone.

NOTE: Make sure that you are checked in both in the bracket and in the IRC, otherwise you will be disqualified from the tournament. No exceptions.

NOTE: Make sure to save as many replays as possible and add them as attachments to the bracket. The sets will be uploaded to YouTube and/or potentially be streamed. Doing so will also give you the chance to appear in the highlight reel.

I would like every participant to pay special attention to the Kylos clause, at it WILL be enforced from now on.


* The tournament is held in two stages: Stage 1 consists of Pools in the Round Robin format with 4 players per pool, while Stage 2 is a Double Elimination bracket formed by the Top 16 players out of all pools. If not enough players are present, a Top 8 Bracket is held instead.

* Match format for all matches is 4 stocks, 8 minutes. Matches played under a different ruleset do not count. Period.

* Pools are played in a Best of 3 format (meaning that the player to score two wins first wins the set). The same applies for a majority of the Top 16 Bracket, with the exception of Top 4 (Winners/Losers/Grand Finals), which are Bo5.

* In the case that a Salty Suite is happening during the tournament, it will be held between Pools and Top 16 Bracket to avoid any johns due to a lack of warm-up.

* Items are set to None and OFF in all matches, even if both players agree otherwise.

* Hazards are set to OFF.

* Modified Dave´s Stupid Rule (MDSR) is in effect: You may not counterpick the stage you last won on in the same set.

* Gentleman´s Clause (GM) is in effect. Players can play on any stage they wish as long as they both agree, and said stage is actually on the stagelist below.
         * Smasville Clause: Smashville cannot be selected via Gentleman´s Clause (see above).

* Latecomers have a 15 minute timeframe of showing up after the checkin has closed if they checked in before the tournament. If they fail to show up within these 15 minutes, they are expelled from the tournament. Participants that fail to check in in the first place are disqualified as soon as checkin ends. Period.

* Charge Stacking legality is up to player´s choice. In the case that no agreement can be found, it is legal by default. If both players agree to ban it, the player having access to a Charge Stackable move must be allowed to remove the glitch by fully charging said move and releasing it without attacking the other player purposefully nor being attacked by the opposing player. Ignoring this is a valid reason to drop the match.
         * Charge Stackable moves are Charge Beam, Giant Punch, Rasenshuriken and Needle Storm.

* Substitution Clause: You cannot switch in for another player that has been DQ´ed after Round 1 has ended, and not during a set. Only possible time is before Game 1, Round 1. Players with a bye are not affected by this rule.

* Kylos Clause: Missing Round 2 or beyond more than 10 minutes results in a DQ. Additionally, if a player´s IRC nick is different from his displayed name in the Bracket, they will be DQ´ed.

* Stalling is banned. This is defined as purposefully running away from a fight, abusing tethers, scrooging, planking non-stop etc. If your opponent is stalling, hand the replay to one of the TOs. Stalling is punished with the loss of the game. You cannot claim stalling after the next match in the set/the next round has begun.

* Edge Cancel Spot Dodge Clause (ECSDC): Abusing Infinite Edge Cancel Spot Dodge to gain infinite intangibility is banned and punished with a match loss if the player using said technique has the lead. The match is dropped after more than 5 seconds of ISDEC abuse, or if it is done more than thrice. If it is done more than thrice a match, the match is dropped regardless of which player is in the lead. In the case that ECSD is used to charge up Charge Beam, Rasenshuriken etc. while being invincible, the game is dropped as well.

* Stage Striking: Players strike stages in a 1-2-1 pattern. The player with the higher seed always begins striking, unless he allows the other player to strike first. It should be noted that the Seed #1 is higher than seed #5. The player who strikes second hosts the room unless he chooses not to.

* Counterpicking: After Game 1 is over, the Winner may strike up to 3 stages from the stagelist. The Loser then declares the stage he wishes to play on. After that, the Winner declares whether or not he is changing characters, followed by the loser.
         * If the winner of the previous match does not take MDSR into account, the loser does not have to notify him of this error. Instead, it is up to the player who strikes the stage to keep track of this.

* FDS Clause: If a game ends up on Final Destination/Nintendo 3DS, the player who picked the stage will choose if the match is played on Final Destination or Nintendo 3DS.

* Lag Clause: If the event occurs that a match becomes unplayable, both players can agree to pick a new stage without Stage Striking. (Alternatively, if one player refuses to re-select the stage despite major lag, contact a TO.) The final pick is determined by the player who originally picked the stage that caused the lag, but he is not restricted by previous stage bans, MDSR or any other rules that limit the stage choice. If re-selecting the stage does not solve the issue, contact a TO who will then determine further process.

* Don´t be a dick. This includes repeated insulting, trolling and not being a good sport in general. Doing otherwise will result in a DQ and a ban for the next tournament.

* TO´s always have the final ruling about a given situation, even if it may not appeal you.



         * Battlefield

         * Final Destination/Nintendo 3DS (both stages can be stricken at once)

         * Pokémon Stadium 3

         * Yoshi´s Story

         * Smashville


         * Tower of Salvation

         * Dreamland 64

         * Wario Ware, Inc.

         * Dracula´s Castle

         * Castle Siege

         * Jungle Hijinx

         * Sky Sanctuary Zone

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact a TO. Enjoy the tournament!

Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:50 am
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Well, that was... something...

I would like to apologize to every participant for everything that went wrong, and I know its my fault. I delayed the seeding and reset the entire tourney by accident, and there is nothing I can do to change that, but it happened. All I can do is promise to never make that happen again, and I will make sure to do something about the ruleset to make the future tournaments more enjoyable for everyone.

Now that Im done beating myself up, I present the results of Flash Royale #2.3!

[u]1st:/u] Andres58958 ( :sheik: )
2nd: TyranitarLord* ( :kirby: :marth: )
3rd: FrenchKissHey* ( :?: )
4th: Corvid ( :blackmage: )
5th: 135 ( :?: ) and Lglkk ( :?: )
7th: Masky ( :?: ) and TrickMew ( :?: )
9th: GBomber ( :ness: ), GreeNinja ( :?: ), KingPawn* ( :?: ) and Skailler* (didnt play a single match)
13th: DragonLight* ( :samus: ), tsobey ( :?: ) and Zach8920 ( :?: )

* Players who dropped out

Due to the immense amount of dropouts and the loss of the Pools Stage, Flash Royale #2.3 will NOT be included in the Royale Court Rankings.

Thanks to everyone who participated and stood through the messups, and again a big apology for what happened.

Join Team Star Flash!

Shoutouts to Harr for this sick player card!

Join Chibi Nation, the 20CR Discord for all aspiring Chibi-Robo mains!

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Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:55 am
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